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To become gainfully employed with a company that can benifit from my knowledge and experience. I seek a position that will give me the oppertunity to grow with the company.

Work experience


Independent Contractor

Express Care Carpet and Janitoral

I clean apartments and houses that students move out of, also clean homes for local realator's . complete cleaning from the ceiling to floor very detailed work. Also clean carpet's  using a bonnet machine.

Schedule all work hours for helpers, order cleaning supplies, keep job log , hours and pay.

Dec 20092012

Assistant Manager

Cherry Hill Photo

I started out as a Santa's helper the first year Taking photo's, then last year I was promoted to assistant manager and back up Santa.

I would open the Santa set make sure all supplies were stocked, cash register was ready, camera and computer functioning. set was clean and presentable for business.

Night time closing was to prepare all paper work for home office, make sure numbers on computer matched with register and charge machine and inter it into computer, put away all supplies, shut down computer and camera close up Santa set. Make deposits when needed.

Apr 2007Apr 2009

Cook Express

Panda Express

I was incharge of ordering all food and paper products,counting safe every morning,taking deposit to bank, inputting recieved reciepts in computer, cooking all dishes, marinading meats,making sauces, closing paper work when needed,cashiering when needed,cleaning of store,hold a servsafe certificate

Feb 2003Aug 2005


Champlins Antiques

I went to auctions bid on antiques I wanted and bought them, brought them back and got them ready for sale, priced them and arranged them on the sales floor. Provided customour care and help, make sales.

Oct 2004Mar 2005


Conerstone Consignment

Pick up and delivery of furniture,showroom cleaning,sales,repair of furniture.

Jan 1998Sep 2001

Lead Installer

Ingalls Power Products

Responsible for meeting with company engineers, laying out installation of job,setting up and ordering supplies, installation of power plants and battery back up systems for the phone company and their cellular sites. Other duties required all general correspondence and paper work for a 4 man crew,delegating job duties,scheduling workactivities and completing weekly reports.


Aug 2006Dec 2008

Butte College


Work skills
Team work                                                   Customer service Management and Supervisory Skills      Sales Leadership/Weekly Reports                    Use Of Hand Tools Strong Work Ethic                                      Report Writing Reliable                                                        Ordering and Inventory Supplies Problem Solving                                         Adaptable Honest                                                          Creative Thinking Attention To Detail                                      Time Management Goal Orientated                                          Positive Attitude Courteous                                                   Knowledge Of Computer Programs


Apr 2009Present


National Restaurant Association


Tammy Rochette

Friend/old boss    530-591-5486

Paul Champlin

Brother   530-828-2903 

Nathan Mortan

Friend/ Pastor 894-6038

Amber Gloeckle

Friend  1-916-270-7329