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Geolog South Africa


Geolog SouthAfrica

Geolog SouthAfrica
Mudlogger Started as sample catcher for surface logging company in a potential oil field in Namibia. Did well monitoring, sample collection, sorting and dispatch of samples. Was promoted to Junior Mudlogger which entailed well monitoring, gas and data acquisition system maintenance, cuttings descriptions sample collection, classification, sample sorting and dispatch, mud lab management and daily reporting. Promoted to Confirmed Mudlogger after the fulfilment of the G-Rise self-training program. This self-training program allowed me to demonstrate: How to monitor a drill string trip in and out of the well by means of a trip sheet. How to complete a rock cuttings description sheet. How to complete a Surface Drilling Daily Report. How to draw up a handover for the next crew member coming to the rig. How to participate within the STOP card system and other safety operations such as lead a Safety Meeting and Safety Inspection Tour. I can demonstrate proper cabin maintenance and cleaning. I can show excellent sample management


University of the Western Cape
Tutor in the Department of Earth Science Assistance with practical sessions with students and student assessments

Lab Assistant

University of the Western Cape
Workstudy Program in various Faculties Commencing employment as a lab assistant in the Teaching Resource Lab within the Education Faculty. Done database entries, resource management and lab administration. Assisting students finding resources on the internet and from reading material. Became a research assistant for the deputy dean of the Education Faculty. Locating articles and papers and assisting with administrative duties.

BSc (hons) Geology


B.Sc Hons Geology

University of the Western Cape

Geological mapping and tectonic evolution of the Blaauwberg Member in the Tygerberg Formation of the Malmesbury Group: A revision using joint orientation analysis


The Blaauwberg Strand member is part of a Neoprotorozoic metamorphic belt (the Saldania Belt) found in western South Africa. It forms part of a basement sequence of rocks that have poor exposure within the Cape Peninsula. Previous work has had little focus on the joints of the outcrop to deduce an evolutionary history for the area. This study uses joint plane data and other structural measurements and to add it to previous work done to deduce a structural evolutionary history of the Blaauwberg Strand member. The most prominent joint type of the Blaauwberg Strand member is shear type joints, that when plotted on an equal area net produce principle stress orientations of σ1 - 042/02, σ2 – and σ3 - 133/14 which implies that these joints were formed in a strike-slip stress environment. The foliations of the outcrop that is only found on the eastern section of the study area plots around a central maximum and implies that it part of a bigger structure that can be seen due to its submergence beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Folding of an outcrop adjacent to the study area produces a compressional sense of stress. The Tygerberg formation, the formation which contains the Blaauwberg Strand member is composed of turbiditic type deposits and the Blaauwberg Strand member is an intermediate igneous extrusive rock which means that they both formed in a submerged continental shelf environment and aged between 750Ma. Compression on a continental margin most likely forms in a collisional environment. This initial collision deformed the Tygerberg and Blaauwberg lithologies to a lower greenschist facies of metamorphism and produced large isoclinal folds. The stress field then changed to produce a transverse environment. Transpressional features and strain partitioning were developed during the transition from a regional compressional stress field to a regional strike-slip stress field. During the transition into a strike-slip environment shear zones started to develop with a sinistral sense of rotation. The emplacement of the Cape Granite Suite soon followed and marked the end of structural events of the Cape basement series at 560 – 540 Ma.


B.Sc Applied Geology

University of the Western Cape

Geology 311

Geology 312

Geology 321

Geology 322

Geology 211

Geology 212

Geology 221

Geology 222

Environmental and Water Science 211

Environmental and Water Science 212

Environmental and Water Science 221


Oct 2013Present

Certificate of Competence

4x4 Offroad Academy

Has been assessed and found competent against the off-road unit standard US2543135

Jan 2013Present

Structural Modelling and Analysis using Move

Midland Valley 
Jan 2011Present

Golden Key International Honour Society

University of the Western Cape