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Work experience


Broadmouth Canyon Ranch


One of the nation’s leading outdoorsmen and entrepreneurs, Rulon Jones owns and manages Broadmouth Canyon Ranch, a company he founded in northern Utah’s Rocky Mountains in 1989. A former professional football player, Rulon Jones dedicated a distinguished eight-year tenure as a player for the Denver Broncos, where he retired as a defensive end in 1988. During his time as a member of the Broncos, Rulon Jones competed in two Pro Bowls and earned the 1986 United Press International AFL-AFC Defensive Player of the Year award. A second-round pick in the 1980 National Football League draft, he previously served as an intercollegiate athlete on the varsity football team at Utah State University, where he received his undergraduate education. Rulon Jones currently lives in Bingham County, Idaho, with his wife, where he regularly hunts elk and other big game.In his current role at the helm of Broadmouth Canyon Ranch, Rulon Jones ensures that every guest achieves an optimal hunting experience. His ranches in the Blackfoot and Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Utah boast an unprecedented 100% success rate on elk hunts. Over the course of the last decade, respected publications such as Petersen’s Hunting Magazine, RACK Magazine, American Hunter, and Rocky Mountain Game & Fish have recognized the quality of Jones’ ranch with glowing reviews. His guests leave Broadmouth Canyon inspired by the rugged beauty of the ranch’s 60,000 acres of private, free-range hunting land and 10,000 acres of high-fence hunting, coupled with the rare opportunity to hunt species such as mule deer, buffalo, Shiras moose, and mountain lions.                           

Rulon Jones’ Broadmouth Canyon Ranch

Emphasizing Careful Private Management of Prime Utah and Idaho Hunting Grounds

For more than two decades, retired NFL defensive lineman Rulon Jones has maintained a top-notch hunting operation in Utah’s Rocky Mountains, with an additional Idaho ranch in the Blackfoot Mountains. Rulon Jones offers visitors 10,000 acres of high fence and more than 60,000 acres of private free-range ranch land that is ideal for hunting elk, buffalo, Shiras moose, mule deer, and cougar. A key to Broadmouth Canyon Ranch’s success has been a strictly managed preserve that maintains a pristine high-elevation environment ideal for elk herd self-propagation. The 5,000-acre Utah preserve ranges from 4,500 to 9,000 feet in elevation and encompasses a variety of canyon terrains with slopes covered with maple and oak. Carefully managed herds have improved the elk genetics from average to exceptional, and the preserve is augmented by 25,000 acres of exclusive free-range land. Established in 2003, the second 5,000-acre preserve lies in the Blackfoot Mountains, just west of the Tetons, and ranges from 5,500 to 8,000 feet in elevation. Pines and aspens dot a landscape abundant in clear creeks and a crisp skyline. Moose, deer, and elk are also plentiful in the 35,000 acres of adjoining free range, with horses and ATVs used to reach spike camps and prime hunting areas. Rulon Jones and the Broadmouth Canyon Ranch team’s commitment to careful management offers 100% hunter success rates on preserve elk, moose, and buffalo, and 90% on free-range elk and mule deer. This rate far surpasses the 30% or less that is common with private outfitters who operate on state and federally managed public lands.