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My Best Work

Personal Initiative

The biggest initiative I took this year was taking on the position of co-editor for sports without any prior knowledge or experience in sports writing. I was originally a news reporter when I first joined the Dragon Press but by the end of the year I knew I wanted to tackle the challenge of a higher position. Athletics are being introduced to Foothill Technology High School for the first time in its history next year and, thus, a new sports section is being added to the Dragon Press as well. It will be a challenge to teach something I have never learned myself but at the same time I'm excited to start from the ground up with my fellow co-editor and the rest of the staff behind us in support. Throughout the year I have also taken smaller acts of initiative, most recently being the time I volunteered to help our editor-in-chief edit articles over the weekend. She really needed the help and I was the one to raise my hand and dedicate my weekend when no one else would. Initiative is what separates us as journalists; without it, we would not have a publication. 


I am actively involved in the art community and have volunteered for the past two years at Focus on the Masters,  a local non-profit art organization here in Ventura, and am a member of Foothill's Art Club. I have also been dancing since the age of three and dedicate numerous hours to the art of ballet and jazz throughout the week. Over the summer I volunteered as a counselor-in-training at a camp for troubled youth for two weeks and I plan to return this summer as it was one of the best experiences of my life. I also plan to become a part of Foothill's first athletics program next year by joining golf and swim. 


Cooperation is one of the most important character traits a journalist can have. It takes teamwork to manage and keep a publication running smoothly. It takes more than one person to make a publication great. It takes cooperation on the part of a whole to make a publication successful. Working with others is something I have always enjoyed and this has only strengthened this past year in being part of such a close-knit staff and writing articles with my peers. I believe it's important for everyone to be involved and, although each person has their own strengths and varying ideas, cooperation is the key for a trusting staff and an award-winning publication. 


Journalism has improved my writing capabilities vastly since I enrolled in the program. I can crank out a well-written piece on deadline with the experience journalism has provided for me. 
Communication is arguably one of the most important assets to any organization. This is  why I forced myself this year especially to better communicate with my peers and get my ideas or points across and the result has been nothing but success. 
Comfortable with interviewing others
I have always been known to be a 'people person' and I find myself comfortable around the company of others. This has only strengthened over the past year in having to approach and talk to strangers for interviews. 
Ability to work under pressure
Many times have I been forced to crank out an article on deadline, especially when covering  an event the same day, which was stressful (to say the least) but I also found it made me more proactive.
Using/ Embedding forms of media
Recording/editing/embedding audio from Soundcloud and/or relevant tweets.