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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Apprentice, Job Shadowing, On-The-Job training positions in the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area and all along the Austin - San Antonio Corridor.


I have many interests including watching University of Texas sporting events and having attended many UT football games, as spectator to University of Texas national championship baseball seasons at the College World Series in Omaho, Nebraska, etc. etc. Member of the National  Rifle Association, Texas State Rifle Association, Revolutionary War Veteran's Association, and  112 year old Austin Rifle Club.

I own my own 2009 Dodge Charger which I am continually babying and am thinking about purchasing one of my father's condominiums so I can take advantage of the Government's $8500 tax credit before November!

Love to hunt and fish on my uncle's ranch down in DeWitt County, Texas and you will find me out on Lake Austin or Travis camping,  hiking, biking, swimming, sunbathing with my buddies and generally we are all watching the opposite sex do the same...........

Work experience

Jan 2007Present


Joyful Memories
Jan 2007Present


Joyful Memories

Joyful Memories is an international gift and decorative accessory manufacturing and marketing entity. They take raw materials and fabricate into components which are assembled into finished product marketed nationally and overseas. I was a facilitator for the comany, meaning I worked in various capacities and areas throughout the firm. Among my various duties included but was not limited to:  show and exhibit manager in which I set up booths and displays at convention centers, wholesale showrooms, special retailing carts and kiosks in regional malls and local exhibits. I helped the sales force in marketing the products by talking with customers, ascertaining client needs,making recommendations and other customer service functions.

At the home office you caught me doing any number of duties including, answering phones, talking with clients, delivery, inventory, fabrication, general maintenance, keyboarding, cleaning, and a host of other duties whenever and whereever needed. When staff needed someone to help, facilitate, get coffee, run to Office Depot, get delivery trucks to the shop and pick them up at the mechanics, etc. I was there to be of service. The business was and is a family operated entity and as a member of the family I was expected to be and was a reliable and dependable cog in the firm's operation.



Earned threeCertificates, to-wit:

  -Solar Thermal Systems

  -Solar Electric Systems, Entry Level

  -Advanced Photo Voltaic Installer

Jan 2008Dec 2008

Courses Needed to take State of Texas Real Estate Salesman's Examination.

Achieved completion of all the Core and Elective Courses to be qualified to take the State of Texas Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Real Estate Salemen's Licensure Examination.

Jan 2004May 2008


James Bowie Senior High School


I am an average keyboarder with working knowledge of Microsoft Word.
Solor Photovoltaic Installer
Earned threeCertificates, to-wit:   -Solar Thermal Systems   -Solar Electric Systems, Entry Level   -Advanced Photo Voltaic Installer