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Russound is a leading innovator and designer of multi-room audio systems. These systems enable listeners in different areas of a house to simultaneously enjoy their own favorite music from one integrated and largely out-of-sight sound system. Multi-room systems installed by Russound also allow listeners to enjoy the music at the same or different sound levels, no matter where they move throughout a house. Since 1967, Russound has proven itself a leader in quality home audio products. Today, the company continues designing integrated equipment to meet the changing needs of consumers. Russound offers three choices of these audio systems: C-Series Controllers, CA Controllers, and A-BUS. The first of these, Russound’s flagship line, incorporates a controller amplifier and separate keypad. This system offers Russound’s most advanced programming and power features with options for scalability. Audio can be integrated from up to eight separate sources and cover up to eight different zones throughout a home with one system unit. Russound’s CA Controllers system also integrates a controller amplifier and separate keypad but utilizes simpler programming features. Under Russound’s lower-priced CA Controllers, audio input can be received from up to six different sources and cover up to six separate zones with one unit. The A-BUS constitutes Russound’s simplest line, incorporating an amplified keypad as its basic external component. Wires run from this keypad directly to system speakers. Detailed product information along with dealer locations and e-mail contact addresses may be found at the company’s website, Turn to the sound innovators at Russound to turn on the possibilities of multi-room audio enjoyment throughout the home.