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Я отправила целенаправленное сопроводительное письмо и резюме, а также ссылку на мое VisualCV. Безупречная презентация не менее важна, чем подкрепляющие ее примеры.

Shannon is a successful writer working mainly as a freelancer. She began her career writing remotely for a company across the country, but as new contracting opportunities began to arise, she fell in love with freelancing. Working as a freelancer, she has the flexibility to take on both short and long term contracts, but it also means that she is responsible for acquiring new clients.

The Challenge

A freelance writer always needs to be on the lookout for new contacts and projects. Word of mouth is integral to the process of connecting Shannon with clients, as well as online job boards, networking sites, and creative recruiting agencies. Making connections is not enough, however - she still needs to sell herself and her capabilities. As Shannon says: “Presenting a polished and professional introduction is just as important as having the chops to back it up.“

The Solution

To showcase her most impressive published work, she hosts her VisualCV on her own private domain, skmccarthy.com. This makes it easy for her to stay visible online and share her portfolio with contacts and potential employers. Shannon’s portfolio combines seamlessly with her resume, which she uses as a single reference point for all her clips and experience.

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