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Experienced Web Application Designer and Developer. Visionary Entrepreneur. Creative. Motivated. Versatile. Leads by example.

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Partner & Co-founder


Developed and launched a wildly successful parody of Google called Developed a sustainable advertising model using AdSense and simple ad rotation. 

Jun 2003Present

Sr Software Engineer

Eye Street Software

Developed several web applications for clients including Verizon, Titan, Northrop Grumman, FEMA, Kajeet, and Eye Street.

  • SpeedTouch: Designed and developed an iPhone application that allows you to add shortcuts to your home screen for phone calls and text messages.
  • RetireHQ: Designed and developed a web-based product designed for third party retirement administrators to help manage their clients’ retirement plans and accounts. Managed the marketing effort post launch.
  • Kajeet: Helped design and develop the logistics back-end and the sales front-end for Kajeet’s fulfillment system by customizing a third-party eCommerce system.
  • GigViz: Helped design and develop the early versions of a web-based network visualization tool using interfaces from many network crawler and diagnostic tools.
  • RAMP: Designed and developed a workflow tracking system for FEMA’s Remedial Action Management Program that replaced a complex paper trail system.
  • NIMSCAST: Designed and developed a survey/assessment tool with reporting and charting capabilities.
  • Designed and maintained the company’s common java library used on a majority of projects. Helped with the maintenance of FEMA’s Internet infrastructure.
  • Designed and developed several object-oriented JavaScript libraries for use with SVG.
  • Designed and developed a common database migration utility for upgrading applications across different deployed versions.
  • Designed and developed a common ant build hierarchy for projects to share.
  • Performed system administration tasks as needed.
Mar 2003Present

President & Owner

McGeary Consulting Group

Developed several web applications for both large and small businesses, including startups.

  • Small Act: Currently developing a web-based social media client to help non-profits manage their online communication.
  • Salesmason: Currently developing a web-based communication tool for sales organizations.
  • Vente Networks: Currently developing a web-based tool for small businesses to expand their marketing endeavors with little effort. This tool helps business owners interact with their customer base while also attracting new customers.
  • Innovectra: During the late stages of development, helped their team take a new Rails web application to launch.
  • Medical Billing Associates: Designed and developed a web site for a local firm that specializes in assisting doctor’s manage their insurance claims and accounts receivables.
  • TotalVid: Reverse engineered and ported a failing ColdFusion application to .NET. The application synchronized video meta data between TotalVid’s backend and the information stored with thePlatform’s media publishing system. Increased performance by two to three orders of magnitude.
  • thePlatform for Media: In conjunction with Microsoft, helped design and lead the development of the back end to Verizon’s Mobile Media portal targeting PocketPC and Smartphone users -- this later became known as Verizon V CAST. Helped design and develop a custom reporting solution for Microsoft’s Sync & Go content providers.
  • Pantops Pet Salon: Designed and developed a web site for a small dog grooming business in Charlottesville. Placed their site into the top search results using basic SEO techniques for organic search.
  • Pet Motel and Salon: Designed and developed a web site for a kennel in Charlottesville. Placed their site into the top search results using basic SEO techniques for organic search.

President & Founder

Agility Fix

Designed, developed, and launched, a “microvite” web application that is still under active development. Other itch-scratching projects are planned for development under this venture.

Aug 2008Jan 2009

Partner & Co-founder

PCS Offers

Developed an online retail business to sell mobile phones for Kajeet. Designed and developed the store front and administrative back end.

Mar 2005May 2008

Partner & Co-founder

Kart Media, LLC

Launched and sold a community driven forum,, revolved around the Honda Fit five-door hatchback. Sold the company to publicly traded company, Internet Brands, Inc. 

Jul 2005Jun 2006

Partner & Co-founder

Cycore Holdings, LLC

Launched an online retail business to sell phones for EarthLink Wireless (now known as Helio). Approached one million dollars in yearly gross revenue for the company after nine months. Designed and developed the store front. Designed and developed the administrative back end.

Jul 2002Jun 2003

Sr Software Engineer

thePlatform for Media

Led a small east-coast Engineering team focusing primarily on custom professional services on top of the company’s product. Designed and helped develop the mobile portal targeting PocketPC and Smartphone users. The portal accepts content from multiple content providers, re-encodes the content, and is published through a central interface. Designed and developed a custom reporting solution to meet the needs of Bank of America. Helped design and develop a .NET client library for thePlatform’s product using web services.

Helped integrate Reliacast’s quality of service reporting capabilities into thePlatform’s content management service. Co-architected and developed the back-end for Microsoft’s Sync & Go product which was released with the Windows XP Digital Media Edition Plus! Pack. The Sync & Go back-end accepts content from multiple content providers and seamlessly publishes the content to subscribed PocketPC users. 

Jun 2000Jun 2002

Lead Software Engineer


Lead developer of the server-side component of the company's Audience Manager solution. Project incorporated WebLogic, Oracle, and Actuate E-Reporting to administer and report on streaming media audiences. Co-Architected and developed a pay-per-view solution for streaming media on the Internet. Actively participated in sales calls with several companies.

Promoted to lead developer of the server-side component of the company’s Audience Manager solution. Responsible for the status and integration of six other engineers. Helped design and develop an encrypted streaming solution for the product. Duties also included configuration management and continued maintenance of the product.

Integrated the server-side component of the company’s product with the company’s extranet. Developed core Java components. Ported the company’s distributed network component (C++) from Solaris to Linux.


Software Developer

24/7 Computer Services

Helped lay the foundations of an information technology firm that focused on web hosting, networking, and e­commerce solutions for small to medium businesses. Duties included web programming, networking, and some system administration.


Research Assistant

UVA Computer Science Department

Worked under the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia. Member of the SurvIS project (Center for Survivable Information Systems) focusing primarily on the survivability of critical infrastructures such as Railroad, Banking, Air Traffic Control, Electric, and Military infrastructures. Benefited by expanding experience in software development, web design, and editing.




University of Virginia

  • Intermediate Honors (awarded after second-year achievements)
  • Dean’s List
  • Recipient of the A. Thomas Young Engineering Scholarship
  • Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)
  • Member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • GPA 3.7
  • Varsity swimmer. Highly dedicated.
  • Co-Captain
  • Recipient of the Highest Academic Achievement Award - Swim Team
  • Atlantic Coast Conference Honor Roll

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