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Twelve years’ experience in planning, designing, construction and maintenance of bridges. Structural analysis of buildings and bridges, finite element modelling, structural dynamics, earthquake engineering. Verification of executive planning, variations and non-conformity, bridge inspection and assessment works. Experienced in organising and managing major projects in study, design and implementation stages. Working knowledge of British Standards, Eurocodes, Aashto LRFD.


Jan 1991Jul 1997

Degree 6 years

University of Florence

Chartered Engineer MICE, member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, London

Professional Engineer (PE),Member of the Italian Institutions – Ordine degli Ingegneri di Firenze from 1999

Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (6 years), University of Florence, Italy, 1998 (equivalent of MEng degree with Honours - 110 laude)

Diploma of the Institution of Surveyors – Istituto tecnico per Geometri, Florence, 1991 (full mark with Honours 60/60)

Work experience


Senior Bridge Consultant – Metros & Civil Division

Mott Macdonald

Kelana Jaya LRT – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Seconded to the Malaysian office for the concept, preliminary and detail design of 17Km of elevated LRT. The line comprise simply supported prestressed box girders of different span length, 14 balance cantilever bridges with span up to 100m and 12 island and side stations. Structural analysis of the box girders and construction stages of the balance cantilever bridges, including creep, frequency, seismic and stress analysis using TDV software. Liaison between different teams to coordinate deadlines and deliverables. Client advisor for the elevated guideway and substructures.

Al Raha Beach – Abu Dhabi, UAE – Liaison between client and contractor for the Al Raha beach development. Coordination of the detailed design and independent check of 15 composite bridges for a new prestigious development. The architect – led designs include several network arches and up to 80 m span, and three-span tubular arch structures up to 44 m span.

Delhi Metro, India - Design of two special bridges for elevated Metro line carrying two tracks using TDV. The bridges of prestressed concrete box are constructed by balanced cantilever method (in-situ). The bridges are continuous of spanning 40 + 60 + 40 m and 50 +70 +70 + 50 m.

Avonmouth Bridge – Assessment of 20 span steel box girder viaduct for Area 2/InterRoute which carries the M5 over the River Avon.


Bridge consultant

ARUP Italia

La Spezia tender design – Team leader for the tender design of the prestressed viaducts designed according to Eurocodes / NTC Italian standards. Supervise technicians and other engineers and review and approve designs, calculations and cost estimates. Advised the team on the design of composite bridges, procurement, assembly, construction techniques and sequencing of works. Ensure quality of design documentation throughout the design process and took the responsibility of delivering the final project with quality on time.

Porto Empedocle tender – review of the contractor design for the multi span viaducts in Sicily, check of the quantities, cost of materials. Structural analysis of one continuous prestressed box girder and detailed report for the submission to the client.

Jan 2010Present

Team Leader, Project Manager

Mott MacDonald

2010 – presentTeam Leader, Project Manager – Bridge Division

Boulevard Bridges – Abu Dhabi, UAE – Project manager for the detailed design of 12 composite bridges for a new prestigious development in Abu Dhabi.Programme of work, weekly progress reports, planning, organizing, and managing resources for the design works. Client Liaison, involved with technical advice to contractor and to assist with co-ordination of multi-disciplinary design teams.

Ensure compliance with client quality objectives.

Sunderland Cable Stayed Bridge – UK – Team leader for the structural analysis of the cable-stayed bridge, with two independent curving composite masts of height 180m and 140m, each supporting the composite deck spanning 336m between abutments, from one side of each mast only.


senior bridge engineer


Ile Seguin Footbridge – Preliminary design of 180 m span footbridge in Paris, analysis of the loading, global model of the structure, dynamic checks and vibrations using the Eurocodes. Bill of quantities of activities and materials required in the execution of the project.

A11 NMU Bridge – Third level independent design check of new 45 m arch footbridge, analysis of the structure, and check of all components. Liaison with geotechnical consultant and issue of check certificate.

Roath Basin Bridge, Wales – Preliminary design of the bridge, liaison with architect to investigate different options, structural analysis of the bridge and design of all components. Cost analysis of the structure.

Messina Bridge–Advisor for the client, Stretto di Messina, evaluation of the tender documents and analysis of the towers.


bridge engineer

Mott Macdonald

Incheon Bridge– Assisting in a design review for the concessionaire. This 10 km long crossing carries a three lane dual carriageway and includes a major cable stay with a main span of 800 m over the navigation channel. Dynamic and seismic analysis of the cable stay bridge, frequencies, modal shapes and response spectrum. Wind buffeting analysis and effects of turbulence on the bridge using stochastic approach.

Messina Bridge PMC – Tender for the project management consulting to support the client, Stretto di Messina, in the administrative and management activities connected to design and construction.

Translation of core documents, preparation of the schedule program, definition of main task and activities, project summary, duration, progress and milestones. Construction monitoring activities, planning, testing and commissioning, QA management, health and safety and environmental management.

Messina Bridge GC – Joint venture preparing a tender for the general contractor. This £3 billion project includes what will be, by some margin, the world’s longest span suspension bridge. Overview of the preliminary design, review of the drawings, reports and all the archive material available. Liaison with the Italian contractor to prepare the tender documentation.

Metsovitikos Bridge – Design check of 240 m span post-tensioned balanced cantilever bridge in Greece. The bridge is located in a seismically active region with 120 m high piers. Analysis of the loading and global model of the structure. Envelope of live loading according to DIN, thermal effect on the deck and piers, differential settlements and rotations. Modelling of 400 tendons including grouting and loses of prestress. Construction stages analysis with the effect of creep and shrinkage along the life of the bridge. Stress and capacity checks.

Cross London Rail Links (Crossrail), UK –Structural Constraints Report Romford Station, review of the archive material available, drawings, and/or reports and the source of the information. Site survey report, details of the size, layout and construction of the existing structures.

Stonecutter Bridge – Checking the geometry of the longest cable stayed bridge in the world, including the back span approaching the structure. Computer model of the bridge and analysis of the superstructure. Dead load, superimposed dead load and live load analysis. Model of the prestressed backspan, geometry and tendons stressing. Generation of the influence lines all over lanes and envelope of the results. Methodology of construction sequences, analysis of creep and shrinkage, linear and non-linear analysis of the structure. Checks undertaken of cable stayed system components.

Railtrack Project Delivery Southern 01/02 Contract – Inspection, analysis and assessment of railway structures.

East London Line Northern Extension– On behalf of the SRA, asset management planning of the East London Line railway, which passes through tunnel beneath East London. The commission comprised an Asset Desk Study and Asset Survey of existing structures that will be affected by the East London Line development. Undertook condition surveys and qualitative assessments of those bridges and viaducts (mostly Victorian) which will span over or carry the proposed East London Line Northern Extension (Phase1). Inspection and assessment of masonry arch bridges.

Dublin Port Tunnel – Third level independent design check of new bridge 30 m skew span near Dublin.Finite element model of the structure, checking prestressed beams, ultimate limit capacity, serviceability limit states. Preparing certificate of approval for the bridge and additional recommendations.

Second level independent check of Bailey bridge at Shantalla for Dublin Port Tunnel project. Checking capacity of trusses, transoms and other members applying BS loads.Preparation of the certificate of approval for the bridge.

Railtrack Inspections and Assessment – Assessment using British Standards, BD, RT codes, finite element model of the structure and checking the capacity of the members.


structural engineer


Task-Force Milan-Bologna for Milan – Naples High Speed Train Project – S Giuliano Milanese, Milan –The Milan – Bologna line extends for 182 km through 42 municipalities; the average cost per mile is €100 m (£61 m).It is linked to the existing network by eight interconnections with a total length of 28 km.Responsible for a number of assignments including: guiding and controlling design of railway viaduct for general contractor (Cepav Uno, ENI group).Static and seismic analysis of railway viaduct – Eurocode 2, Eurocode 8, Italian railway standards.Supervision and monitoring of works during the line implementation phase.Verification of executive planning and variants, consistency of works schedules and flat-rate prices.Implementing, observing, controlling and maintaining the procedure and reporting any non conformity that would affect the quality of the product.Inspected viaduct: Viaduct Piovana: total length 622.8 m, multi-span 25 m, four prestressed concrete box girder, piers height: 4 – 7.90 m; Interconnection Piacenza: total length 1220 m, 43 span 25 m (two prestressed concrete box girder), one span 40 m, two span 50 m (composite steel andconcrete slab), piers height: 6 – 14.6 m.

Milan – Turin High Speed Train Project, Rome – The line extends for 124.5 km through 41 municipalities.It is linked to the existing network by three interconnections (a total of 15 km) at Santhià (Vercellese ovest), which also provides a connection to the Malpensa 2000 airport, Novara ovest (freight only) and Novara est.Responsible for a number of assignments including: static and seismic analysis of railway viaduct – Eurocode 2, Eurocode 8, Italian railway standards.Assisted in the preparation producing bills of quantities (steel trusses viaduct on Po river).Construction of provisional diaphragms of sheet piles for protection of the existing works.

Campania Afragola Terminal Station Project, Rome – The Campania Afragola Station project provides two distinct rail services, local and long distance, offering a high speed service for long distance trains (from/to locations other than Naples) on four dedicated lines.The project is made by steel arches 160 m span, section 3 m diameter, thick 20 – 40 mm, and the secondary structures of timber glulam 34.5 m long, 2.2 m high.Finite element model of the roof with SAP2000.Responsible for a number of assignments including: static and seismic analysis – Eurocode 5, Eurocode 8 and conformity with SIA and DIN standards.


site engineer

TRANSFIELD PTY LTD, Sydney, Australia

Supervised construction of Northside Storage Tunnel in Sydney during construction of Olympic Park Homebush Bay.Monitoring tunnel boring machine, measurement of dust levels inside the tunnels. Monitored, collated and reported, in association with inspectors, on tunnel construction and survey issues.Aided in the preparation of regular technical reports.Inspection of concrete casting using Australian Standards AS and design of permanent sprayed concrete linings for tunnels (3.8 m TBM).


structural engineer


Design of composite structures of the new University of Florence.Managing and co-ordinating the site progress.Supervising construction pile of foundations.Involvement in finalisation of project and supervision of production of the as-built drawings.


Officer Engineer


Production of bill of quantities and site organisation for refurbishment and expansion of the military barracks “T Salsa”, head quarters of Alpine Regiment.Design and site supervisor of the new shooting range of alpine corps “Julia”. Material schedule, preparing structural project, site co-ordination during construction stages.Liaison between technician and architects, order of materials andmanagement of concrete delivery in cement mixer.