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18 year old, enthusiastic student looking for holiday work, with evening or weekend work during term time. Bilingual in French and English, with both parents of British nationality but having lived in France since the age of 5. Having moved into boarding in the UK at the start of 6th form, the responsibilities of Head of Boarding and Deputy Head of Day House have been given to me in my second year at the school as well as achieving the rank of corporal in RAF CCF.


Sep  2016Jun 2018

French A level (predicted A*)

Pocklington School
Sep 2016Jun 2018

Physics A level (predicted B)

Pocklington School
Sep 2016Jun 2018

Maths A level (predicted: C)

Pocklington School
Sep 2015Jun 2016

Bac de Francais

Lycée International de Ferney Voltaire

Jun 2015

GCSE Maths: A

English National Programme
Jun 2015

GCSE English Language and Litterature: B(C)

English National Programme
Jun 2014

Brevet (International Option): mention Bien (A)

Collège International de Ferney Voltaire
Jun 2014

GCSE Statistics: A

English National Programme
May 2014

Brevet d'Initiation à l'Aéronautique

Lycée International de Ferney Voltaire and Aérodrome de Bellegarde
Jan 2014

GCSE French: A*

English National Programme

Previous Work Experience

Aug 2017


Rolls Royce PLC

This placement was with the IT Innovation lab, whose task it is to maintain the structure and cohesion of the company in sectors which were undergoing change. Working firstly on Virtual Reality technology to be used as training within the enterprise itself and then initialising a project involving LEGO Mindstorms called STEM. The goal was to incite children to be interested in programming from a young age using different parts to be put on a base “robot” such as colour sensors, a gyro and ultrasound sensors with the end goal being making it round a specially designed track in the least amount of time. By the end of the two week period, the project had come on so much that I had to lead a board pitch to amongst others the group CIO in charge of IT.  This project will hopefully be brought out to schools all over the UK in the months to come and I was privilege to be involved in this innovate scheme.

Oct 2014Jun 2015

Classroom Assistant

English National Programme

Volunteering with the ENP on Wednesday afternoons to help with one of their primary classes

Apr 2014


BBH (Bartle Boggle Hegarty) Advertising agency in London

Firstly at BBH Advertising Agency which involved working with the research team and various meetings with their creatives and producers to get a true grasp on how many diverse roles are required to create the latest Lynx ad, or a campaign about breakfasts at KFC.



Gex Ski Club