Ryan Dennison

  • El Cajon CA
Ryan Dennison


About Me

My name is Ryan Dennison. I am currently a junior at Valhalla High School. I am very politically active in my community. I volunteer with a State Senator as well as volunteer time to his campaign. I feel that by getting involved in politics, that is my opportunity to help people in a practical way. One day I want to be the President of the United States, because I believe I can actually make a difference and change the country.  In college I want to study business and minor in political science. After school I want to either start my own business or work my way to the top in an existing business so I an earn enough money to run a political campaign. From there I would get involved in local politics and work my way up .

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2014 - Present


State Office of Senator Joel Anderson

As an intern I learned valuable leadership and people skills. We focused on community outreach as we interacted with the people of the 38th senatorial district.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2016


Valhalla High School

12th Grade- AP Statistics, AP Government, College Prep English, Digital Arts, ASB

11th Grade- AP Language and Composition, AP U.S. History, Physiology, Pre-Calculus, ASB, Spanish

10th Grade- Honors Algebra II, Chemistry, Honors Humanities, AP World History, Spanish, ASB

9th Grade- Honors Geometry, Honors Humanities, Pre-AP World History, Biology, Stage Band, Physical Education

GPA: 4.0

Class Rank: 63 of 470

SAT: 1820

ACT: 27

Community Service/ Extra Curriculars

May 2015 - Present

Volunteered Time to Senator Anderson's County Supervisorial Election

2016 San Diego County Supervisorial District 2 Election

I spent time planning walks for the walk program determining which areas would be beneficial to campaign in over others. I also do other tasks around the office and the community.

Sep 2014 - Present

Volunteered with Saint Luke's Youth Group

Church of Saint Luke

I volunteered with my Church's middle school youth group as well as the confirmation prep class. I also was a councillor on a youth retreat.

Dec 2012 - Present

Valhalla's Young Republicans

President and Founder

I started a young republican's club at my school. This was a safe place for people to share their political beliefs and hear from others about theirs.

Sep 2013 - Present

Valhalla ASB

Member at Large and Directer of Publicity and Marquee
Aug 2014 - Nov 2014

Volunteered Time to Senator Joel Anderson's Reelection Campaign

2014 California State Senate Election for District 38

I spent time in the Campaign office working on the community walk program as well as working to coordinate and help put up campaign signs. I also spent time walking door to door and delivering campaign literature.




I am very interested in politics. This interest has driven me to start a young republicans club, volunteer on Senator Anderson election, and intern in a state office.

Playing Guitar

I have been playing the guitar for nine years. I have been involved in Jazz bands, and I enjoy playing on a regular basis. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and jazz guitar.