I have thrived well and gained experience wearing many hats in a startup culture. I enjoy the challenge of not just doing work, but solving problems and learning along the way.

As a senior engineer for web/mobile development and data I have experience in working on large volume projects in the millions of users per month. Quantizing data in non arbitrary, meaningful ways to extract insight. Data science is my most recent fascination and a skill I think will be immensely helpful in the future ahead.

As a art major I fully embrace UI and understand fully the battle between form and function. As steve jobs once brilliantly said "Design is not how it looks, it's how it works", and how it works is a sum product of concept and engineering beyond technology and into how it reaches people.

Work experience

Work experience

 Senior Developer & DevOps

Mdx Medical |
Feb 2010 - Aug 2015
I was a lead/senior developer on client projects, as well as chief architect of internal operational projects for data management and reporting.

Normal operations included full application and system architecture for client facing applications. Lead different teams on different projects simultaneously, while coordinating with business and project management to asses efforts and manage releases.  Developed ETL systems, CI automation and search / 3rd party api integrations.


Como Code
Sep 2014 - Present

Founder and Teacher, I design all aspects of the project as well as create video/tutorials to each programming and devops to portuguese speaking audience.

Develop main application, all devops and release processes as well as videos and promotion for the project.


Ego Id
2006 - 2008

I work in web development for a marketing and advertising company in NJ. We handle all aspects of publishing and advertsing including print, tv, and web.



BFA Motion Graphics

Savannah college of art and design
2000 - 2004

Studied Graphic Design for Moving media as chief concentration on digital design tools and contemporary aesthetics, with a strong concentration on photography and film.


Backend developer

Strong experience with PHP (12 years) and Javascript (10 years) as proffered languages. Have basic Python and Rails development as well. Strong OOP and TTD concepts as well as experience with Laravel and other PHP frameworks. Experience with automating QA using selenium and phantomJS as well as writing Unit/Functional/Acceptance tests in codeception.

Front End developer

Years of experience doing core Javavascript and CSS on browsers. I've build applications using various frameworks and libraries including AngularJS and JqueryUI. I have utilized various front end toolkits including Bootstrap and UiKit and can protoype rapid front ends as well as execute more precise front end designs. Strong mindset for cross browser/device responsive design.

DBA & Data science

Worked on various data visualization projects reporting analytics. This includes aggregating log and application data in Relational data models for chronological comparison or statistical analysis in various grouping breakdowns.

Experience with PosgreSQL, MySQL (MariaDB), MongoDB,  Solr


Experience with support systems for software development, including CI with Jenkins, Ansible, deploying on AWS, Digital Ocean.   Quick provisioning with Vagrant / containerizing with docker.   Server Administration including Solr replicas, Mongo Cluster, MySQL clusters, Apache Nodes and general CentOS systems moitoring


Mail Exchange | PHP Application
I needed a way to have Craigslist like anonymous email but as a service. Sadly I couldn't find anything so I eventually gave up and made my own. It works surprisingly easy considering its an app that abstracts a complex mail server platform.

Author Discovery Tool build with Laravel
A tool I look around for but couldnt find. Its a tool for authors to publish work under one common heading which centralizes their publications making discoveries easier to find.

PHP | Twillio
Me playing with Twillio, something I built a while back to have people ask me questions and get a response all via web and text messaging. I still think its pretty cool.

Responsive Design Tool
There are alot of good tools out there now, but at the time there wasnt so I made this pretty cool angular powered app to help me test responsive designs

Uberlite PHP Framework
Before I switched to Laravel, I tried my writing my own PHP framework. Its actually not too bad considering it has no bells and whistles, just nice clean MVC patterns and a decent template engine. No ORM, I still have a love/hate relationship with orms.


I have recommendations on linked in, references furnished upon request.