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Russell Fraser



Resourceful, goal orientated and diverse, I've had the privilege of learning from generations of construction expertise having grown up in a family owned construction company, which worked in civil, municipal and oilfield sectors. With 20 yrs in the oil & gas industry from field and shutdown maintenance to managing $1-150M facility and infrastructure projects, I attribute these accomplishments to a positive attitude and a passion for new and exciting challenges.  As a trades professional in the piping industry I pride myself on being multifaceted and open minded as our industry is ever-changing along with the codes, regulations and the technologies associated. one day I hope to pursue my construction goldseal and work towards completing my MBA degree to complement the skill based knowledge and to fully achieve my career goals .   


Management / Logistics & Interpersonal skills

 Have managed construction and shutdown maintenance projects consisting of up to 200 persons under my supervision and direction along with numerous outside parties and professionals simultaneously and successfully .

Computer Skills 

Good operational abilities of Microsoft Outlook , Office , Projects and Excel , Acorn , Navis works and some CADD programs,

Piping and Facility construction

 Spent the better part of my career in the facility const sector. from pump jacks and single well batteries to large refridgeration and turbine compressor facilities.Started as an apprentice , achieved my Interprovicial RedSeal as a Steam/Pipefitter and since then have worked as a construction superintended and project manager till present. 

Plant and Field maintenance

 I have had the opportunity to Superintendent or supervise on many shut down projects in the Spectra Energy , Altagas , Husky , CNRL , Conoco Phillips and Keyera facilities in the peace region focusing mainly on the larger extraction and midstream processing plants. 

Pipeline and Gathering systems

 Worked my way up to a Spread over the year doing small bore pipe lines ,risers and gathering systems in the jedney,helmet and ring boarder feilds. Also had the opportunity to do a number of repairs and hot taps on high production lines in the Spectra energy and Pembina transport systems involving high heat and various external and internal coating methods. 

Blueprints / Drawings

Very skilled at reading and interpreting prints and engineered drawings in many forms , geomatics,civil,piping and vendor supplied packages. 

Employment History


Construction / Operations Manager

Russ'N K Holdings LTD

Supervision and management of oilfield, commercial and civil constructions projects and large scale facility shut down maintenance .  Responsible for day to day operational management of jobs, budgets, estimates, multiple employees, and maintaining schedules and deadlines.  Apprenticed numerous pipe fitters over the course of employment.


Pipefitter / Supervisor

Points North Contracting LTD 

Worked as a pipe fitter / foreman on numerous oil and gas construction & pipeline projects from field and plant site construction, plant expansions and shut downs, pipe lines, tie ins and gathering systems



Norwest Pump Jack Services LTD

Worked my way up from apprentice Millwright to foreman in the pump Jack industry. Performing installations, set up, mechanical maintenance and repair of all makes and models of pump jack units gas and electric drive motors and their oil facilities.

Began oilfield construction working as the pipe fitters apprentice in the Laprise / Jedeney Field on plant site & field construction all over northern BC and Alberta.


Labourer/Equipment Operator

Sureway Construction LTD

Worked at a family owned construction company after school, on weekends, and summers, doing various jobs from labouring to heavy duty mechanics, operating equipment, construction of roads and municipal services, landfill procurement and oilfield maintenance.





Certificate Number 00038-SP-10

Interprovincial ISPE Number K-21-069870


Mount Baker secondary school

Cranbrook B.C.

Graduated Grade 12


NEWCART CONT LTD                                                                                                                                            SPRING 2016    HUSKY ENERGY   (PG Refinery)      Shutdown Superintendant/Nights

Russ N K Holdings LTD                                                                                                                                       2004-PRESENT           .                                                 construction / Operational Manager

Westcoast Energy/ Spectra Energy

                                                      Shutdown and capital project GF and supervisor                                           1995-2014

-Taylor Mcmahon Plant  facility shutdown    3 w/ Quinn Cont ltd                (Toolcrib & Labourer)

                                                                           1 w/ Viper innovations ltd      (Forman/Pipefitter)

                                                                           1 w/ Big valley ltd                    (supervisor/Pipefitter)

-FT Nelson gas plant  facility shutdown         1 w/ Quinn Cont ltd                (Labourer)

                                                                           1 w/ Viper innovations ltd     (Forman/Pipefitter)

-Jedney gas plant facility shutdown                1 w/ viper innovations ltd     (Forman/ Pipefitter)

-Cowan facility shutdown                                1 w/ Viper Innovations ltd    (Forman/Pipefitter)

-Mile 121 facility shutdown                             1 w/ Gas link ind                    (Forman/Pipefitter)

-Mile 92 compressor facility shutdown          1 w/ Viper innovations ltd   (forman/Pipefitter) 

CNRL   (West Stoddart)                                                                                 

                                                           shutdown GF - Cobra                                                                              2007         .                                   .                 shutdown superintendent - High tech oilfield services                             2010 -2013


                                               Well site construction GF and Tie in Supervisor                                                    2004-2005      .                                              Ring border Main plant shutdown and winter access  GF                        2005-2007-2009

KEYERA ENERGY (Caribou Plant)           

                                                            shutdown GF  -Cobra Maint LTD                                                                           2010   .                                                          shutdown superintendant -HOS ltd                                                                     2013

GASLINK IND                                                                                                                                                              2010-2015

                                                             Construction Supervisor/ Pipefitter

                                                        MURPHY OIL ,ENCANA ,BLACKSWAN ENERGY ,

Continental Pipeline & Facilities                                                                                                                               2010-2012

                                                            Project manager / Supervisor / Pipefitter 

                                                       TALISMAN ENERGY,PROGRESS ENERGY,CNRL,




Owner / operational manager


JEFF SPENCE                                  HIGHTECH OIL FIELD SERVICES

Owner / operational manager



Project manager