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Ryan Chan

Full Stack Developer at Green Tomato Limited


Full stack developer isn't that easy to be, tons of knowledge that you need to update in your mind {everyday}.

Just get a beer and enjoy what you code. Cheers!!

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Work History

Feb 2016Present

Full Stack Developer

Green Tomato Limited


MRJ Productions
Feb 2015Present



Leading team member on development cycle from start to the end of the project.

Designed a development stack & toolset for team member, which improved the communication with teammate & increased development progress.

Nov 2015Feb 2016

Technical Manager

Jemex Ideas Co. Ltd

Technical Manager at. (4 months)

Using Laravel framework to build up the large scale of registration system that for Mobile World Congress conference.

For front-end that i used Vue.js and Sass for layout implementation. Used AWS Aurora MySQL database service as cluster database. Launched a cluster redis service for caching purpose. Also used cloudflare's CDN service for faster content delivering.

For backend, that is the management portal for staffs to manage the whole event details & settings. Such as managing attendee and generating report.

By the request from the client that is required for this application is that the reporting system have to be in Real Time. So, i utilized AWS cluster redis service to accomplish the broadcast & caching service. Also setup a worker server which is installed beanstalkd for handling queueing jobs, for example, sending notification and EDM.

Apr 2014Nov 2015

Senior Software Engineer

Soliton Music

Senior Software Engineer at (1 year 8 months)

Maintain & develop the current iOS & Android apps of Soliton.

Responsible for revamp project,

* rewrite all backend api from ground up

* take the lead in backend api development with two software engineers re-design database structure & zero down-time migration to AWS RDS

* manage and support vendor team for any difficulties of implementation

* re-design server infrastructure as horizontal scale & move to AWS

* re-location storage server to different datacenter

* setup CDN server for streaming audio & video content

* implemented taylor-made equalizar for audio streaming content Which improved soliton backend api performance 3x faster than before, increased 2x server load capacity than before, and also the database performance increased 3x than before structure. Responsible

DCFE project,

* designed an infrastructure that support horizontal scale without downtime

* setup CDN with video content encoder (Elemental Encoder)

* server loading stress test Which designed the infrastructure for setting up a webserver within 10 min with fully provisioned and ready to public. And server load balancing is able to support 1m concurrent requests. 

Apr 2013Apr 2014


Freelancer at (1 year 1 month) Worked on several freelance projects in hong kong.
2012Apr 2013


Eternal Technology Consulting Limited

Programmer at (1 year)

Handling three projects at the same time, and collaborate with teammates on these projects.

Responsible develop new functions on those projects, doing unit test and debugging till it reach the client requirement.

And also maintain existing websites, analyse user data to figure out what kind of function should be improved or implement.

Sometimes, i have to be an UI designer, let say i gotta trim/cut the image from the layout which is provided by out source graphic designer.

Adjust the image to fit into the UI. etc.

All of these projects are using C#,. NET, MSSQL, ASP, Objective-C as the main language for software development.

For the techniques are involved like XML, WSDL, SOAP, JSON, SOCKET, AJAX. etc.

Even open source apis like, OpenOffice, for develop an automate generate document or excel file.

Jan 2010Jun 2012


Freelancer at (2 years 6 months) Programming. work out the freelance job for other companies Projects Pan-V




RMIT University



Soliton Music Mobile Application

As a team lead of Mobile and Backend API, manage the tasks and the timeline and make sure that the deadline is met.

Re-design the infrastructure of the backend API system.

Rebuild the backend API system from group up by using Laravel framework.

Re-design storage structure of the audio source.

Re-design the cache and queue systems that increase the processing time. 

HSBC Stock Trading Mobile Application

Develop stock trading mobile app on both platforms of iOS and Android for HSBC, with the team which have more than 10 talented iOS and Android developers.

Lead the QA team to develop automation in BDD testing by using Cucumber with Appium.