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Work experience

Feb 2011Mar 2013

Product Manager

PT. Bintang Mahameru Utama
  • Manage ODM product development process
    • Test and check ID and MD
    • Test and check materials
    • Test mobile phone software stability
    • Check software requirement
    • Synchronize the Indonesia import/export rule with products requirement.
    • Maintain the project time line
  • Creating unique selling point based on software and user interface
    • MOVI Candy UI
    • Movi Store (An application store for feature phone)
    • Movi Buddy (An applications contains popular chat and sns application)
    • Synchronize the Indonesia import/export rule with products requirement.
  • Project management
  • Product knowledge training for sales
  • Product cycle management


  • Develop 2 (two) success product MOVI M77 and MOVI T1 . MOVI T1 sold 5K in first week.
May 2010Feb 2011

Product Manager

  • Manage ODM product development process
    • Follow up ID and MD design
    • Test and check ID and MD
    • Test and check materials
    • Test mobile phone software stability
    • Check software requirement
    • Synchronize the Indonesia import/export rule with products requirement.
    • Make user experience UI requirement
    • Maintain the project time line
  • Creating product concept and market strategies
  • Responsible for product delivery
  • Cooperate with legal team to get new information of Export/Import rule related to product
  • Quality control and factory inspection
  • Product and material research
Nov 2009May 2010

Product Development Manager

PT. Teletama Artha Mandiri
  • Manage product development process
  • Create product concept and market strategies
Product Concept 

Ego (entertainment on the go)

Mobile phone concept which is provide full entertainment in 1 phone by adding some music navigation, FM radio with internal antenna, additional portable speaker and music content cooperate with Sony Music Indonesia.Boss (business on the streets)Mobile phone concept which make user easier to access business content such us job database, flight schedule, movie schedule, etc, everywhere they go.Aktiv (in English "Active")Mobile phone concept for people who need very simple phone as a backup and can support 2 SIM on.

Nov 2007Nov 2009

Product Manager

PT. K-Touch Indonesia
  • Think forward to look an oppurtunities through innovation based on market analyst and creativity
  • Create cooperation with operators and other 3rd party company to support product selling in the market.
  • Manage and responsible to product development and operator projects.
  • Responsible to product software quality before products lunch in the market.

We are successfully to build K-Touch mobile communities in facebook with +/- 200 fans a day and now achive more than 13.000 fans

Success bring K-Touch H888 to Indonesia with some unique feature from BOLT Browser and SHmessenger and do marketing campaign together.

May 2007Nov 2007

Technical Service Manager

PT. S-Mobile Indonesia

  • Responsible to start service center development and product quality of Samsung Mobile Phone.
Mar 2006May 2007

CE Product Marketing

PT Philips Indonesia
  • Learn and distribute the CE technology to sales
  • Design P.O.S material for marketing communication needs

Implement a new training concept using multimedia presentation combine graphics animation and voice, This presentation make sales easier to understand the Philips Cusomer Electronics technology

Oct 2005May 2007

GSM Engineers

PT. Philips Indonesia
  • Responsible to product quality especially product software engineering
  • Maintain relaltionship customer regarding service issues

We are successfully to keep the brand image and customer trust due the transition of Philips Consumer Communication to CECW (China)

Jan 2005Sep 2005

Creative Designer

PT. Adhi Mitra Sportindo
  • Responsible for all P.O.S material design
  • Design soccer shoes


Sep 2000Sep 2004

Bina Nusantara University

Introducing an electronics CRM tools by developing internet information kioks. This elelctronics kioks enable user to find any information and support related with products and also online shopping.

Information kioks is place on several business district and shopping mall and each client will be automatically syncronized to the server. 


Customer Care Management
CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language)
Project Managing
Manage every OEM or ODM projects by designing a project timeline using Concept Draw Office Project and follow up all the projects need to all participant also calculate the cost for running projects.
Training sales promotion team to become sales engineers which is not only have a good knowledge about the products they offer but also can give solution for the customer regarding the products they want to buy.   The concept of the training is not only for product knowledge but also give a new experience for the customer and keep the customer relationship for a long term.
Graphics Design
Have strong knowledge in vector design using Corel Draw and photo manipulation and retouch using Adobe Photoshop and also have a good knowledge using Google Sketchup to make simple 3D modeling.

Product Portfolio