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Work experience



Kissimmee Motorsports

My job requires me to diagnose,fix,customize and service motorcyles,atvs,utvs and side by sides in a percicse and efficent manner.  It requires me to be prepared at all times and be quick on my feet and also think outside the box.  I am a lead tech at the dealership and required to demostrate leadership, and the ability to create a positive work enviornment.  I Diagnose and repair electrical issues using a multimeter and diagnostic computer software.  Very familiar with reading and tracing wire diagrams to find the problem in a wire harness.  Lots of wire harness inspection and repairs as well as wiring up electrical accessories.  I have done many complete teardown,inspection and rebuilds of engines,transmission,gearcases,suspension components and fuel pumps.  My work is held to and expected to be that of the manufacturer's quality when finished with repairs.  I work in a industry that is constanly changing and requires you to learn and progress every day.



House of Power

My job required me to diagnose,fix, and service motorcycles and atvs.  It required me to be a quick learner seeing we carried 8 different manufacturers and rarely had the same job twice.



Vin Rouge

My job required my to be a creative mixologist and come up with festive and seasonal drinks for the times and seasons of the year.  I was responsible keeping track and the ordering of our bar inventory.  It also required me to have great people skills. 



Motorcylce Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanic Institute

I went to School at MMI and finished with many certifications through the Honda, and Yamaha programs.   I recevied awards for attendance and finished in the top of my class.


High School Diploma

Lewis and Clark Highschool

Graduated from highschool

Area of Expertise

Mechanic knowledge

The understanding and knowledge of how things work. I have been taking apart and rebuilding engines for almost 10 years.   All in dealerships held to manufacturers standards!

Electrical Repairs and Knowledge

Very familar and good with your standard volt meter.  Accurate and percise with electrical diagnoses and quality repairs.  Lots of slodering and heat shirnk experience.  Great with a multimeter to check the resistance and voltage in a circuit.  I use wiring diagrams all the time to trace and solve intermintent electrical issues.


I am a very quick and motivated learner.  Always eager and really enjoy learning new tasks and jobs.

Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), SAP, SRM, Visio