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Ruokun Yi

Cinematographer  Videographer Photographer 


Aug 2010Jan 2015

BA in Cinema

University of Iowa

Bachelor of Arts: Cinema

Aug 2010Jan 2015

BFA in Photography

University of Iowa

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Photography


Cinema-photography / Videography

Professionally trained and comfortable  with different levels of production cameras, from Gopro to ALEXA, SONY F700 to RED EPIC, GH4 to Blackmagic CC.

Professional at 35mm, Super 35mm, 16mm , Super 16mm Film camera

Professional at most of Lens system, Zeiss CP, Cooke S4, Canon L. etc

Professional at in Studio and On location Lighting

Familiar with Sound recording equipment and microphone

Current own and using Canon Cinema camera family (C300,C100)

Writing and reporting

Professionally trained, fast and effective reporting and storytelling

in both English and Mandarin. 


Professional level using Final cut pro 7 and 10 / Premiere Pro / Sony Vegas

Familiar with After Effects/ Motion 5/ DaVinci Resolve

Digital Photography

Professionally trained and comfortable  with different variety of digital cameras.

Deep and Thorough understanding of digital imaging.

Digital Darkroom

Professional at Photoshop, Lightroom 

Professional at Large size fine arts print, digital negative print.

Film Photography

Professional at 135 format, 120 Medium format, 4x5 Large format

Professional at most modern and Classic film SLR, TLR, Range finder camera

Traditional Darkroom 

Professional at 135 120 format roll film develop, 4x5 sheet film develop 

Traditional Darkroom print on photo paper, enlarger.

Traditional Darkroom touch up technique.

Traditional Film editing 

Hand processing developing 8mm 16mm and Super 16mm black & white film

Traditional film cutting and editing on the film editing station 


Feb 2015Jan 2017

Video Journalist

Voice of America

Video shot and  editing for  live coverage, and performed multiple technical tasks in the team for daily-based fast pace satellite TV broadcasting and online program

Jun 2015Aug 2015


Independent film --- Study Aboard in Maryland

Fulfilled the role as cinematographer for the cross-cultural feature film.

Extended my help to other departments when needed, such as gaffer and grip. 

Media Coverage

Nov 2013Dec 2015

Co-founder, Director of Photography, Videographer

Rule110 Films

Co-founded the company and filmed commercial works for local car dealers and real estate agencies.

Our work on Vimeo

Nov 2014Jan 2015

Key Grip & Photographer

Independent Film --- Black Canaries

Assisted DP and led the lighting crew in the field.

Production still photographer

First Trailer 

Production Still

Jun 2014Jul 2014

Director of Photography & Cinematographer

Independent Film --- Empty room

Filmed a magical realism style feature film. (SONY FS500)


Oct 2013Dec 2013

Director of Photography

Independent Film --- Battleground

Acted as DP and the sole cinematographer for the entire production.

Official Trailer

Official Film

Dec 2012Jan 2013


Voice of America 

Assisted Congress reporting team for live coverage, and performed multiple technical tasks in the team

May 2012Aug 2012


China Central Television (CCTV)

Video editing, story writing and supported the team on conceptual levels.

May 2011Aug 2011


Chengdu 1899's film culture & Communications Co., Ltd 

Filmed music video and took photos for commercial use.