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My name is Ruth Imonina and I am from Nigeria, born in Cleveland, Ohio. I am very courageous and I like to have a positive outlook on life. I love to try new things and push myself beyond all limits.

I am currently enlisted in the United States Army, and my lifetime goal is to become a Pediatrician, both a civilian and military doctor.

I love to give back, I love meeting new people, and I think whatever I put my mind to I will succeed in no matter what. 

Work experience


Hostess/Board Runner/ Carryout/Server

BRAVO Cucina Italiana

I am currently employed here. I seat guests, and also monitor the floor and arrangements of where guests and parties sit.  


Generalist/Sales & Support

Victoria Secret

I was a generalist which is someone who works in all departments of Victoria Secret. I did just about everything and I was trained to work in every department, such as sales, cashiering, professing, and replenishing. 

I ended up having to leave this job because I was starting college in another state and I couldn't manage driving back and forth. 


Sales Counselor/ Front Desk

La Fitness

when I worked in la fitness my job as a sales associate was to sell memberships at least 4 a day. on top of this I was required to get "Leads" which are people you randomly talk to at any local place and try to get them to come in and see La Fitness. Along with that we also were expected to make 80-100 calls a day while working more than 40 hours a week. 


42 Alpha

Human Resource Specialist

provides personnel support and assistance to all divisions of the Army.

  • Assist on all human resource support matters
  • Oversight of all strength management and strength distribution actions
  • Responsible for the readiness, health and welfare of all Soldiers.
  • Postal and personnel accountability support
  • Maintain emergency notification data
Aug 2015Present

United States Army - Reserves  

E-5/ CDT

I am currently enlisted in the Army Reserves.  I am a Cadet in Training (ROTC) and attend college at the University of Toledo.


Hostess, Server


 I was trained as a hostess then a server. I take on about 4-5 tables at a time by myself and work as a hostess and cashier while being a server.


Hostess/cashier/court monitor/cafe


I first started as a cashier and eventually changed positions as time went on. I was trained to work in different sections and became one of the most experienced and reliable workers there. 


Crew Worker


I worked as a back line cook some days and a front line worker, I was also a cashier and did this majority of the time working there.



Biology double major in Biochemistry Pre-Med, minoring in Chemistry 

University of Toledo 

I am currently a sophomore, in my second year of the ROTC officer program.


High School

Woodhaven High School

I'm a graduate of Woodhaven high school. I maintained a 3.4 GPA with an ACT score of a 20. I was involved in extracurricular activities and played several sports. 

Community Service

Children's Hospital of Detroit, Michigan

I volunteered here for 3-4 months this summer, helping patients to their rooms, guiding families around the hospital, reading, drawing and playing were just some of our tasks.

I worked in the front desk and where every I was needed. the shifts ranged from 2 to 6 hours depending on how long you wished to stay and how much time you were willing to put in.