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Work experience

Mental Health Clinician

Department of Corrections
May 2011Present

PhD in Psychology with an Emphasis in Cognition

Doctoral Candidate



College of Charleston


Liberty University


Webster University

Graduate Courses Completed

Graduate Courses Completed:
1. Business
2. Emergency Management
3. Behavioral Management
4. Contemporary Education
5. Electronic Portfolios
6. Advanced Child Development
7. Classroom Media
8. Behavioral Interventions
9. Functional Assessments
10. Curriculum Design
11. Technology and Thinking Skills
12. Theoretical Perspective on Instructional Design
13. Comparative Educational Systems
14. Technology for Educators
15. Multimedia Applications
16. Human Growth and Development
17. Theories of Counseling
18. Counselor Professional Identity
19. Integration of Psychology and Theology
20. Crisis Counseling and Brief therapy
21. Research and Program Evaluation
22. Ethnicity, Families, and Counseling
23. Theological and Spirituality in Counseling
24. Career Development and Counseling
25. Psychotherapy and Counseling
26. Individual Appraisal
27. Counseling Techniques and Helping Relationships
28. Group Process
29. Marriage and Family Counseling
30. Counseling the Adolescent
31. Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment
32. Diagnosis and Treatment of Addictive Behavior
33. Counseling Women
34. Counseling Internship 1
35. Counseling Internship 2
Doctoral Courses Completed
1. PSY-801 Doctoral Studies in Psychology
2. PSY-805 Advanced Social Psychology
3. PSY-810 History and Systems of Psychology
4. PSY-820 Cognitive Science
5. PSY-812 Tests and Measurements
6. PSY-845 Doctoral Statistics
7. PSY-860 Human Learning and Cognition
8. PSY-815 Ethical Issues In Psychology
9. PSY-863 Cognition and Instruction
10. PSY-870 Multivariate Statistics
11. PSY-866 Social Cognition
12. PSY-840 Personality Psychology
13. PSY-828 Advanced Life Span Development
14. PSY-850 Qualitative Research Methods
15. PSY-843 Program Evaluation