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I have 7+ years of award-winning experience providing exceptional customer service to businesses, consumers, and vendors with hands-on project management in a cutting-edge, fast-paced environment. As a facilities manager with an international Fortune 500 company, I increased sales and profitability in my facility over 40% from $4.2M to $6.1M within two years. Through innovative thinking and fine-tuning of our operational procedures and processes, I caused a $2.1M revenue improvement in a previously underperforming market. By shifting focus to customer service and away from low margin business, I drove strategic growth with higher margin client base without restructuring the team. Pioneering management style and commitment to extraordinary quality resulted in perfect inventory awards two consecutive years. I have a reputation of doing the right thing, not the easy thing. If you want your company to be known for impeccable quality and an outstanding customer experience, and you need the right leadership to take you there, let’s have a conversation about how my talents can realize your plans.

► Continuous Process Improvement

► Resourceful Problem Solving

► Exceptional Communication and Leadership Skills

Key Skills:  Strong financial discipline with hands-on management style ● Highly organized, self-motivated and concentrated on results ● Solutions focused ● Values continuing education and personal and professional growth ● Simplifies complex problems and synthesizes diverse ideas with demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and persuasively at all levels.

Work experience


Facilities Manager

Sherwin Williams

■ Recognized for first perfect inventory audit in Kansas City in 25 years.
One of only three people division-wide to achieve two consecutive perfect audits.
■ Revamped facilities “best practices” for equipment repair, which reduced maintenance costs by over 76% and reduced future liabilities from defective product.
■ Saved an $800K client thru improvements in just-in-time production, which ultimately increased sales to that client by an additional $1.2M.
■ Led one facility from a decade of failure in meeting budget goals to a 150% increase in profitability in less than 24 months by finely honing the bottom line expectations and facilities requirements.


Operations Manager

Sherwin Williams

■ As the youngest manager for Product Finishes, completed a 12 month training program in only 8 months. Was promoted in half the time of peers and revolutionized a previously underperforming dual market in both Kansas and Missouri.
■ Led one facility from a decade of failure in meeting budget goals to a 150% increase in profitability in less than 24 months by finely honing the bottom line expectations and facilities requirements.
■ Through unprecedented process reengineering, created a reputation for being the go-to supplier and gained another $120K in business and newly penetrated client’s international locations.
Grew over $1.3M in annual sales from $4.7M to over $6M.




University of Missouri


University of Oklahoma


Strategic Growth
Performance Management
Cost Containment
Mission Driven
Budget Administration
Solutions Focused
Margin Expansion
Process Development/Improvement


Outstanding Semifinalist Award

Regnier Institute For Entrepreneurship and Innovation

May 2014

Created start-up business and pitched concept during the Regnier Venture Creation Challenge. The Regnier

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a nationally ranked program and leader in innovation,

connecting students with a comprehensive combination of world-class research, renowned faculty, cuttingedge

curriculum, and experiential programs driven to deliver results.

Internal Process Improvement- Supplier of Excellence


July 2013

Award presented to the vendor that helps improve overall process of the previous year. Cost reduction

leading to improved profitability was the main factor for success.

Masters Club

Sherwin Williams

February 2013

Second highest sales excellence award a Facility Manager can receive.

Operational Excellence Award

Sherwin Williams

February 2013

Perfect operational audit. Only a handful are presented out of 72 facilities.