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Business executive.Computer Studies and Systems.With functional experience in the areas of marketing, sales, business plans.20-year career professional development in the industry of ITdedicated to the management, development of commercial activities related to the sale and marketing of advanced technology and sales generation services.Experience in all marketing activities such as Product Development, product management, forecasting, advertising, PR, trade marketing and people management.

Experience in wholesale channels and retail channels, working closely with the sales force, developing promotions according to categories.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Sales Manager

Maxima Internacional S.A.

1. Sales Manager

Maxima InternacionalS.A.

·To train the sales and marketing unit of HP, internally in Maxima International SA, in all Business Units (PSG, IPG, EB) of HP

·Creation and implementation of business plan of each unit (Business Unit), Weekly Forecast, Monthly, Quarterly, Program implementation Sell Out rotation, Control of purchases (Sell In) and inventories based on depreciation, generation and control of run rate and big deals.

·Creation and Management of Retail Unit (taking into consideration that this unit did not exist in International Maxima through October 2009, making the retail in the business backbone International Maxima).

·Regrouping and training of sales team (Government and Business Special) as well as all it´s headquarters.(35 people)

·Leadership Training and Motivational Development sales team and product.

·Maxima Internacional S.A. current monthly billing US$ 9M

Major Achievements:

·Development and implementation of all Business Units.(35 people)

·It exploded the supply portfolio (6.000 distributors) to sell hardware.

·Year 2009 exit US$ 69m (15% growth versus 2008)

·Year 2010 exit US$ 99M (44% growth)

Note: Maximum International S.A. (until 2009 only sold supplies and printers) there was no HP Commercial Unit (PSG + EB), PC + Notebooks sales reached 100 units per month, today we have a rotation monthly average of 2.200 units (only HP), with a commitment to adding new brands and improve the number for the next semester (2011)

Dec 2008Apr 2009

Account Manager Transactional Sales

Lenovo (Asia Pacific) Limited Sucursal del Peru

Second Year (2008 - 2009)

Account Manager - Transaction Sector

·Training, implementation, distribution channel, including affinities.

·Lenovo Partners Club Building, where the main alliances were created between the channels of distribution.

·Development and Implementation of fullfiller optional products IBM / LENOVO (accessories) for the Peruvian and Bolivian market.

2009 in January - April 2009

Major Achievements:

Year 2008 (July)

Affinity with the Ministry of Education (Programa Siglo XXI)

Notebooks 4.000 units installed.

It should be noted that in May, June, 2008, sold 300 units LENOVO notebooks monthly in Peru, with this business's market share rose significantly for the next 03 months, reaching 1,100 notebooks per month (366% increase).

Oct 2007Dec 2008

ThinkPad Product Manager

Lenovo (Asia Pacific) Limited Sucursal del Peru

First Year (2007 - 2008)

ThinkPad Product Manager (Notebooks) and SPP (optional)

·Responsible for the product and THINKPAD and LENOVO N500, defining the portfolio to be used with all equipment sales (Transactional and Relational) to the territory of Perú and Bolivia

·Forecast Accuracy in demand for the correct product planning for the territory.

·It took LANDesk tool (software) incrementally, in conjunction with sales of PC's, and the contact in Peru of this tool.(Licenses), directing the foundation for improving the skills of equipment + license.

October 2.007 - December 2.008

Oct 1999Jun 2007

Supplies Sales Manager

Hewlett-Packard Company

3.Consumables Sales Manager

Hewlett Packard Peru & Bolivia

Imaging and Printing Group (IPG)

Program Account Managers / BusinessHewlett-Packard Company

·Creation, implementation and development of distribution channel in the market for original HP supplies, the Peruvian and Bolivian market.

·Creation, Management and Development of Club Premier (Channel Focused on the sale of supplies in HP).Development plan of accounts for each channel member of Premier Club.

·Training and preparation of sales plan consumables Services (Printing on Demand), "Consultative Selling", which enabled solutions to increase sales of consumables with HP, making very attractive offer.

·Formation of the "HP ORIGINAL" the same which is made ​​by distributors serving vertical markets.

·Direct management of 25 major accounts (Top A) of the Peruvian market and 15 Bolivian market accounts, establishing monitoring and review of the various public tenders and / or tenders.

·Properly managing inventory levels, stock ratios of days and rotation of products in the wholesale channels of Peru and Bolivia

October 1999 - June 2007

Major Achievements:

Year 2000

QuotaUS$ 1,400,000ExitUS$ 2,100,000

Reaches150% of quota

Year 2001

QuotaUS$ 2,300,000ExitUS$ 2,900,000

Reaches126% of quotaGrowth72% over 2000

Year 2002

QuotaUS$ 3,500,000ExitUS$ 4,100,000

Reaches117% of quotaGrowth85% over 2001

Year 2003

QuotaUS$ 4,500,000ExitUS$ 5,100,000

Reaches113% of quotaGrowth80% over 2002

Year 2004

QuotaUS$ 5,500,000ExitUS$ 5,900,000

Reaches107% of quotaGrowth86% over 2003

Year 2005

QuotaUS$ 6,200,000ExitUS$ 6,400,000

Reaches103% of quotaGrowth 92% over 2004

Year 2006

QuotaUS$ 7,200,000ExitUS$ 8,200,000

Reaches113% of quotaGrowth78% over 2005

Prizes Awarded to the best executives in the Latin American region

  1. 2000 – “High Achiever” – (La Romana, Santo Domingo)
  2. 2001 – “High Achiever” – (Los Cabos, Baja Califonia, Mexico)
  3. 2003 – “High Achiever” – (Nevis, Saint Kitts) –
  4. 2004 – “World Supplies Convention” – (Dublín, Irlanda)
  5. 2005 – “World Supplies Convention” – (San juan, Puerto Rico)


Pablo Giurfa

Juan Del Castro

Alvaro Vargas

Olavo Guerra

He was my General Manager in Hewlett-Packard Company in Lima, Perú


Mar 1994Jan 1996

Bachelor´s Degree

Universidad de Tarapaca
Mar 1987Dec 1990

Computer and Informatic Technician

Instituto Superior Tecnologico DATAPRO


Mar 2006Feb 2007

Target Account Selling (TAS)

Hewlett-Packard Company
Feb 2006Mar 2006


Hewlett-Packard Company
Aug 2005Oct 2005

PEE - Gerencia de Ventas

Universidad ESAN
Feb 2002Feb 2002

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