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Resume analytics - track views & downloads

Step 4: Tracking your job search results

Estimated time: 10 mins

Difficulty: Low

With VisualCV, you no longer have to fly blind when applying for a job.

VisualCV analytics:

VisualCV’s analytics dashboard lets you know when your resume is viewed or downloaded. If you sent a PDF, it will track click-throughs. If you sent a specific resume to an employers (and you should have), you can then view if and when they viewed it.


Traffic sources:

For your online resume, it is also useful to view the breakdown of traffic - whether it’s from search, social media, or your email signature - it is useful to have a variety of traffic sources.

By now, you should have the following in your career toolkit:

Thanks for following along with us. We are excited to help you get one step closer to landing a job you love. Please reach out anytime with questions, we are here to help.

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