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As a Data Management professional, I am passionate about helping businesses understand the data at their disposal to enhance their decision-making capabilities and deliver greater value to their customers. My skills include database administration and analysis, business intelligence development, data integration and warehousing, and systems administration. I am also in the process of developing a new set of skills in software development and Big Data analysis. I am driven to deliver results that provide an immediate tangible benefit to my team and the company I work for, and I strive to ensure that I will always gain the skills and knowledge that every new challenge requires.


Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Using tools such as SQL, Python, Apache Spark, and various Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), I am able to integrate and analyze data from multiple different sources throughout the enterprise to derive and present meaningful conclusions and valuable business insight.

Data Integration and Warehousing

I have extensive knowledge in enterprise data integration and data warehousing tools and methodologies.  I have worked with data integration tools such as Informatica, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and Talend to bring data from many different databases into a single reporting structure for a consolidated view of the business.

Database Administration

I have experience as a Junior Database Administrator for over one hundred databases, which included the following database platforms: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.  I am able to automate and validate database backups and performance monitoring for these systems.  I am also familiar with several high-availability, clustering, and replication services for these databases.

Systems Development and Administration

I have extensive experience with building, maintaining, and troubleshooting information systems from simple schedulers to complex enterprise web applications.  I am also able to automate several common aspects of administration by developing scripts or applications.

Computer Systems Diagnostics and Repair

I have a strong background in providing operational assurance for information systems.  From desktop computers to corporate networks, as well as in-house and third-party web solutions.

Work experience


Data Analyst & Database Developer


I facilitate end-to-end operational support and analysis for Verizon's Corporate Finance department for invoice receipt, validation, auditing, and payment. This includes performing maintenance, monitoring, and diagnostics for key components in Verizon's automated invoice receipt and validation systems. I use a combination of skill-sets to perform these tasks, such as:
    • SQL Reporting and Automation Development.
    • Data Integration and Warehousing for Business Intelligence.
    • SAP and PeopleSoft ERP Usage and Data Analysis.
    • Some application programming and scripting (Python, Javascript, and Shell).
    • Big data analysis in Hadoop Hive and Apache Spark.
    • Oracle and MySQL Database Administrator and Developer


Data Analyst

Global Holdings, LLC

I was responsible for facilitating the successful operation of all database business processes, as well as providing internal and external business intelligence report development services in SAP Business Objects, and later SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). While working for Global, I volunteered to take on additional roles as a Database Administrator, SharePoint Farm Administrator, and workload automation specialist. In that time, I facilitated a successful migration of the company's intranet portal from SharePoint 2007 to 2013 by hand, I performed the day-to-day administration of the company's entire inventory of SQL Server databases, and I implemented a workload automation solution that allowed the company to flexibly schedule business processes and intelligently allocate resources for their critical business processes.


Aviation Electrician

U.S. Navy

I was responsible for performing preventative and restorative maintenance on the SH-60 "Seahawk" helicopter.  I performed electrical systems diagnostics and repair, to include flight navigation instruments, power-plant, transmission, and flight control indication systems, lighting and utility systems, and the Automatic Flight Control System.  I also obtained a certification as an Aircraft Maintenance Quality Assurance Representative, and I ensured safe, efficient, and standardized aircraft maintenance with zero flight mishaps or instances of malpractice.  I was also promoted to Maintenance Shift Supervisor, and was responsible for managing a team of up to 15 highly trained aircraft mechanics and technicians in a high output environment with limited logistic support.



Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

Walden University

Degree Concentration:  Database Administration and Data Center Operations


Associates of Applied Science in Information Technology

Oklahoma State University - Institute of Technology

Partially Completed - Transferred


High School Diploma

Kellyville High School

Honors & Awards


Recipient of Three Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medals

U.S. Navy

First awarded for excellent performance in the line of duty during my first south pacific counter-narcotics deployment in 2011.

Second awarded for outstanding professionalism during a Helicopter Wing Detachment Readiness Inspection in 2012.

Third awarded for outstanding leadership and efficient performance in the line of duty during my second south pacific counter-narcotics deployment in 2013.


Recipient of the Armed Forces Good Conduct Medal

U.S. Navy