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DOVER — The girlfriend of murder victim David A. King is being sued by a Maine doctor who claims she defrauded him of more than $100,000 and then fled to TexasThe civil suit was filed in March by William Meredith of Cape Nedick, Maine. Meredith alleges King and Dianna Saunders convinced him to deposit $380,000 into the checking account of Seisins Realty, a company Dianna Saunders owned, for the purpose of real estate transactions involving property on Broadway and King's 81 Old Dover Point Road home.King was murdered in August when he was shot in the head at his home. King and Dianna Saunders had been planning on moving to Texas.Last week Dianna Saunders' former stepson, Derek Saunders, and his roommate, Scott Mazone, pleaded guilty to charges related to King's murder, after striking a deal with the state Attorney General's Office.In April, Dianna Saunders' ex-husband, Roy Saunders, killed himself in Massachusetts. Authorities in Peabody, Mass., said State Police there were working with authorities in New Hampshire to track Roy Saunders movements because he was facing charges in relation to King's homicide.In the suit against Dianna Saunders, Meredith claims he was defrauded when Dianna Saunders allegedly forged his signature onto a purchase-and-sales agreement for the Broadway property and then removed $109,000 from his deposit.Also named in the suit is a man identified as Nelson Dusenberry."Defendant Saunders transferred the balances of plaintiff's funds to accounts over which she had control without plaintiff's knowledge and consent," Meredith wrote in the suit. "She then fled to Texas and transferred her home in Dover to Defendant Nelson Dusenberry without consideration."Dianna Saunders became owner of the home after King's death, but moved to Texas in September and deeded the home over to Dusenberry in November 2008 for no charge. The home went into foreclosure in April.In her response, Dianna Saunders claims Meredith did sign a purchase-and-sales agreement for the property on Broadway and then decided he didn't want to be involved in the purchase."Mr. Meredith withdrew a very large amount of sums from the original deposit amount and he had me make withdrawals on his behalf," she wrote in her court filing. "It is an outright lie that I used any funds without his knowledge or consent."Saunders went on to say she transferred her Old Dover Point Road home via "owner financing," meaning she retained the mortgage in her name and Dusenberry made payments. The home is valued at more than $200,000, according to property records."There was no illegal or deceptive transfer, what a horrible allegation to make without any proof, evidence or any type of knowledge to the transaction whatsoever," she wrote.Dianna Saunders left for Texas on Sept. 27 and listed her mailing address as 133 Alta Mesa Drive in Fort Worth.It's unknown what Dianna Saunders' connection to Dusenberry is, but court documents list a Fort Worth address for him and one court mailing sent to Dianna Saunders in Texas was received by Dusenberry, who signed it and returned it.In addition, Dianna Saunders dissolved Seisins Realty in November 2008. The paperwork to dissolve the business was notarized by Dusenberry, who is certified as a notary public in Texas.A lookup of Dianna Saunders' mailing address on an online directory revealed a listing for Nelson E. Dusenberry Construction. Neither Dusenberry nor Saunders could be reached for comment on Wednesday.Meredith declined to comment when contacted on Wednesday and referred all questions to authorities.Associate Attorney General Ann Rice, who prosecuted the cases against Mazone and Derek Saunders, declined to comment on whether the civil case against Dianna Saunders has any connection to King's murder investigation.Rice said she is familiar with the name Nelson Dusenberry, but declined to elaborate. She also declined to comment on whether investigators have interviewed him in their murder investigation or whether he is a suspect.Rice also declined to comment about whether Dianna Saunders is a suspect in the murder investigation.Last week, Derek Saunders pleaded guilty to a charge of accomplice to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison, while Mazone pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 33 years to life in prison.Both of those sentences will be imposed at a later date and are dependent upon the men's cooperation with the ongoing investigation into King's murder, leaving the door open for additional arrests.Fort Worth police did not return a call seeking information about whether they were familiar with Dianna Saunders or Dusenberry.An arrest warrant was issued for Dianna Saunders out of Dover District Court in November when she failed to appear for a hearing regarding another property dispute with a former tenant.