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Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Light and Sound Board Operator

THS Theatre Department

The job requires that the sound and light board operator, both manages the audience (Enforcing the auditorium rules, via Tomball ISD standards) and sufficiently accommodates the occupying performers of the auditorium.

Jul 2014Jul 2014

Fireworks Salesman

American Fireworks

For one week leading up until The Forth of July, I sold fireworks to various customers. This required extensive knowledge of most of the stock fireworks in the warehouse to effectively provide the necessary information to each customer. Work days often lasted from 8am-12am.


Aug 2013Present

High School Class of 2017

Tomball High School

Enrolled in AP courses, NJROTC, and Tech Theatre.

Personal Achievements

  • I have obtained the level of 1st Degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts.
  • I have received both the first and second awards from the Surface Navy Association in JROTC.
  • I have been accepted into the International Thespian Society.


Bishop: Eric Pope

Neighbor: Joe Clark

Previous Employer:

Neighbor: Shawn Marlbrough

Church Official/Neighbor: Samuel Bikman


Physical Labor

I don't mind doing hard labor. Within my church community we always provide free, and willing services to those in need, including to those outside our church community.

Team coordination and cooperation.

Often I work with others to achieve a common goal. This is a skill set that is required in both NJROTC, and Tech Theatre. I work very well with others, or independently.

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