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Technologist, Coach, Lifehacker and overall happy camper.

I love solving problems, coding, learning and building up and working with successful teams. You'll find me trying to guide, unblock and move the team forward the best way I can which at some times might mean getting out of their way. If not, I am probably trying my best to craft up (or at least try to) code in some corner. Either way, I like to solve/prevent real-world problems, make a difference and create value for someone (if not many).

As I gain more experience I hope to share to other teams/companies any way I can so you will also find me dabbling on venture capital/angel investing especially on themes of finance, environment, clean web and marketing technology.

Work experience


Director of Engineering - Big Data and Machine Learning

AgilOne Inc

Responsible for AgilOne's big data pipeline and data science platform.


Software Engineering Manager

AgilOne Inc

Technical leader and identifies risks and drives the team to decisions considering business, technical, organizational and quality impact and supports CTO in formulating goals, deliverables, risks and alternatives to the organization and management.

  • Hired and retained outstanding engineering talent.
  • Mentored and served as Scrum Master for multiple teams that ships in 2-week sprint cycles delivering both frontend and backend apps.
  • As Release Manager
    • Coordinated various teams in the company (in/outside Engineering) to ensure major releases are ready and post-release activities are prepared for.
    • Collaborated with Client Success/Support and Sales organizations to help ensure that client impacting issues can be addressed as effectively as possible.
  • Led teams that developed the following AgilOne applications/features:
    • Web Recommendations - manage recommendations serves as container via javascript drop-in to client’s own website
    • Power Alerts: Informs clients what is happening in their customer base and what to do about it
    • Metrics: Provides flexible dashboard and ad hoc multidimensional analysis to measure results
    • Pathways: Guided analysis against a specific problem like Churn or different customer segment
    • Actions: Create data driven campaigns at the individual and household levels
    • Replication Engine: Takes in data from various data sources into a single storage location for further processing/analytics
    • Various connectors/3r d party integration for data enrichment (Google Analytics, Facebook etc)
  • Contributed to codebases for Machine Learning (Spark), Data Platform (Hive/Shark) and REST API (Spring) including productionalizing various likelihood, clustering and recommendation models and designed/performed experiments on various ML models
  • Supported Operations team in security compliance, scalability considerations involving the application

Director of Engineering

LWS Media Inc - Philippines

Responsible for allocating resources and designing architecture for .NET/SQL applications and compliment the VP for Technology in preparing resources for other non-.NET applications including interviews, preparing test environments, assignment of tasks and work with Project Managers on managing project schedule.

  • Developed the following features that started as the foundation of AgilOne’s Platform
    • Deduplication Engine: Data Cleansing and Linkages
    • NextOne : A data-driven analytical online product recommendations engine / service o AddressOne: US address standardization and verification web service
  • Custom Solutions including
    • a Customer Relationship Management System for a tile retailer company
    • a Leads Management System and Online Agreement Service for an Oil/Gas company
  • SQL Automation of various response modeling processes and recommendation engines built using Matlab and SQL.
  • Led the team in resolving issues involving two (2) legacy classic ASP/SQL 2000 applications/websites (confidential) that are vulnerable to a spreading SQL injection attack in the internet. After which other applications were reviewed and refactored to implement security best practices in all applications.

Senior Software Engineer

Software Pronto, Inc

Developed over various custom systems and integrations (including for eBay, Paypal, PG&E, ING) using ASP.NET/C#.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.



BS Electronics/Communications Engineering

University of St La Salle


What I've Done

12+ years of engineering experience starting as a quality engineer for a few months; it was critical in building my understanding of how costly quality issues are if not identified early. I then moved to development, design and architecture and overtime mentoring/helping others, managed the builders/makers and managing timelines and tasks and programs as well.

8+ years in management; most of which was with AgilOne (a Customer Engagement Hub/Marketing Predictive Analytics company backed by Sequioa, Mayfield and Tenaya Capital)

  • Built offshore and onshore engineering teams.
  • Adopted Scrum and acted as Scrum Master for various teams and mentored other SM.
  • Acted as Release Manager, working with Product, Support teams to prioritize features, triage issues, set delivery expectations (with feature teams) and coordinated releases.
  • Led the team in building an integration (ETL) engine that takes in various data sources into a single store for future processing.
  • Led the team in building Web Recommendation features
  • Led the team in building a Campaign management/execution application which enables marketers to reach a specific audience via a specific channel.
  • Led the team in building a Reporting/dashboard application which enables users to visualize hundreds of metrics and dimensions as well as performance of their marketing campaigns. As well as the ability to be notified of certain trend activities or notable changes.
  • Facilitate training, discussions and code reviews for application security/design.
  • Contributed (individually) to design/code for master data management, machine learning models and SOAP/REST APIs.

What I'm good at / What I love to do

Engineering is hard. Leading is hard. Leading engineers, now that's something and I am always up for that challenge.

  • I am a learner (languages, tools are just there to solve problems so we should not limit ourselves to a particular set). Have done C#, PHP, Java, Scala and various data/SQL and UI languages and I have no doubt I could learn fast.
  • I get the most excited with data analytics, data platform and machine learning (Hadoop, Spark).
  • I am organized and respect project/program management as a competency that is separate from technical chops and leading people.
  • I lead by example, respect and trust but recognize analysis paralysis or the paradox of too many choices.
  • I have good relationship with stakeholders (product, support, account managers, sales), able to communicate effectively with them and representative the technical team in general.
  • I may compromise on features but not in quality.
  • I am most happy when people I work with, find meaning in what they do.

Outside of engineering management and spending time with family, I help other new managers any way I can (whether thru Quora or an upcoming startup which links new managers with experienced ones or small investments in companies that help improve engineering leadership practices). I advise a few startups in engineering or even go-to-market strategies as well. And occasionally spend time on Regulation Equity Crowdfunding. I like creating value and support others who do the same.

What I believe creates high performing teams

  • Psychological safety, where team members feel accepted and respected
  • Dependability/Reliability
  • Structure and clarity (of vision/goals)
  • Meaning of work (to the person doing it)
  • Impact of work (to others/community)
  • “the team is the product”