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International executive with extensive experience delivering Telecom Business Transformation & IT Re-structuring programs. Have led multi-national program teams of up to 600 people delivering systems and transforming the Fulfillment, Assurance, Billing & Product Lifecycle Management operations of fixed and wireless operators. Winner of the 2003 World Billing Award for Best Billing Implementation. Finalist for 2003 World Billing Award for Best Customer Care.

Work experience

Mar 2005Present



CellularSafety.Net is a start-up company providing cellular phone based public safety services.Responsible for architecting and implementing the company’s service platforms as well as the Fulfilment, Billing, Assurance, and Enterprise Management systems, infrastructure, and call centers.



Odimo NV

Odimo NV is a start-up, up-market, B2C diamond, jewellery, and watch retailer. It is headquartered in Antwerp and is a subsidiary of Odimo U.S.  The primary brand name through which Odimo trades is

  • Implemented the launch release of the European web sites.
  • Implemented the Odimo NV European Data Centre to support operations.
  • Implemented the Odimo NV Antwerp Office IT environment to support operations and web site development.
Mar 2005Jul 2006

DIrector - GSM CC&B & Fixed CC&B Transformation Programs

Bulgarian Telecom

Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) is the incumbent fixed telecommunications operator in the Republic of Bulgaria.  In 2004, Advent International acquired a majority interest in BTC and set the objectives to launch BTC’s GSM operations and transform BTC’s fixed operations.

                  GSM CC&B Program Accomplishments:

  • Created, managed, and led the GSM CC&B Program.  The size of the Program increased and decreased in accordance with the Program Plan to as many as 140 staff, including BTC resources and system integration teams from Accenture, Ericsson, Landsteinar, & Comarch.
  • Delivered BTC GSM’s CC&B capabilities based upon a Siebel-Tibco-Geneva-DOC1-Tertio-Landsteinar-Comarch solution architecture.
  • Delivered BTC GSM’s Mediation capabilities based upon Ericsson MM4.0. 
  • Designed & sized BTC GSM’s Customer Care, Billing, and IT Operations organizations.

                  Fixed CC&B Transformation Program Accomplishments:

  • Created, managed, and led the Fixed CC&B Transformation Program.  The size of the Program increased and decreased in accordance with the Program Plan to as many as 340 staff, including BTC resources and system integration teams from Accenture & Ericsson.
  • Delivered Release 1 of BTC’s Fixed CC&B capabilities based upon a Siebel-Tibco-Geneva-DOC1 solution architecture.
  • Cleansed and migrated BTC’s top 17,000 business billing accounts and their products from over 30 legacy billing and fulfilment systems to the Release 1 solution.
  • Delivered Release 1 of BTC’s Fixed Mediation capabilities based upon Ericsson MM4.0. 
  • Designed, sized and transformed BTC’s Customer Care, Billing, Sales, Product Marketing, and Network Provisioning organizations to dramatically reduce headcount and improve operational Fulfillment, Billing, and Product Lifecycle Management performance.
  • Architected the Data Integration solution to cleanse and migrate the other 2.4 million billing accounts (residential and SME) in subsequent releases.
  • Restructured the BTK IT Unit into a Plan, Build (primarily outsourced), & Operate model.  Removed CIO, internally recruited new CIO, externally recruited new Head of IT Operations, externally recruited Head of IT Planning, introduced ITIL Service Management.
  • Implemented revenue assurance controls for BTK Fixed’s legacy end-to-end revenue chain.  Implemented daily, weekly, and monthly usage reporting.
May 2004Feb 2005

Director - Svyazinvest Billing Transformation Program

Svyazinvest (IBM Russia)

Svyazinvest is the state-controlled holding company for the seven Russian Federation mega-regional phone companies and Rostelecom, the long distance and international operator.  The objective of the BTP is to transform the billing capabilities of the eight Svyazinvest operating companies by implementing and deploying unified, Amdocs-based, convergent billing solutions. 

  • Developed the BTP Statements Of Work (SOWs) for Licensed Product Software, Licensed Product Support & Maintenance, and the BTP Implementation & Integration Services
  • Developed the BTP Program Management & Delivery Approach
  • Developed the SOWs for the IBM subcontractors, including Amdocs
  • Following contract award, resourced, mobilized, and directed the 150 FTE multi-national IBM BTP delivery team, including Amdocs and the other subcontractors, through the critical start-up phase of the BTP.
Jan 2001Apr 2004

DIrector - CC&B Transformation Programs & VP Customer Care

Slovak Telecom

Slovak Telecom (ST) is the monopoly fixed telecommunications operator in the Slovak Republic in which Deutsche Telekom (DT) acquired a majority interest in Q4 2000.The Slovak fixed telecommunications market was liberalized in January 2003.Hired by DT to transform the CC&B capabilities at ST.

  • Created, managed, and led the CC&B Transformation Program.The size of the Program increased and decreased in accordance with the Program Plan to as many as 600 staff, including ST resources and system integration teams from Accenture and IBM.
  • Delivered ST’s Customer Care organization, three call centres, Billing & Revenue Assurance organization, and two Billing Back Offices.Externally recruited the permanent VP of Customer Care.Internally recruited the VP of Billing & Revenue Assurance.
  • Transformed ST’s Customer Care, Billing, Sales, Marketing, and Network Operations to reduce headcount from 13,000+ FTEs to under 3,000 staff.Dramatically improved Fulfillment, Assurance, Billing, and most importantly, Product Lifecycle Management performance.Increased overall Customer Satisfaction ratings by over 100% resulting in highest telecom operator TR*IM ratings in Europe.The improved operations resulted in stopping the loss of subscribers to the mobile operators.
  • Delivered ST’s Retail CC&B capabilities based upon an Avaya-Siebel-Vitria-Geneva-DOC1 solution architecture.
  • Migrated, in one year, ST’s 1.4 Million subscribers and their products from over 40, non-integrated, legacy, pulse-based, CC&B systems to the Siebel-Vitria-Geneva solution.
  • Delivered ST’s Retail & Wholesale Mediation capabilities based upon Comptel AMD.
  • Delivered ST’s Domestic Interconnect & International Inter-Carrier CC&B capabilities based upon Intec InterconnecT ICT.
  • Integrated ST’s Siebel-Vitria-Geneva based Retail CC&B capabilities with ST’s Siebel-Vitria-Cramer based service provisioning capabilities.
  • Delivered the CC&B IT Operations, Support & Maintenance organizations
  • Winner of the 2003 World Billing Award for Best Billing Implementation: Telecoms
  • Finalist for the 2003 World Billing Award for Best Customer Care



NetRoaming is a start-up supplier of broadband VPN networking software solutions.

  • Defined the NetRoaming market proposition for remote access services that allow enterprise remote workers (e.g., road warriors, telecommuters) to automatically, securely, and globally access their corporate WANs, at broadband speeds, from any broadband access service provider (cable modem, xDSL, fiber, WLL, Wi-Fi, and 3G mobile), anywhere in the world.
  • Developed the NetRoaming VPN protocols, the NetRoaming Tunneling Protocol (NRTP) and the NetRoaming Host Authentication & Configuration Protocol (NRHACP).
  • Specified the NetRoaming software components.
  • Defined the NetRoaming security mechanisms.
  • Conducted fund raising presentations with Intel, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, WestLB, TIBCO, and others.

Project & Product Manager

Wind S.p.A.

Successfully helped Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, and ENEL (Italian energy utility) launch Wind, Italy’s third telecommunications operator.

  • Product & project manager for the Best Option Plan (BOP). BOP notifies customers if, according to their usage, they have not chosen the cheapest tariff plan possible and reimburses them for the difference.
  • Project manager for the delivery of components of the LHS BSCS billing and customer administration system for the Wind launch.

Director - Broadband Multimedia Europe & Practice Director - Emerging Technologies Consulting Group Europe

Oracle EMEA

Co-created and led Oracle Europe’s broadband multimedia business including sales, product marketing, and solution delivery.

  • Exceeded all targets.Generated revenues of $2,500,000 in 1994, $5,000,000 in 1995, and $15,000,000 in 1996.
  • Led the successful sales campaigns for major broadband multimedia projects with British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, and British Sky Broadcasting.Architected the solutions for the projects.
  • Formed strategic alliances with Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson, Nortel, Nokia, Fujitsu, Italtel, Digital, HP, OpenTV, Sequent, Siemens Nixdorf, Pace, Sony, Matsushita, and nCUBE.
  • Directed Oracle’s product group entry into the DVB market.
  • Managed Oracle Europe’s 30 person Emerging Technologies Consulting Group who successfully delivered broadband multimedia projects in cooperation with local, Oracle subsidiary, consultancy practices.

Project Manager


Led a 10 person NATO Project Management team responsible for the implementation of a $250 Million intelligence system. Successfully navigated, after 7 years of prior failures, the project (known as BICES) through the politically complicated NATO military requirements, technical feasibility, and budgetary review, authorization, and approval processes.


Aug 1975May 1979

BS Mathematics

University of Maryland College Park