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Sep 2008Present

Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto - FEUP

Major in Telecommunications, Electronics and Computers.
Specialized in Communication Technologies.
Master Thesis in Microwave Material Parameter Extraction Methods.

Noticeable projects:

  • Development of an online multiplayer poker game.
  • Design and simulation of CMOS based PLL.
  • Design and implementation of an ECG circuit.
  • Design and implementation of a multistage differential amplifier.
  • Development of an Infrared distance sensor and indicator.
  • Design and implementation of a Yagi antenna.
  • Design and implementation of microcontroller multi-sensor prototype for viticulture use.
Sep 1999Jun 2008

English Language Skills

Oporto British Council Language School

Work History

Aug 2016Jan 2017

Trainee (Internship)

European Space Agency - ESTEC

Development of microwave material characterization technique based on reflection measurements for the Antenna Section.

Sep 2011Present

Sound/Video/Lighting Technician

Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto

Sound/Video/Lighting Technician in cultural events and conferences.

Sep 2006Jun 2008

Music Teacher

Private coaching

Music and guitar lessons. 

Other Experiences

  • Experience in analog circuits design developed in the microelectronics' student group: Developed autonomy and researching skills as well as problem solving skills.

  • Founding one of the faculty's musical and cultural groups: Developed good sense of team building and leadership skills while leading and rehearsing with a 30 people group.

  • Organizing concerts and music festivals: Enabled me to learn how to work under stress. Learnt to come up with quick  creative solutions while depending on others and when plans do not go as expected.

  • Worked as an archivist assistant in a Religious Order's Archive: Developed methodical working strategies.

  • Worked as self-employed bartender in social events: Developed profit-oriented and sales strategies as well as front office skills while trying to keep profit margins high without losing the appeal of the consumer.