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Work experience

Jun 2011Present


Loud and Clear

Digital marketing, and particulary mobile marketing, is an area of interest to me. Since June 2011 that I am aiming to offer consultancy services to the portuguese market In collaboration with PinkMobile, using the know how acquired working with this danish company, in the definition of the strategic aproach to this channel and conceiving mobile marketing campaigns that can integrate the overall comunication policy of the clients.

Jan 2012May 2013

Marketing Manager

PT Pharma
My collaboration with PT Pharma, a retail company witch offers services and products and in the fields of Health and esthethics, had two main specific goals: To Develop new methods to aquire a realtime control of the business in terms of budgets and stocks, witch implied to tailor solutions from other industries with similar size and similar operations in retail. A second goal, more strategic, of helping to redefine and balance the offerings, particulary in the services, with a higher weight in the revenues, bringing more consistency with the mission statement and our target needs. The solutions were very foccused on this two issues and had to be tested and become effective untill June 2012, with a usefull timeframe of six months to define and implement all the changes.
Jun 2011Dec 2011


Nike Retail Denmark

My job at Nike Retail Denmark was part of my experience living in Denmark and I was responsable for the stockroomn of the store in Copenhagen, in Brønshøj. I had the responsability for receiving the goods, in accordance to the orders, reorganise the stockroom, making the proccess of finding a particular good easier.

It was very exciting to feel integrated in a young and multicultural team.

Feb 2010Mar 2011

Marketing & Communications (Internal contractor)

Accenture Portugal

I was hired as internal contractor to collaborate in the elaboration of a 360º communication plan regarding the commemoration of 20 years of presence of the company in the Portuguese market. An unique opportunity to strengthen the identity of the brand and communicate with several targets, both externally and internally.

Clients and prospects, The alumni community (extremely important for a business consulting firm), Business partners, suppliers, employees and recruitment were impacted by the activities contained in this communication plan wich included the editing of a book, a podcast, several interviews to the media in the economic field and a booklet in Diário Económico, among other activities.

This project was an exciting opportunity to acquire experience about the different marketing tools in an integrated manner, and their use in the resolution of several communication issues for an organization and the use of marketing metrics to assess their relative effectiveness and efficiency.

I also participate in other projects in Accenture, such as, defining the visual identity for the new center for BPO (business Proccess Outsourcing) Launched by the Firm in Portugal, during this period.

I was also co-responsable for preparing the advertising matterials to be publish in the media.

This experience also allowed me to contact with the complexity of a process of rebranding (in a global framework) and to perceive the brand as a value and organizational culture driver.

Sep 2007Feb 2010

The project was the development of an e-commerce start up of ecological products and involved making the Business Plan, the establishing and managing the brand, managing the team and budgetary control. I believe that eBusiness will become one of the most important opportunities to make business, specially in B2B industries, by implementing Cloud Computing models, sharing information with suppliers and making available new ways of improving the efficiency in the relation with their Clients. If, untill now, we could say that “Pioneers are the ones that take with the arrows”, from now on, not taking this reality into account is, beyond any doubt, to risky.
Nov 2005Mar 2008

Managing Partner

Travel Land, Lda

Responsibility for the overall management and operations in Travel Land, Lda with three travel agencies in Lisbon area and 2,6 Million Eur turnover.

Main tasks:

  • Business plan development

  • Supervising all legal issues involved in the incorporation of the company

  • HR oversight; budgetary control

  • Claims management.

Mar 2000Jun 2005

Managing Parner - Sales

Web tools, Lda
Web Tools, Lda was a small webdesign start up and I had, from the beginning, the responsibility for prospecting new clients and business opportunities, and find and design new services to offer to those clients, based in the perception of their needs. It was a exciting project, in a technological area, new to me, that allow me to meet and work with fine professionals.
Jun 1999Dec 1999


ASMEE (non profitable organization)

I was hired by this non-profitable organization to ensure the transition from one elected, non professional, directorate to the following, for a period of six months.

The mission of this Institution, private, is to provide health cares and medicines, at lower prices, to its members.

There were particular tasks involved in this function such as partially reorganize the services, timetables, and to propose to the board amendments in the HR area, taking into account new needs and the growth in the number of members.

It was also necessary to modernize the procurement process and the stock management for the pharmacy of the Institution, searching and assessing the best software application tools in the market to do so, considering the size, the specific activity and the costs involved (initial investment and maintenance).



Rui Rodrigues

About me

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1973 (June 13th). I am fluent in English and I have recently moved to UK, to London, were I am looking for a new professional challenge and an apportunity to continue developing my career in marketing management, dealing with marketing mix variables, Product, Price, Placement and Promotion, preferably in other industries than those I've worked before.

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The School


More about me

As part of a personal SWOT analysis, I would say my strengths are strategic thinking and a team

work strong mindset. The areas that, in my opinion, need improvements are perfectionism and impatience.

In 2011 I was volunteer for Junior Achievement. It was a very rewarding experience to teach the program "Ecomony for Success" about entrepreneurship and financial literacy to a class of high school students (15 - 16 years old). It is a experience that I would like to reppeat in a near future.

I have all the availability (and willingness) to travel for business.


Sep 2007Present

Sales techniques, negotiation and sales closing

RH Mais, Lisbon
Feb 2011Present

Information Security

Accenture Portugal
Feb 2011Present

Ethics requirements for suppliers

Accenture Portugal
May 2009Present

Code bar codification - basic training

Codipor - GS1 Portugal