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Work experience

May 1991Present

Private Math Tutor

Achieved over 90% customer satisfaction/success rate by mentoring 100+ high school and college students with high-level math/statistics tutoring. Prepared students for taking advanced-level examinations, including SAT, AP Exams and GRE.

Mar 2010Present

Statistical Consultant

Aestus THerapeutics

Analyzed gene expression data to identify genes that showed biological activity in specific neurological disorders.Forwarded preliminary results to genomics scientist for further refining.

  • Conducted research on microarray data to identify genes that were co-regulated in specific neurological conditions.
  • Using JMP and SAS, explored large data sets and identified genes that were of special importance.
  • Used tools such as meta-analysis, cluster analysis and looking at different correlation coefficients to examine this data.
Sep 2012Nov 2012

Statistical Consultant

University of Cincinnati School of Pharmacy

I worked with a researcher at the School of Pharmacy to analyze some cancer biomarker data. I had to work closely with him to make sure I answered his specific research questions. I had to conduct multiple comparisons testing against a single control group using a non-parametric version of Dunnett's method to control for an inflated type I error rate. This was used because the population was not normal (It fact the it was highly skewed). I also conducted some non-parametric correlation analysis using the Spearman correlation coefficient because some of the data did not exhibit a linear relationship nor was it from a normal distribution. The project also involved generating multiple reports/outputs from SAS and explaining my results and how to interpret the results to the researcher. I also assisted in the writing and editing of the methods section of the paper

May 2012Jun 2012

Statistical/SAS Consultant

YourEncore (Contractor at Pfizer)

Conducted targeted QC of 2 completed clinical trials focusing on areas of statistical analysis, SAS algorithms and procedures. Later that year, the drug was approved.

  • Validated clinical data by re-calculating several primary and secondary-endpoint variables using SAS.
  • Validated derived variables between raw data and output data sets.
  • Ensured accuracy of data and algorithms by evaluating programming QC procedures and practices and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Verified data summaries by reviewing selected tables, listing and figures, including those in the ISE/ISS.
Aug 2010Sep 2010

Sr. Biostatistician in HEOR

Kelly Services (Contractor at Novo Nordisk)

Conducted observational research, using statistics and SAS, in the Health Economics and Outcomes Research Department.

  • Performed retrospective analysis of pharmaceutical claims data to examine the effect of cost on incidence of compliance and rate of adverse events for different treatment regimens within diabetic patient groups
  • Merged and queried SAS data sets and prepared datasets for further statistical analysis by reducing them using inclusion/exclusion criteria.
Jul 1998Dec 2008

Administrative Positions

Bristol-Myers Squibb Clinical Pharmacology Unit

Conducted early phase experimental drug trials on a healthy human population, including the recruiting of study participants and the testing of their medical status for eligibility.

  • Maintained smooth operation of facility by handling all aspects of participants’ coordination, compensation and documentation.
  • Enabled medical staff to execute critical, clinical decisions based on real-time data by resolving queries in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system.
  • Improved Recruiting department’s operations by creating 2 databases of senior housing facilities.
  • Reduced the error rate of the checking records and payments by over 80% by taking the lead in training 12 coworkers on new software and by writing 40-page procedure/reference manual.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by presenting 1-hour class on MS Excel to help nursing staff expedite check requests.
May 1997Jul 1998

Office Coordinator

Bristol-Myers Squibb

·Kept study schedules effectively on track by preparing documents on time for regular monthly Institutional Review Board (I.R.B.) meetings.

·Insured high study standards by updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in a timely fashion during a heavy work volume period by working overtime to complete process


Sep 2006May 2009


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
Earned an MS degree in Statistics by taking the following classes (listed with textbook used and author): Probabilty Theory -  Probability and Statistics (DeGroot & Schervish) Regression Analysis - Applied Linear Regression MOdels (Kutner, Neter, Nachtsheim)Design of Experiments -  Design & Analysis of Experiments (Montgomery) Interpretation of Data - Statistical Consulting (Cabrera)Methods of Inference -  Probability and Statistics (DeGroot & Schervish) Categorical Data Analysis - Intro to Categorical Data Analysis (Agresti)Biostatistics I - Epidemiology: Beyond the Basics (Szklo & Nieto) BIostatistics II - Fundamentals of Clinical Trials (Friedman & Fuberg)Life Data Analysis - Statistical Models and Methods of Lifetime Data (Lawless) Survey Sampling - Sampling Technques (Cochran)Final GPA = 3.2
Jan 1984May 1991


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
  • PreCalculus
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III - MultiVariable Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Advanced Calculus
  • Intro to Linear Algebra
  • Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Theory of Probability
  • Mathematical Theory of Statistics
  • Combinatorial Theory
  • Complex Analysis
  • Mathematical Models in The Social and Biological Sciences
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Intro To Math Modeling
  • Graph Theory


Organization & Time Management
Handled heavy workload with shifting timelines and priorities. Had to cover multiple jobs on many occasions.
Mentoring & Instructing
Tutored math since 1991 and trained co-workers on check software and procedures.
Technical Writing
Used during undergrad and graduate school careers and on the job on occassion.
IRB Document Submissions
Drug Developement Process
Informed Consent Procedures
Good Clinical Practices
Completed self-study class and 2 in-house training classes.
Internet Explorer
ACT! (Software)
MS Outlook
MS Windows
MS Access
MS Powerpoint
MS Excel
MS Word
R, S-Plus Programming Languages
SAS Progamming


A biostatistician position in the NJ biopharma industry where I can use my programming skills also.


Additional Expertise:

  • Statistical Modeling and Graphic Analysis
  • I.R.B. Filings
  • Good Clinical Practices
  • Informed Consent Procedures


Master’s level Biostatistician and Certified Base SAS Programmer with an accomplished background in clearly defining, identifying and deciphering the true problems resulting in better statistical output.

Master’s level statistician & certified Base SAS Programmer with extensive experience in both business and academic environments. Trained by industry experts in protocol design, Good Clinical Practices (GCP), SOPs and drug development process during 12 years of Phase-1, clinical research experience. Proficient in explanation of technical and abstract concepts to audiences of diverse educational backgrounds.


Experimental Design

Scientific/Technical Writing

Survey Sampling

Categorical Data Analysis

Survival Analysis

Regression Analysis

Analytical/QC Skills



SAS (5+ years)

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook

R (3 years)



Professional Associations:

Toastmasters International - member since March 2011

ASA (American Statistical Association) – Member in Good Standing, 2005 – Present

Awards and Recognition:

 4 Bristol Myers Squibb "Star" Awards for Excellent Performance:• Performed co-worker’s job duties, as well as my own, for 6 months during her absence.• Developed an MS Access database of senior housing communities to recruit the elderly for clinical research trials.• Updated check-writing software and diagnosed and corrected any issues with system.• Learned electronic data capture system, in 10 days, so I could perform a co-worker's job functions while he was on vacation for 2 weeks.


Base SAS 9 Certification

The SAS Institute

Certificate of Eligibility - NJ

Secondary School Mathematics Educator