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Versatile and accomplished business leader with nearly a decade of extensive operations and general management experience supporting a multibillion-dollar program creating high-level performance and customer satisfaction. Outstanding hands-on leader with a keen ability to lead large, field-based teams across multiple states who motivates and provides guidance to ensure consistent results well beyond expectations while maintaining organization-leading employee retention rates. Disciplined self-motivator who has advanced quickly based on a record of achievement and is adept at working across all levels.


• Leading field-based employees

• Employee development and retention

• Profit center management

• Team building and leadership

• Public speaking

• Business management and operations

• Process and performance improvement

• Forecasting and resource management

• Program management

• Secret security clearance


"Ryan's work ethic is unparalleled and his drive to be the best is something to be admired...he proved why he is in one of the few Director positions within the organization." - Mike Logan, Divisional President, USIS

"Ryan is an exceptional, engaging leader who has the unique ability to drive top performance objectives by actively empowering his employees to be part of the solutions-oriented environment he creates." - Doug Steele, Vice President of Operations, USIS

Work experience

Jun 2012Oct 2014

Regional Director


*Due to company's loss of its primary government contract, my division was dissolved leading to the elimination of all positions within the division.

Responsible for operations, productivity, customer support, contracts management, and overall performance of a region with $26 million in annual revenue and over 200 employees throughout the mid-Atlantic. Budgeted, forecasted, aligned financial and business metrics for the region while measuring, monitoring, and delivering results. Motivated diverse workforce through collaboration and problem solving. Drove change while balancing customer needs. Member of senior leadership team.

  • Achieved highest employee retention rate nationally at 91% for 2013 through creation of innovative solutions focusing on morale and satisfaction
  • Developed and successfully instituted staffing and productivity forecasting processes leading to +/- 2% accuracy quarter over quarter
  • Reduced inventory by 25% through strategic planning, effective resource movements and performance management
  • Received Performance Excellence Award in 2013 for business execution and customer satisfaction
  • Served as national IT liaison successfully leading two customer-critical projects by developing improved processes for quick execution

Jan 2012Jun 2012

Team Leader


*Due to company-wide restructuring, District Manager position was eliminated and I was placed into this position

Mentored, trained, directed, and evaluated investigative efforts of 30 team members to maximize team productivity, quality, and advancement. Provided timely and accurate feedback, extensive performance reviews, and written evaluations.

Feb 2007Jan 2012

District Manager


Developed and executed strategies and policies that promoted growth, customer/employee satisfaction, and compliance. Responsible for staff of over 160 employees throughout Virginia and North Carolina and $14 million in annual revenue. Successfully created and implemented positive and achievable business vision through coaching, mentoring, training, and performance management.

  • Highest employee retention rate (90%+) within business unit, Top 10 nationally (FY08-FY11) as a result of continued focus on development, engagement, and morale
  • Appointed to lead division’s cost savings team due to district’s top financial performance (revenue per employee up 40% in FY08, 25% in FY09)
  • Selected to create and provide presentation on fiscal responsibility and cost optimization to 25 front line leaders
  • Headed national team which successfully overhauled and redefined duties, responsibilities, and compensation for the organization’s 125 front line leaders
  • Recipient of Outstanding Support Award in 2009 for collaboration with and contributions to operations team

Jan 2006Feb 2007

Team Leader


Mentored, trained, directed, and evaluated investigative efforts of 30 team members to maximize team productivity, quality, and advancement. Provided timely and accurate feedback, extensive performance reviews, and written evaluations.

  • Served as Acting District Manager on multiple occasions due to recognized leadership abilities
  • Responsible for tracking and driving district performance on highest priority inventory leading to exponential increases in meeting customer deadlines
  • Created training modules for under-performing team members which led to improvements and adoption by colleagues
Aug 2003Jan 2006

Investigator/Field Trainer


Conducted timely and accurate national security clearance background investigations on behalf of the federal government. Daily duties included setting appointments, interviewing sources (neighbors, supervisors, relatives, friends), obtaining records (law enforcement, employment, residential, court), and compiling a succinct report submitted to the government to determine if individual would obtain a security clearance.

  • Ranked in Top 8% of all investigators nationally (2005) due to productivity, timeliness, and quality
  • Recipient of employee incentive plan each quarter due to exemplary overall performance


Jen Mehall


Mike Darden


Michael Jelinek



Lean Six Sigma Professional

Management and Strategy Institute

Change Management Specialist

Management and Strategy Institute

Leading Through Change

USIS Managers Training

Inclusion and Diversity

USIS Managers Training

Miller Heiman Strategic Selling

Miller Heiman

Emotional Intelligence

Jan 2014

Security Clearance - Secret (TS eligible based on SSBIPR in 2014)

US Office of Personnel Management

Social Media

University Alumni


“Ryan is a results oriented leader. He has the ability to deliver tough messages without losing the trust and support from his team. Ryan is the type of leader that motivates his employees and he is someone that the employees look to for guidance and direction. I have always respected the fact that Ryan uses the success of his team and leaders to measure his own success. That is a characteristic of a true leader. Ryan enhances and creates programs to which he is assigned and then takes them to all new levels. He is a team builder and an excellent judge of people. I highly recommend Ryan for any position. Ryan would be an asset to any organization.”

Jennifer Mehall

[email protected] Vice President, USIS 757-348-7930

“I’ve worked with Ryan at USIS for over 6 years, both as a coworker and subordinate. He has always been a person sought by myself and many others for advice and used in a multitude of ways to help support business operations. Through great intelligence, understanding of business practices, and tremendous experience and moral values, Ryan has become an exceptional manager and leader in the organization. Selected countless times to participate in company-wide projects to analyze costs, establish best business practices, and develop new initiatives, Ryan is a go-to person for virtually any need within the company.” 

Anthony Cilla [email protected] Operations Manager, USIS 757-470-4921

Awards, Honors and Collaterals


♦  USIS Internal Idea Competition Judge ♦  USIS Quality Metrics Redefinition & Enhancement Team ♦  Served as Acting USIS Regional Vice President & Business Unit Director (numerous 2008-2011) ♦  FY12 Performance Metrics Creation/Revitalization Team (FY11)

♦  Participated and scheduled volunteer activities for district employees (Relay for Life, United Way Community Day, Adopt-a-Street, Toys for Tots, Virginia Food Bank)


♦  Revenue per Employee increased 25% over FY09 performance  ♦  USIS Investigator Compensation Enhancement Team ♦  ♦  USIS Internal Idea Competition Judge ♦   ♦  Selected to served as an official mentor to two employees ♦  Volunteer activities (Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Adopt a Street) ♦  Received recognition (monetary, publicly) for outstanding performance


♦  Co-created cross training materials/presentations for a sister district

♦  Recognized monetarily and publicly for outstanding performance by supervisor


♦  Maintained one of the best voluntary employee attrition rates (Top 10 nationally)

♦  Increased Revenue per FTE by 40%

♦  Assisted with creating district training materials to improve overall performance

♦  Served as Business Development Lead for district/business unit

♦  Selected to organize/plan Executive Leadership Conference consisting of over 350 participants

♦  Member of Detailing Incentive Task Force

♦  Represented USIS/Norfolk District at Volunteer Hampton Roads group


Spending time with my family, golfing, playing the piano, gardening, home improvement projects, reading non-fiction and biographies

Volunteer Experience

United Way (Annual Day of Caring):  2007-2013

Volunteer Hampton Roads (quarterly volunteer activities):  2008-2012

Edmarc Hospice for Children (bi-annual property clean up):  2010-2012

World Vision (financial support):  1996-Present

City of Norfolk, VA (Adopt-A-Street):  2009-2011

American Cancer Society (Relay For Life):  2007-2011

United Methodist Volunteer in Mission (Bolivia):  1997-2000 (3 trips lasting 12-14 days each)


"Ryan was, hands down, the single biggest mentor and influence during my 10-year tenure at USIS. Ryan was my direct supervisor nearly 9 of those years in a District Manager/Regional Director capacity. Ryan was able to achieve significant performance improvements and gains for one of the most high-visibility Regions in USIS, encompassing Norfolk, VA, Central/Western, VA, and Central/Eastern/Southern, NC. Under Ryan's leadership notable increases were seen across all KPIs (Quality, Timeliness, and Production). Laser analytical focus to data and numbers as well as personal preparation set Ryan apart from other Regional Directors. Apart from day-in and day-out performance, Ryan genuinely cared about his 10-12 direct reports and his 200 indirect reports, as shown by his open door policy and routine travels to have face to face interaction with his employees. He handled the "hard conversations" seemingly with ease and was always steady with his emotions and opinions.

As a mentor, Ryan allowed me to grow professionally and exposed me to high-level, cross-functional special projects and roles ranging from HR, to BD, to Recruiting, to Compliance, in addition to making concerted efforts to incorporate me into Director-level succession plan.

I admire Ryan's loyalty and devotion to his employer in times of hardship, but most of all I admire Ryan's unwavering support of his own people. Ryan is a family-man on top of it all and I have had the pleasure of working with his wife and interacting with his children. Any organization would be lucky and should be proud to have Ryan on their roster."

-Freddie Pe, Team Leader, USIS

“I was pleased to have Ryan play such an integral role...his ability to participate in national projects while maintaining effective control as District Manager is a testament to his superior abilities. He is unquestionably an effective communicator and inspirational leader for his team...amongst the top in district leadership, recognizing the needs of the field and those who reported to him directly...demonstrated clear business acumen, an understanding of organizational goals and the drivers for success. His collaborative leadership style and dedication to achievement makes him an asset to any organization."

-Julia Alena, Vice President, USIS

“Ryan Jefferson... well, he saved my life twice now and I will never forget him for this. Not actually, but corporately. Several years ago we had a major corporate event in his business area. My CEO wanted to do a community relations event, actually several, taking more than 350 leaders from the company out into the community to do several projects. Major undertaking -- easily handled by Ryan who set up everything from the community work to the transportation [as well as local publicity] and coordinating with various members of his team to get them out to lead the activities at the community work sites. Made my job simple--All I had to do was step back and take all the credit! He is a great organizer, fantastic ability to keep focused on tasks and create winning performance. More recently, he has assisted Corporate by arranging speakers in areas associated with the overall corporation's community relations projects.”

-Michael John, Senior VP/President - Corporate Communications & Media Relations, Altegrity

“Ryan has always been one to demonstrate great expertise in all his professional dealings. His job knowledge and hard work were evident in his ability to be consistently successful in his role at USIS. He maintained the utmost professionalism... repeatedly called upon for additional projects beyond his everyday job duties due to his determination and ambition. Ryan’s notable management and leadership skills and ability to tackle high profile projects on a national scale was highly visible to his peers, subordinates, as well as the executive staff. Ryan’s management, business, and operational experiences through the years are one to be desired and would be highly valuable in all his future endeavors.”

-Danielle Nast, Director, USIS

“Ryan is a superior communicator and leader for his district as a manager. He adeptly balances the needs of his staff, budget, and customer deadlines to meet company revenue and quality goals. In a very stressful and time driven environment, he has managed to motivate his staff - both personally and professionally - and still maintain composure. A solid leader for today's and tomorrow's business environment.”

-Larry Bell, National Account Manager, USIS

"As an equal he was always there to help in any way that he could. As a supervisor, he took the initiative to get to know and understand each of his team members. As a District Manager he lead by example and with integrity and honesty. I only wish that more people in the role of superior were like Ryan. I can think of many personal examples of how he helped me along the way. It was absolute pleasure to call Ryan a colleague, Team Leader and District Manager.” 

-Brian Patrick, Investigator, USIS

"I worked indirectly with Ryan while working at USIS. During his tenure as a District Manager, Ryan was counted on to drive improvements in efficiency, process and reduce the overall drag in his district. Ryan aided in driving the necessary cultural change (leading the way), and providing direct feedback back into my team as to its end user functionality. It was his attention to detail along with firm understanding of the business processes that helped drive the success of the project and the overall success of his district and USIS. From a personal standpoint, I could count on Ryan to complete tasks, provide solid and informative feedback and insight as to how change might impact his district and the business. He is a solid leader, led by example, and got the job done."

-Ed Hahn, Director, USIS


Program Management
Operations Management
Team Building


Nov 2014Jan 2015

Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence (8-week course)

Case Western Reserve University/Coursera
Aug 1998May 2003

Bachelor of Science

Old Dominion University


US Office of Personnel Management