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Executive Overview

 I am a seasoned business strategist, leader and driver with 25 years corporate experience in establishing, directing, and expanding commercial and consumer financial institutions. I have consistently demonstrated proven performance in managing the bottom-line. I have led large and small organizations in diverse fields, and I have successfully managed large complex projects in the U.S. and Australia…in each case completing them ahead of schedule and under budget…while creating superior customer satisfaction.

Executive Leadership & Strategic Planning

ªProvided leadership in a broad base of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, and I can readily assume a senior executive role in several critical areas of business.

ªAccomplished at the blending and merging of corporate cultures (management, systems, processes and people) in diverse settings with quantifiable results.

ªLeadership and Organizational Effectiveness – delivering solutions aimed at improving leadership and organization effectiveness across the system including line management development, coaching, and team performance.

Manage Organizational Change / Organizational Effectiveness Strategist

ªDesigned, organized, executed, and led multi-million dollar information systems infrastructure.

ªTurned around business development program with a cross-functional team to establish relationships and develop new business, increasing account relationships by 15% and profitability by 28%.

ªTurned around underperforming $200 million information systems project for a $20 billion financial institution completing project on time and within budget.

Work experience

Executive Officer / Chief Credit Officer

Challenge:Bank holding company with 9 locations, all in Northwest Arkansas, was looking to expand and diversify its market.Recruited by the Bank Board to develop a new bank location in a new state.

Strategic Business Planning: Expanded Bank market by opening a new regional location in St. George, UT., to service a five state region. Directed all aspects of physical site acquisition, space planning, construction coordinating, staff recruitment, training, technology infrastructure and connectivity.

Start Up Operations Development: Market President / Executive Officer / Chief Credit Officer of new bank location established in St. George (Washington Co) Utah. Responsible for new staff development, credit administration, strategic direction, setting and managing policy and procedures for the safe and sound credit operations, daily operations, loan structure and approving extensions of credit, coaching, mentoring and development of lending staff, loan processing, monitoring collateral, pricing, risk analysis, and financial performance of (LPO/DPO) de novo bank.Ensured compliance with applicable Bank regulations through periodic training of staff and compliance reviews.

Business Development: Successfully designed and implemented customer acquisition and cultivation programs that generated multimillion dollar growth and significant profit. Assets exceeded $225 Million in first year of operation; $600 Million after second year. Created a significant impact in to the Southwest Utah builder / developer finance environment. Return on Assets (ROA) of 2.25.

Credit Risk Management:Successfully managedLoan portfolio to consist of less than half of one percent past due and minimal special mention and / or negative loan classification.

Director and Chief Credit Officer

Premier Banking Company

Start Up Operations Development: Incorporated a company with 20 local successful individuals to organize a De Novo Utah state chartered commercial bank as Chief Credit Officer and member of Board of Directors.Estimated Capital raise was to be $20 Million.

Compliance & Regulatory Assurance: Prepared complete regulatory applications that included organizational structure, business plan, site locations, information technology, 48 bank policies, marketing plan, and capital plan.Regulatory Pre-file meetings held in June, 2007; withdrew applications in December, 2007.

Aug 2008Present

Resource Partner

Harrington and Reed, Inc.

Harrington & Reed, Inc. provides the critical linkage between quality opportunities and quality candidates, utilizing high-visibility approaches, proven methodologies, time-saving processes, and cutting-edge technologies, delivered by a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and caring career professionals.

Sep 2008Present

Financial Consultant

Pacific Coast Consultants, LLC

PCC has been providing independent credit review, examination, special assets review / management and auditing/compliance services.Their purpose is to assist financial institutions in maintaining high asset quality and to provide testing which insures efficient and successful operations.The firm’s high quality of work is currently being utilized by numerous banks and financial institutions in California, Arizona, and Nevada.PCC reports serve as management tools for clients and they provide information for regulators and accountants that is used in their work.

Jan 2008Jul 2008

Executive Vice President / Chief Credit Officer

Fresno First Bank

Challenge:New bank, open less than 2 years, experiencing major turnover of executive management unable to develop brand identity and go forward with a consistent business plan.Selected by Bank Board to define Bank identity and develop loan culture.

Culture Definition and Market Branding: Defined identity of Bank loan culture, market abilities, and developed brand awareness. Leadership of lending team to focus on Bank’s products strengths in C & I and CRE Lending.

Strategic Business Planning: Redesigned existing credit administration, implementing new loan origination procedures leveraging best practices to be more responsive to customer needs and provide superior customer satisfaction.

Compliance;Updated loan policies and prepared new ALLL policy.

Policy and Procedure Creation:Setting and managing policy and procedures for the safe and sound credit operations, daily operations, loan structure and approving extensions of credit, coaching, mentoring and development of lending staff, loan processing, monitoring collateral, pricing, risk analysis, and financial performance.

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Sep 1983May 1986

Masters Busniness Administration

Saint Ambrose University