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My personal philosophy is that hard work and dedication in life and career will always pay off in the end, no matter how tough the objective is.

Major Courses

Exercise Science Major Courses

HE 325 Nutrition

PE 230 Foundations of Exercise Science

PE 310 Motor Learning

PE 371 Kinesiology

PE 415 Lifespan Motor Development

PE 444 Lifespan Adapted Physical Activity

PE 470 Social Psychological Aspects in Physical Activity and Sport

PE 483W Biomechanics

PE 485 Exercise Testing and Prescription

PE 486 Advanced Topics: Motor Behavior

PE 488 Exercise Motivation and Adherence

PE 499 Capstone

Exercise Science Major Electives

PE 133 Bowling

PE 241 Teach: Court Sports

PE 242 Teach: Field Sports

PE 245 Teach: Strength Training and Conditioning

PE 359 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

PE 378 Professional Sports Management

PE 440 Legal Issues in Physical Education and Sports

PSY 218 Psychology Foundations of Education

University Couses Requirements

LACC University Requirements

Related to Major:

BI 101 General Biology

BI 102 General Biology

BI 103 General Biology

BI 234 Human Anatomy and Physiology

BI 235 Human Anatomy and Physiology

MTH 111 College Algebra

Minor Courses

Health Minor Core Courses

HE 250 Personal Health

HE 252 First Aid, CPR/Safety

HE 362W Contemporary Health Issues

HE 367 Human Sexuality

HE 381 Mind/Body Health

HE 465D International Health

HE 466 Study of Drugs and Alcohol

HE 491 Stress Management



My name is Ryan Davidson, I was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon.  I currently am a Senior at Western Oregon University and I will be graduating Spring term 2009.  I am majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Health.  I have been very involved in athletics my entire life and decided early on that I want to follow a career that will involve me in athletics.  I like to be very active and I believe that if you have a passion for something you should educate others about the passion you have. That is why I want to educate as many people as I can about the positive aspects of being physically active and the health safety of the future clients I may have.  Ideally I want to be in a hospital or clinical setting working as a Cardiac or Respirtory Therapist.  I plan on working hard and furthering my education so this goal will be able to come into focus and allow me to achieve this goal. 

I am very family oriented, I have a very close knit family that I love.  Through thick and thin my family will always be around to support me.  They have proved to me through the years that they will be there in good times and bad and that is why I think that they will always be there for me.  For me I think of it this way, colleagues will come and go, job locations may change, but your family will always be there along for the ride.

During the summers I have worked for a renouned construction company out of Portland, Oregon.  This company is known for their work on schools, commercial buildings and government buildings.  We perform seismic upgrades which will help stabilize buildings if there is a earthquake.  I have chose this career as a summer job because it allows me to work with others as a team to succeed toward a common goal. 


I am a very avid fisherman and hunter, I enjoy the outdoors and have been surrounded by them for my entire life.  I am a very physically active person, I enjoy hiking, ATV riding, boating along with your usual sports such as Baseball, Basketball and Softball.  I am a volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which allows me to meet new people and promote something that I truely believe in. 


Exercise Science

Work experience

Jun 2004Present


Payne Construction

Worker of trade, being able to perform variable trade tasks such as measuring lumber, cutting lumber to fit, taking strategic measurements, laying out floor plans, sheeting roofs and floors and drywalling when asked.

Jun 2006Sep 2006

Bolster Setter/ Hyster Driver

Mostly a Bolster Setter, but filled in as a Hyster/Forklift Driver on any shifts when needed.

Jun 1999Sep 2003


Dave Bastian Construction

Worker of trade, performer multiple tasks such as measuring and cutting lumber to fit, sheeting roofs and floors, laying out floor plans, reading blue prints, driver from the lumber yard and delivering to multiple job sites while being counted on to be prompt and punctual.


Hyster/Fork Lift Driver
When working for SierraPine Ltd. I was consistently asked to fill in for a Hyster/Forklift driver when they were on vacation or sick. 
Construction Worker
I have worked for a construction company dating back to high school.  I have consistantly worked for the same construction company that is based out of Portland, Oregon.  They specialize in seismic upgrades and commercial buildings.  Working construction has allowed me to work as a team with fellow employees towards a goal.  It has allowed me to develop trade skills and allows me to do specific tasks when asked.


Jun 2006Present

ForkLift/Hyster Driver

SierraPine Ltd.
May 2004May 2006

First Aid/CPR

Western Oregon Universtiy