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Ruth de Lourdes Sipión Chunga

Lic. International Trade and Business, Logistics Specialist


Professional on International Business and Trade, specialized in negotiation, puchasing process and logistics. I have also worked in development of products and markets, with knowlegde in custom rules, negotation with forwarders, transporters and custom agents.

I've been in different industries such as mining, gas, petroleum, metal-working, agroindustrial between others, with import of machinery, spare parts, industrial inputs and dangerous products, and the export of packaging (metal cans), tunas, fruits and vegetables, jewelry (Silver 925), organic products (maca and quinua). Besides I have knowledge on Implementation of ISO 9000, 90001, 14000, OSHAS and BASC.

Professional Experience

jun 2015nov 2016

Purchases and Logistics Chief - Raising Logistics SAC - Group RL

RAISING LOGISTICS SAC - GROUP RL specializes in optimizing the procurement and supply management of industrial inputs at all levels, based in USA, ARGENTINA and PERU, Raising Logistics has established itself as an ally in supply to large companies in sectors such us Petroleum, Gas, Mining, Construction and Agro-Industry.


I prepare the base of the enterprise system, for 3 companies.

Reducing international freight costs, for Argentina's company.

Reducing response time to customers.

feb 2014feb 2016

Consultant in Logistics and International Trade - RSC TRADER

I provide advice in logistics and international business, foreign trade and customs, business plans and profiles of market / product in different fields such as metalworking industry, agro-export, textile and food products. I have experience negotiating with more than 50 countries; making imports and exports, resolving customs conflicts and contractual differences. I also provide advice to companies, people in charge of logistics / trade.


Any complaints from clients and compliance of clearance process.

sep 2012feb 2015

International Trade Manager - Metalpren SA

Responsible for international trade area, with import of machinery, spare parts, industrial inputs, dangerous products and export of final products. In the same way Leasing process, indirect buying and maquila.


55% Reducing import costs and storage.

99% Reduction of complaints from internal users about the trade area.

87% of complaints to suppliers were supported successfully, obtaining economic benefits.

Lead time were reduced in 63%.

dic 2011ago 2012

Procurement - S.O.L Investment Peru SAC - PL GROUP

As procurement in Sol Investment, I was in charge of international buying, of a huge variety of product from dental, medical and retail's items from USA and China, to sell to different countries such USA, Belice, Costa Rica, Panamá, and Perú, trough diversion strategy system, based in negotiation and market research.


15% Growing Chinese market.

8% Net profit growth.

Preparing market profiles and new products to Asia.


Head of Regional Projects - ONG CENTRO ECO

Responsible for the development of native products such as organic cotton and honey, as well as development of tourism and self-sustaining projects for local communities.


Sustainability of families through ecotourism program.


Analyst Marketing and Export Manager in Peru - CONSORTIA MARKETING EXPORT - Rúe. Florín, Marsella, FRANCIA (sede)

Representative of the company in Peru (through the system of E-Commerce: B2B, B2C and B2S) responsible for promoting, negotiating with suppliers / customers, and export of organic powder maca, quinoa; and natural cosmetics like cream snail and pearl shell.


Improvement in price negotiations with producers.


Research and development assistant - Asociación Macroregional de Productos para Exportación - AMPEX

As trainer, assistant and analyst of research and development, my principal function was research conditions and characteristics of potencial markets, to create and develop opportunities for associated, most of them producers of fruits and vegetables as banana, mangoe and coffee organic, between other exotic fruits, from macro-region-north.

Achievements:  Comply fully with all my functions.

Academic Training



VIII Organic Products convention, and IV Market and Trend Convention


International Logistics and Operations Specialization 

ESAN University

International Trade and Business Specialization 

ESAN University

Lic. International Trade and Business - 

Universidad Nacional PRG - Lambayeque - Perú


Excel - advance

English - advance

Frencha - intermedite
German - basic