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My objective for my work area is to leave the establishment in better conditions than it was given. Not only do I constantly strive to meet expectations, but I am also an individual who actively goes out to exceed those expectations. 


I am a sophomore at Longwood University. My expected graduation date is 2014. I am a Communications Studies major with a minor in Philosophy. While I am attending school, I am also a Resident Assistant for a hall of freshmen. I am also involved in a lot of community service at Longwood through my fraternity and other big Longwood events that encourage community service. 

Work experience

Aug 2010Present


Longwood University
Aug 2011Present

Resident Assistant

Longwood University

I am currently a Resident Assistant for a Freshman hall. As a Resident assistant, my job is to look after the safety and well being of my hall. It has taught me how to be responsible over a large amount of people. It has also trained me to be ready for emergencies anytime of the day.  Lastly, It has honed my skills of reading people to get a gauge of how they are doing emotionally. 

Oct 2009Jan 2011

Official Washington Redskins store

Washington Redskins

I was a sales associate for the Official Washington Redskins store at the Dulles town center mall. Although I was never an official manager, I was looked up to as a leader of the workforce. 

My PR work examples


Aug 2010Present

Bachelor of Arts

Longwood University


Writing Skill
I pride myself on being a good writer. I am a good writer several ways: first, it doesn't take me long to write a draft for a assignment or publication. Also, I have had a lot of success making my work interesting to the readers. 
Quick Learner
I learn things within the workplace very quickly and I pick up on the mechanics of a job quickly and effectively. This makes it so I do not use valuable time learning how to do my job.
While I held my position in the Washington Redskins store, the employees looked to me as an unofficial manager of the store. So while I was not given the official privileges of a manager, I held a leadership position in the minds of my peers.
Interpersonal skills
I have good interpersonal skills with both customers and my co-workers, making transitioning to a new staff easier while also easing the minds of new customers