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Work experience

Jan 2007Present


UCLA, Global Studies Interdisciplinary Degree Program


Jan 2005

Ph.D., Political Science


About Russell Burgos

Since 2007, Russell Burgos has served as a lecturer in the Global Studies Interdisciplinary Degree Program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he teaches courses on security, globalization, conflict, and global governance. Russell Burgos earned a bachelor of arts in English from Loyola University in Chicago. He also holds a master of arts in national securities studies from George Washington University, as well as a master of arts and a PhD in political science from UCLA.

Dr. Burgos pursues an avid interest in various cultural topics. In particular, he is interested in hybridization, or the way individual cultures blend over time. He has made multiple appearances on local and national media, commenting on current events, including the conflict in Syria, the roots of the Gaza crisis, the potential for peace in the Middle East. Outside his academic work, Russell Burgos also provides expert military consulting for television and motion picture productions.