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Anything outdoorsy: skiing, camping, canoeing, traveling the world...Also enjoy cooking, playing with our pets, and hosting parties.



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Dynamic professional with extensive research experience in biopharmaceutical development and preclinical research.Top performer with exceptional organizational/planning skills, attention to detail and maintained a zero failure rates on studies. Provide leadership for mission-critical projects with strict deadlines across multiple Disease Areas. Ability to exercise independent discretion/judgment to solve complex problems, take initiative when appropriate, all coupled with strong personal integrity, strong team dynamic (driving changes to enhance productivity and efficiency) and customer focus.<o:p></o:p>

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Associate II, Study Support

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
  • In-vivo research support and study/staff scheduling and coordination for project setup/completion.
  • Ensuring compliance with all institutional and regulatory protocols, policies, and guidelines.
  • Identifying emerging technical procedures and proactively evolving the LAS technical service portfolio to meet future needs of the NIBR Cambridge research community.
  • Pursuing continuous learning/professional development opportunities and enhancing/expanding skill set.
  • Drafting & periodic review of LAS Technical SOPs.
  • Provide consistent and high quality technical services and perform other duties as may be required.
  • Proactively meet and exceed customer service expectations
  • Continuously pursue educational and professional development opportunities to enhance and expand relevant skills and knowledge
  • Identify new/emerging techniques/refinements to expand the Study Support service portfolio
  • Identify process inefficiencies and streamline processes
  • Technical Skills: PO, IV, IM, IP, SQ, RO, muscle collection, tissue collection, cardiac puncture, in rats, mice, hamsters, cotton rats. PO, SQ, and IM in ferrets.
  • Experienced in Glucose Tolerance test (OGTT) in both diabetic rat models (Fatty Zuckers and DIO).
  • LAT certified
  • Departmental Liaison to Oncology Pharmacology Translational Research : Served as study leader for highly collaborative, high volume, resource intensive in-vivo studies.
  • Leadership Management Training
  • Able to learn new techniques or methods quickly, focused on delivering high quality data that helps drive decisions and contribute towards team goals.
Jun 2005Aug 2008

Associate I, Study Support

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
  • Providing consistent and high quality daily in-vivo technical research support
  • Ensuring compliance with all institutional and regulatory protocols, policies, and guidelines
  • Pursuing continuous learning/professional development opportunities and enhancing/expanding skill set
  • Proactively meeting and exceeding customer service expectations.
  • Customer service for various research groups with responsibilities entailing husbandry (mice, rats, ferrets, hamsters, and cotton rats) and vivarium support functions such as stocking supplies, vivarium sanitation/disinfection and environmental monitoring.
  • Exposure to animal procurement and the interactions between researchers, associates, and animal vendors when ordering species for research.
  • Thorough understanding and comprehension of operational facts, techniques, nomenclature, equipment, theories, etc. as they relate specifically to job performance and function in the in the laboratory animal research environment.
  • Technical Skills: PO, IV, IM, IP, SQ, RO, muscle collection, tissue collection, cardiac puncture, in rats, mice, hamsters, cotton rats.
  • ALAT certified
  • Departmental Liaison to Ophthalmology (OPH), Oncology (ONC), Muscular-Skeletal Development (MSD), Global Imaging Group (GIG), and Pre-clinical Safety (iTOX)
Feb 2004May 2005

Veterinary Assistant

Cross Lanes Veterinary Hospital
  • Assisted veterinarians in everyday clinical practices pertaining predominantly to canine/feline care and some exotic animals
  • Performed and interpreted patient blood work using VetLyte, VetTest, and LaserCyte
  • Conducted in-house urinalysis and cytology reports
  • Restrained animals, prepare treatments, injections, and organize patient files
  • Conducted routine radiology, anesthesia, dentals and overall animal care and well
  • Trained the employees in routine office administrative and billing.
  • Interacted with clients and their pets during routine or special office visits


May 2003May 2005


West Virginia University
Aug 2000May 2003


University of Pittsburgh


Leadership Management Training.   I’ve gained the confidence and understanding to know what I’m capable of and when to say something and when to not to. It has been in the recent years that I’ve gained the trust of researchers by proving our integrity and accountability that our team will execute and delivery as expected. I have no tolerance for dishonesty.     ·           
Internet Savvy
Resourceful when it comes to finding the best deals by saving money.  Coupon sites like Groupon, Gilt City, etc., have so many options and offers, what do you need?   I have the basic knowledge of use and then some.  My current position allows for me to remotely work if necessary. I’m very quick to learn by hands-on training.  You can show me how to run through a site and I will have the hang of it by the end of the day!  
I don't oppose hugs, handshakes or high-fives. Started a team building group (Human Enrichment Committee - HEC) within our department of 75 and growing, then later decided with colleagues it would be more fun to call ourselves SAC (Social Affairs Committee). We established once a month social outings at a local bar/restaurant.
Time and Resource Management
Needed in order to execute study designs and experimental needs by using the right members from the Study Support team. Close collaborations with research departments based on their needs and what the Study Support team can provide to perform studies in a timely and efficient manner.    This includes my own involvement on studies and delegating duties as needed to ensure that studies or projects can be streamlined and completed as requested by the research deparments. I also ensure proper contact of personnel needing to be involved on studies or those that may have missed study meetings.
Technical Skills
  PO, IV, IM, IP, SQ, RO, muscle collection, tissue collection, cardiac puncture, in rats, mice, hamsters, cotton rats. PO, SQ, and IM in ferrets. Experienced in Glucose Tolerance test (OGTT) in both diabetic rat models (Fatty Zuckers and DIO). LAT certified
Coordination and Scheduling
        Department Liaison to the Oncology Translational Pharmacology (OTP) and have 5 indirect reports. I manage their schedules (Tu-Sat, Sun – Thur) including my own involvement with study requests and coordination of study dosings, schedule, data collection, etc.,  I have also been liaison to Oncology (ONC), Ophthalmology (OPH), Pre-Clinical Safety (iTOX), and Muscular-Skeletal Development (MSD) in the previous years at Novartis.           Coordinate and schedule study details meetings to have associates involved on studies, meet with the researchers regarding study planning.  Questions, study designs, study compounds, staff coverage, etc., are discussed during these meetings with the OTR group.  Meetings are scheduled through MS Outlook. Study schedules for all associates are maintained/updated manually through an Excel Spreadsheet.           The compounds, study information,  technical procedures we are creating are confidential so understanding compliance and confidentiality are crucial.
Organized Chaos
The Technical Services team which entails Study Support, Training Services, Surgical Services, and Transgenics is a fast paced environment where learning is hands-on and efficiency is expected from all team members.    Ability to multitask, have organizational skills, the ability to prioritize and interact with not only our colleagues and peers, but with advanced members of the research community (DA Heads, Principal Investigators, Scientists, etc.). In addition to these qualities, one must possess self discipline, time management, transparent communication and be open to give and receive constructive criticism. Providing flexibility is also key as it may be needed to accommodate last minute study requests, staff coverage (holidays, snow days, overtime), etc.   Our team provided metrics a few years back to validate the need for additional employees as the current team was exerting 50-60hr./person/week within a 6 member team. The team is now at 15+ employees and hiring. Due to the nature of the work from the teams and the results driven attitude, the Study Support group is in high technical demand.







Erin Ahearn

Tomomi Kawamoto

Keith Astrofsky