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I have been teaching for 18 years. I previously worked as a senior teacher and team leader at a large urban primary school in South Auckland. When my family relocated to Palmerston North at the beginning of 2015 , I took up a fixed term, Scale A position at Rongotea School and was offered a permanent position from the beginning of  2016. I was also appointed as Curriculum Development Leader, a 2PMU role,  and was Acting Deputy Principal for Term 4, 2016. 

 I have extensive experience in team leadership, curriculum development and assessment processes and interpretation, including e-asTTle, Star and PAT. I have also led successful acceleration programmes in both the ALL programme at Opaheke School in Auckland and also the ALiM programme at Rongotea School both last year and this year.  This year I have been leading a group of teacher in the Accelerated Learning in Literacy  programme with a focus on raising achievement in writing. 

I also have experience in leading maths and literacy across the school. This has included observing teachers and providing feedback on practice and presenting professional development sessions at staff meetings.  

I also have experience in mentoring teachers. At present I am mentoring a teacher who is working towards her full registration. I have also worked to mentor experienced teachers through a process of pedalogical change in reading and writing, with a major focus on formative assessment. 

I also have experience in using both GAFE and Office 365 to support and enhance classroom learning.

Contact Details

442 Albert Street


Palmerston North

Phone Numbers

Home: 06 359 4985

Mobile: 0204 073 5948

email [email protected]

Skills and Abilities

I have 18 years of teaching experience across Years 1 - 6 . Most recently I have taught Years 4 - 6  and for 8 years I was a Senior Teacher/ Team Leader for a Year 3 and 4 team of 6 teachers.

  • Motivated and dedicated classroom teacher, focused on supporting each student to reach their potential, building positive relationships with the students as well as between them.
  • Experienced in leading change, leading staff and team meetings, modelling to other teachers, observing and supporting teachers to improve their own practice
  • Strength in literacy learning, building literacy strategies, skills and knowledge
  • Strength in maths teaching and developing strong maths programmes
  • Strong belief in encouraging students to understand their own learning needs and achievements through formative assessment, self and peer assessment and feedback
  • Explicit teaching around mindset and self-regulation
  • Commitment to culturally responsive pedagogy - with a strong belief in the reciprocal nature of teaching and learning, and the need to build strong relationships with students and between students
  • Use of ‘teaching as inquiry’ model to monitor student achievement and the effectiveness and the impact of my teaching
  • Innate curiosity and analytical mind, driven to seek out new ways of doing things and to critically examine own practice
  • Open to new learning, new ideas and new approaches to teaching and learning
  • Passion for science teaching and learning
  • Use of ICT to support learning in the classroom, including using Office 365, GAFE,  Storybird, Mathletics and a range of other tools
  • Experienced in leading and mentoring teachers.
  • Organisation of events for the school, such as Rippa Rugby and football tournament days, WearableArts Show, team trips, Living Museums, School Production, Camp etc.
  • Monitoring and purchasing appropriate resources to support learning

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Curriculum Development Leader/Acting Deputy Principal (Term 4, 2016)

Rongotea School

This is a summary of my main areas of responsibility in my role at Rongotea School.

  • Lead review process and development on local curriculum for the school, with a major focus on maths  this year (and a minor focus on writing)
  • Lead the review of assessment practices across the school, taking into account the purpose and timing of assessments
  • Introduction of e-asTTle reading and writing assessments and the interpretation of the data gathered using these tools
  • Lead discussions and beginning the process of reviewing report formats and the timings of when to report to parents
  • ALiM Lead teacher. Developing the ALiM programme. Identifying students to be targeted, developing programmes to meet the needs of those students, monitor their progress,
  • Also as part of ALiM leading a review of school practices and programmes in maths and identifying ways to move forward as a school
  • Develop ways to engage parents in their children's learning. I am currently exploring ways to share information digitally with parents and we are also planning a maths evening to share and explain how maths is being taught at school and how they can support their children at home
  • Directed school production 
  • Class camp organisation
  • Deputise for the Principal when he is off site
Feb 2016 Dec 2017

ALiM Programme Leader

Rongotea School 

I have been leading the school ALiM programme which is centred on accelerating progress for students who are below the expected National Standard in maths. 

  • Attending planning days and cluster meetings to develop a vision for how ALiM will operate in Rongotea School
  • Researching and exploring best practice in maths learning and presenting professional development to staff based on those concepts
  • Researching acceleration practices, running professional development on these and making explicit links to other learning areas (as we will be using the same strategies to accelerate learning across the curriculum)
  • Gathering and analysing data
  • Gathering and analysing whanau voice
  • Gathering and analysing student voice
  • Explaining and modelling the 'spiral of inquiry' to other teachers, particularly those who have not undertaken a teaching inquiry before
  • Sharing results with the staff, for BOT and with other schools on the programme
Feb 2006Dec 2014

Senior Teacher/Team Leader

Opaheke School

This is a summary of the main areas of responsibility in these roles. I was the Year 3 and 4 Team Leader at Opaheke School. In this role my responsibilities included:

  • Leading discussions around raising student achievement, particularly in reading and writing, but also in other areas
  • Monitoring and appraising teacher performance in line with the school guidelines and relevant teacher standards
  • Organising and co-ordinating team events, such as trips, special sporting activities, concert performances, science exhibitions, wearable arts shows, living museums
  • Purchasing and maintaining team resources
  • Contributing to the management team decision making process through Team Leader/Senior Teacher meetings
  • Explaining and implementing management decisions in the team
  • Supporting team members in their work with challenging students
  • Supporting other team members when meeting with parents
  • Developing home-school partnerships  - with parent information evenings, blogs, newsletters and inviting parents into class to observe and take part in lessons
Feb 2010Dec 2014

School-Wide Literacy Leader

Opaheke School

I was also a school wide Literacy Leader. This was a role which first came about as part of the Papakura Achievement Initiative which was aimed at raising student achievement initially in reading and then later in writing.

  • School-wide Literacy Leadership - leading PD and moderation sessions
  • Mentoring other staff members in developing quality reading and writing programmes
  • Observing and feeding back to teachers on their practice
  • Reading relevant research, attending workshops to develop my own skills in this area, and using this knowledge to support others in improving their practice
  • Leading discussions around student achievement in reading and helping teachers to find ways to raise achievement levels for individuals and groups of students
  • Collecting, analysing and reporting on student achievement data and using this to inform future teaching and learning programmes
  • Leading school wide writing moderation exercises using asTTle writing resources

Feb 2011Dec 2012

Cluster Induction Mentor

Opaheke School

During 2011 and 2012 I was the Cluster Induction Mentor for the Papakura cluster of schools. The aim of this programme was to support teachers who were coming in to Papakura schools in learning about and applying the knowledge, skills and approaches that had been introduced during the Papakura Achievement Initiative. This involved:

  • Planning and leading workshops for Year 3 and 4 teachers who were new to the schools in the cluster based around practical help on how to go about organising a reading programme in line with the principles of the Papakura Achievement Initiative
  • Teaching demonstration lessons for those teachers
  • Sharing ideas and resources to support those new teachers as they begin to implement new initiatives in their programme  
Jan 2004Dec 2014

Science Curriculum Leader

Opaheke School

As the science curriculum leader my responsibilities included

  • Reviewing resources that could be used to support learning in science
  • Offering advise and assistance to other teachers in respect to teaching and learning in science
  • Reviewing the school science curriculum
Mar 2013Dec 2014

ALL Project Lead Teacher

Opaheke School

During 2013 and 2014 I was also  the Lead Teacher for the ALL (Accelerated Learning in Literacy) programme at Opaheke. Some of the key activities in this role included:

  • Designing an intervention to raise the achievement of  low achieving students in writing as a model for the school to follow next year
  • Meeting with and explaining the intervention to the parents of the students
  • Gathering student voice and using this to inform teaching
  • Explaining and demonstrating to the students what they need to learn and how much progress they need to make
  • Maintaining regular contact with parents to keep them informed of progress and to encourage their involvement in their child’s learning
  • Working with the students daily in explicit group teaching sessions with a focus on self and peer assessment and feedback
  • Making formative assessment of the students work daily and planning the next lesson in direct response to the day’s learning
  • Monitoring and assessing progress
  • Reporting to senior management, parents and the board on the progress and results of the programme

I have also used blogs to communicate with parents to share learning immediately and for students to receive encouragement from their family.

Extra Curricular Activities

Rongotea School

Since being at Rongotea, I have directed the school productions. I have worked with the students to build  their confidence in performing on the stage and to develop their acting skills. 

I also worked with Year 3 and 4 netball players at Opaheke School to develop a basic understanding of the game before they began their first season of netball and assisted with coaching/managing a school time over a four year period. 

As the staff representative on the PTA at Opaheke School, I assisted with the organisation of PTA events including the School Gala, Auction Nights, Quiz Nights, School Discos, Movie Nights. 


Jan 1997Dec 1997

Graduate Diploma in Teaching

Oct 1988Jun 1991

BSc(Hons) Agricultural Economics

Wye College, London University

Other Relevant Experience

Other Relevant Experience During my time at Opaheke School, I have also held the following responsibilities: 
Tutor teacher to provisionally registered teachers 
Associate teacher to student teachers 
Teacher with Library Responsibilities.  
PTA teacher representative 
Special Needs Committee member 
ICT team member 
Knowledgenet team 
Assessment team member 
Maths team member 


Troy Anderson


Rongotea School

Tyne Street


Ph: 06 324 8614

Mobile: 027 518 1987

Email: [email protected]

Nikkie Laing

Associate Principal,

Opaheke School

Tasman Drive


Auckland 2110 
Ph: Work 09 298 5410      

Home 09 296 5881

mobile: 021 607 654

Email: [email protected]