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Sep 2008Jun 2017

Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto - FEUP

Major in Telecommunications, Electronics and Computers.
Specialized in Communication Technologies.

Master Thesis:

  • Microwave method of material parameter extraction from reflection measurements.
    Grade: 18/20.

Other noticeable projects:

  • Development of an online multiplayer poker game in Java.
  • Design and simulation of CMOS based PLL in Cadence.
  • Design and implementation of an Analog ECG circuit.
  • Design and implementation of a multistage differential amplifier.
  • Development of an Infrared distance sensor and indicator with microcontroller.
  • Design and implementation of a Yagi antenna.
  • Design, simulation and prototyping of hairpin RF filter in FR4.
  • Design and implementation of PCB for Solar panel integration in Eagle.
Sep 1999Jun 2008

English Language Skills

Oporto British Council Language School

Level C2 in English according to CERF standard

Work experience

Aug 2016Jan 2017

Trainee (Internship)

European Space Agency - ESTEC
  •  Developed and validated a microwave material characterization technique based on reflection measurements for the Antenna Section.
  • Volunteered to organize and host the Antenna Section's showcase during the ESTEC Open day, when ESTEC opens doors to the public in order to show the community the work developed there.
Sep 2011Sep 2017

Sound/Video/Lighting Technician

Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto

Sound/Video/Lighting Technician in cultural events, conferences and concerts.

Sep 2006Jun 2008

Music Teacher

Private coaching

Music theory and guitar lessons. 

Other Experiences

  • Experience in analog circuits design developed in the microelectronics' student group: Developed autonomy and researching skills as well as problem solving skills.
  • Founding one of the faculty's musical and cultural groups: Developed good sense of team building and leadership skills while leading and rehearsing with a 30 people group.
  • Organizing concerts and music festivals: Enabled me to learn how to work under stress. Learnt to come up with quick  creative solutions while depending on others and when plans do not go as expected.
  • Worked as an archivist assistant in a Religious Order's Archive: Developed methodical working strategies.
  • Worked as self-employed bartender in social events: Developed profit-oriented and sales strategies as well as front office skills while trying to keep profit margins high without losing the appeal of the consumer.


R. Feio, L. Rolo, E. Saenz. Material Parameter Extraction from Reflection Measurements. In 38th ESA Antenna workshop on Innovative Antenna Systems and Technologies for future Space Missions, 2017