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Specialties / Value Offered

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT / BUSINESS INCUBATION9+ years as a serial ‘intraprenuer’ incubating cloud-computing businesses. Strenghts:

  • Identifying greenfield opportunities & real customer problems.
  • Building/leading agile cross-functional teams and running on shoestring budgets.
  • Positioning / Pricing
  • (most importantly) ... Designing easy-to-use solutions with a firm belief that the user interface IS the product.
  • (specialize in integrated solutions that unite hardware, software and the web into integrated experiences)

OPERATIONAL TURNAROUNDS & STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATIONSCareer spent helping “old economy’ firms transform into lean digital operations. Strengths:

  • Streamlining bloated organizations; Integrating acquisitions;
  • Developing/transforming business models & associate operations (hardware to software, licenced software to subscription)

DATA MINING / ANALYTICSBuild measurement focused cultures and leverage user data to create new products and business models. Strengths:

  • Architecting open data strategies and platforms to drive organizational transparency and elicit the hidden voice of the customer.
  • 1-1 marketing
  • incentive design (encourage user interaction, community participation, content creation, etc)

INTERNATIONAL MARKET DEVELOPMENTDiverse line-of-business management experience in the US, Europe & Asia Pacific. Strengths:

  • Tailoring products & local operations to penetrate new markets via ethnographic research & PEST/STEER analysis.
  • Working with government agencies to secure regulatory approvals.


Ed McPadden

“As a software developer, I have not worked with any marketing professional that has the dept of technical knowledge that Ruwan has. His marketing, technical skills and ability to communicate is what made the products he was involved with successful. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Ruwan in the future."

Gregg Kirk

“Ruwan has always showed the ability to work with cross-functional teams and disparate business units and manage to maintain buy-in and momentum for the larger projects he worked on. Within a large company like Pitney Bowes, this is a difficult task, but Ruwan has been able complete some daunting projects without snapping under the pressure. He's also one of the smartest guys in the room at any given team.”

Sidhartha Sridharan

“Ruwan is among a few people who is comfortable and can contibute in both technical and in marketing domains. He can easily understand technical jargon and use it in his marketing responsibilities. Marketing loved to have him on their side and Engineering loved to have some one like him in Marketing who understood them. He has a positive attitude with an easy to approach demeanor which makes him a must have in any team. I am sure he will be an asset to any team he joins.”

Kim Giangrande

Ruwan is a highly intellingent and self motivated professional with a strong work ethic and bias toward execution. Of all his strong qualities I especially appreciate his honesty and candor in all situations and while communicating with all levels within the organization. He uses his technical expertise and basic common sense to make strong decisions and to speak up when the team is moving in the wrong direction. These qualities, which any great leader will demand, set Ruwan apart and make him a great asset to any results driven team. In addition to being a team player willing to do what it takes to get a job done and support the success of the team, he is a joy to work with.

Leadership Style

Functional Skills


P&L management, organizational development, strategic planning, financial analysis, PEST / STEER analysis, regulatory affairs


product management, user experience design, ethnography


incentive design, data mining / visualization

Work History


- Principle (2006 - present)

Neopost Group SA

- Group Strategic Manager (equivalent to GM/Head of) Global Software Solutions (2003 - 2006)

Pitney Bowes Inc.

- Manager, Product Development (Service & Technology Solutions) (2000 - 2002)

- Senior Business Analyst (Corporate Strategy/eBusiness Group) (2000 - 2000)

- Analyst, Quant, 'Viral Marketer' (Small Business & Home Office Division) (1999 - 2000)

- (part-time while attending college) Associate Financial Analyst, previously intern (PB Credit Corp.) (1996 - 1999)


Design-driven operating executive (Director / General Manager) combining hands-on product management/development experience with a background in corporate strategy, finance and organizational development.

Official Bio

Ruwan has spent the better part of the last decade incubating subscription-supported online businesses. As a business unit GM or product management lead, he has helped build several profitable multi-million $ ventures with a background in location-based services and cloud-based collaboration & analytics software ...

Industry Experience: [SaaS venture incubated]+ Energy (efficiency) / ‘Smart’ Transportation [vehicle/fleet management & fuel optimazation software] + Government Solutions [self serve records mgmt software] + eCommerce/Media [geo-coding software to improve targeted ads on mobile devices]

He is currently an independent consultant and advises several start-ups and non-profits on business model transformations, organizational design, product development and open data strategies.

Previously, Ruwan held global responsibility for the software businesses of Neopost SA (a $50M P&L of desktop, server and web applications that focused on small business collaboration as well as location intelligence solutions). There, he oversaw all aspects of product planning, user experience design and go-to-market strategy - turning around several floundering acquisitions and developing Neopost's next generation platform and design strategy that delivered an end-to-end ‘iTunes-esque' user experience across the firms hardware, software and online products.

At Pitney Bowes, he held various product management positions developing rich internet applications to compliment then-emerging hardware advances in ePaper, RFID & GPS. He also spent time in the corporate strategy group evaluating internet investments and identifying organic white-space software/services opportunities in line with the firm's transformation from mailing "box seller" to provider of "integrated document management & information-based solutions". In 2000 - while reporting to the CDO - he was a charter member of a small team that started the company's enterprise-focused software-as-a-service product group.

Ruwan began his career architecting decision support systems to support the acquisition, cross-selling and retention efforts for a portfolio eCommerce sites that served 2M small business and home office consumers. He developed new statistical frameworks for evaluating customers - moving beyond their individual lifetime values and instead calculating their overall ‘network values' (i.e. their value plus the lifetime value of those they are likely to ‘virally' influence).

He holds a B.S. in Statistics, Operations Research and Finance from New York University where he was a Trustee Scholar.




New York University (Stern)