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Quality Assurance Specialist, Electronic Engineering Technician, Signal Analyst, and Test Engineer.  

I seek a position with growth potential.


Sales/ Customer Service
  In the sales field, I have been successful in business to business sales of industrial supplies and equipment, office equipment. I have great potential to customer relations with quick thinking and problem solving abilities. I consistantly look for methods of personal relation, individual to the client; I create an invoronment for the client which shows the best interests and intent of myself, and the company I represent. My professional attitude and demeanor aids to my success in both sales and customer relations. I always seek best reults from those whom I speak and do business with.   
Electronics Technician
  Extensive experience in RF transmission signal analysis as an Electronic Warfare Technician for the United States Air Force. I have a proven success record of setting programs of complexed digital and RF transmission packages for radar applications. Strong attention to detail and precision is needed to accomplish a result in this practise. I have the ability to manage any project; to include providing training and mentoring to team members associated.  Outstanding analytical and diagnostic abilities to circuit board assemblies, communication mainframes, hardware, and wireless concepts. I have been assigned as diagnostics controller, test analyst, technical consulting agent, and quality assurance surveyor. Strong experience in computer systems for small and mid-size office applications. I am keen to gaining new skills and experience with an initiative; I will not accept less than the best results for the assignment I am addressing, and maintain a positive attitude as I continue to see a project through to completion.  
Quality Assurance
  Strong background in quality assurance, manufacturing of electronics, and product testing/ compliance procedures. I have proven successful in compliance and control of manufacturing processes of electronics, mechanical, and hydraulic products and applications.  Consistently working toward the most effective and efficient process and development of manufacturing, technical repair and equipment installations. United States Military training and disciplines allow for very easily adaptation to any work environment.  Excellent leadership skill, in training and management feilds.

Work experience

Jun 2005Jun 2009

National Service Officer

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

As a National Service Officer, I proudly represented and defended rights for Americas disabled Wartime veterans and their families before the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ( For best representation of my clients, I would be constantly adapting to new policies and procedures, as well as proposing amendments to written policy. It requires very fast action, and even faster learning. I must display a professional, but kind and friendly demeanor at all times, to my clients, upper management, and Administrative Law Judges before the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington D.C. in both oral and written disciplines. I was required to research and analyze each project for best possible presentation. 

Skills I have attained are very helpful for advancement in many fields involving legal writing, language skills, and public speaking.

Jan 2005Jun 2005

Quality Assurance/ Engineer Technician/ Production Assistant

Lear Corporation

I sampled tested and surveyed product from an automated production line, providing fast corrective action to process errors and documenting progress. I was needed to perform rapid repair or replacement to any machine on each production line. I served, not only as Quality Assurance Auditor, but also instructed employees on standards of manufacturing under Six Sigma standards. 

Feb 2004Feb 2005

Quality Assurance Manager/ Programmer/ test technician

Paradyne Corporation

I stood as Quality Assurance Manager for the length of my employment with Paradyne, consistently producing better than expected results in building quality communication equipment to Internet Service Providers.

I interacted with engineering teams and parts suppliers when issues of quality were in question and worked successfully with higher management to ensure all requirements of safety, security, and other policies of the work area are met. I prepared reports to upper management, and was in communication with vendors of semiconductors and IC chips as per management request for product analysis.

The In-Circuit Test equipment I monitored required regular calibration and adjustments. I then would routinely serve as test technician to discover better methods towards efficiency of production.

May 2000Oct 2003

Electronic Warfare Systems Craftsman 

United States Air Force

I performed maintenance and repair procedures for 150 million dollar inventory of AN/ALQ-131 Electronic Counter Measure, (ECM) Pods, issued to Spangdahlem AB, Germany.  

Careful inspection, testing and Quality Control of each Pod to ensure full mission capability and combat readiness. Operational inspections include testing and analysis of complex frequency combinations.

Operating various types of test equipment for analysis and troubleshooting to include:  spectrum analyzers, synthesized sweepers, scalar network analyzers, time domain reflectometers, electronic counters, digitized oscilloscopes and a variety of frequency    and pulse generators. Examined written and computer-based data, wiring diagrams and schematics for performing fault isolation within equipment and troubleshooting of components. Contributed to development of thorough training program for 15 apprentice technicians.  Patient and adaptable when working with a wide range of people. I managed, assisted and trained team of 6 technicians performing troubleshooting and repair procedures at four separate departments.   Carefully planned most efficient schedule for maintenance for up to 180 day forecasts. Rigorous control of the inventory is of great importance, as all equipment may be deployed globally, on very short notice, and is highly classified. All movement must meet security standards of TOP SECRET. Cooperated with higher management to ensure all mandatory requirements of work area are met including: maintaining security of all classified documents and material, safety procedures, storage of hazardous materials and proper use of technical data.


Jun 2000Aug 2001

Electronic Principles, techician and troubleshooting.

United States Air Force Technical Training School

General description:

Electronic Principles, RF/Radar transmission applications,

Digital and wireless communication.                     

Honors Received:

 Honor Graduate of The Advanced Electronics for Electronic Warfare Principles Course.

Top Secret - Counter Intelligence Polygraph

United States Air Force