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Community Involvement:

  • Rosemount Area Hockey Association - Fundraising
  • Eagan Athletic Association - Youth Soccer Coach
  • Mount Olivet Lutheran Church - Substitute Sunday School Teacher


  • Seasoned sales and marketing professional with proficiency in all significant marketing areas including product research, development, strategy, launch, customer acquisition and retention.
  • Has passion and expertise in championing team leadership duties, especially within fast-paced environments and when customer expectations and demands are multifaceted. Excels by motivating through a combination of unique enthusiasm and group collaboration.
  • Achieves high-levels of success even when faced with complicated scenarios and adversity through relational and communication techniques.
  • High-impact and polished speaker that always focuses on being audience-aware.


William Lawrensen

Leigh Ann Sims

Joe Hale

Tristen Kendall



Work experience

Nov 2006Present

Senior Marketing Manager

Cengage Learning
  • Direct marketing and strategic planning responsibilities for a $48M product suite comprised of computer literacy print and digital products.  Primary channels are 2-year, 4-year, and Career (For-Profit) segments.
  • Increased personal product line revenue by 49% or $16.8M between fiscal years 2006 and 2010.
  • Increased personal product line revenue by 16% or $6.8M to $48M in fiscal year 2010.
  • Collaborate with a 12 member marketing team to drive brand awareness and revenue for our business unit.  Team revenue totals grew by 12% or $12.8M to $118M in fiscal year 2010.
  • Awarded the Academic and Professional Group’s “Best Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year” honor in August 2010.
  • Awarded the Business and Computing Group’s “Product Revision Marketing Team of the Year” honor in August 2010.
  • Implement campaign promotions including advertising, website creation, direct mail, email campaigns and event participation to increase brand awareness and drive revenue for the New Perspectives Series and Illustrated Series product suites.  Achieved 22% open and 24% click-through rates for fiscal year 2010 email campaigns.
  • Developed and successfully executed an integrated and multifaceted campaign for our Microsoft® Office 2007 Premium Video Edition print, digital and assessment products.  Campaign utilized internal communication and training, customer advocacy, external messaging, customer-facing events, print, and community website resources to grow revenues by 9% and units by 4% in an off-cycle year.
  • Partner with a field staff of 205 sales representatives, technology specialists and managers to plan and conduct live and web-based training, deliver sales meeting presentations, create and distribute internal communication, coordinate field travel to meet with key customers, and analyze sales targeting and tracking opportunities to support marketing campaigns and drive revenue.
  • Reduced print marketing costs by 40% over the past two years and delivered cutting-edge electronic campaigns for multiple products via the creation of community websites, flash demonstrations, video testimonials, and email marketing messages.
  • Created and administered Cengage Learning - Academic and Professional Group’s first “Facebook” page; which currently has 1002 fans.
  • Conduct market research initiatives including customer focus groups, product testing, and survey activities to uncover emerging market trends in order to align editorial development, marketing message and value proposition with customer needs.
  • Research, create, and distribute competitive information for sales and management teams which aides in product positioning and sales success for marketing campaigns within the marketplace.
  • Manage one employee.

Executive Marketing Manager

Pearson Education
  • Directed all marketing and strategic planning responsibilities for a $14M product suite comprised of hospitality management, culinary arts, nutrition, and consumer science products.  Primary channels were 2-year, 4-year, and Career (For-Profit) segments.
  • Increased product line revenue by 90% or $7M between fiscal years 2000 and 2006 by increasing market share of established products and successful introduction of new products and partnerships.
  • Supported a field staff of 380 representatives and managers by planning and conducting sales meeting presentations, creation and distribution of internal communication, field travel to meet with key customers, and coordination of internal sales targeting and tracking.
  • Designated as “Team Leader” within the business unit.  Spearheaded process improvement task forces to increase efficiency and productivity, improve sales and marketing efforts, and sustain group morale.
  • Collaborated with a seven member team to design, develop, market, and drive revenue for our product suites.
  • Managed three employees.

Regional Sales Specialist

Pearson Education
  • Traveled extensively and managed a $24M sales base comprised of 47 sales representatives and seven managers throughout the Midwest Region.
  • Collaborated with a nine member product team consisting of editors, marketing managers and fellow sales specialists to prioritize, communicate, and drive sales initiatives for seven program areas.
  • Conducted presentations for customers informing them about new products, demonstrating technology resources, as well as training and support for products in use.
  • Trained and modeled behavior for both experienced and new sales representatives.

Sales Representative

Pearson Education
  • Managed a $1.3M sales territory comprised of 19 institutions and approximately 2,100 faculty.
  • Achieved 122% of sales goal in 1998.
  • Achieved 108% of sales goal in 1997.
  • Achieved 131% of sales goal in 1996.
  • Midwest Regional Education Mentor 1998.  Provided field guidance to new representatives by collaborating in their territory analysis, developing individualized sales strategies and assisting on campus visits.  Achieved 115% of sales goal.
  • Selected for Career Development Program in 1998 (1 of 28 selected out of 296 candidates).