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Work experience


Chief Operating Officer

The Regus Group

London Exchange: RGU.L

$1.1 billion provider of

Outsourced Workplaces                                                                                                   

Led North America to record levels of growth and profitability. Responsible for leading 325 business centers, employing 1,340 people, providing 50,000 sellable work stations, to 100,000 customers, across 40 major US markets.

  • Revenues of $510 million growing 18.5%, representing 50% of total company.
  • Record occupancy levels exceeding 88%, highest in the company.
  • EBITDA of $107 million, or 21% of sales, increasing 23%, representing 64% of company profits.
  • Opened 9 new centers, acquired 15 businesses, adding 50 offices.
  • Responsible for leading 12 Direct Reports including all Sales, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing

President & CEO

Uniscribe Professional Services

Acquired by Williams Lea                                                 

Privately Held National Document Management Co.                                                                                                                   

Responsible for the Companies’ transformation into a growing, profitable, well managed business after years of large losses. Company had 1,000 employees that provide Reprographic, Digital, and Outsourced Copy, Fax, Mail, and Records services nationally through 14 service Centers, a centralized Technology Center, and 65 Outsourced client sites.

  • Reversed $80 million in historical Losses to Profitability in less than 1 year.
  • Increased EBITDA by more than $7 million annually, by reducing Costs, growing Sales, and increasing Margins.
  • Strengthened the Organization through Recruiting, developing Talent, clarifying Focus and Direction.
  • Introduced New Value Proposition, New Services, and New Proprietary Quality process.
  • Sold the Company August 2005 for 15 times EBITDA under challenging conditions.

President & Chief Operating Officer

Acquired by CareerBuilder                                                                                       


E-Recruiting Internet Company                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Responsible for all Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Technology, and Human Resources.  Field offices in 15 Major U.S. markets, employing 325 employees servicing 10,000 customers.  Direct management of 7 VP’s.

  • Achieved # 3 position in the E-Recruiting Industry in just 4 years.
  • Annualized Revenue growth of 42%, adding 275 New Clients in 2001.
  • Reversed $11.7 million in Losses, to over $1 million in Profits in 2001.
  • Sold the Company August 2002 for 2 1/2 times Revenue or 100 times EBITDA.

Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer

Comsys IT Partners


$400 million IT Staffing

and Project Services Co                                                                                               

Responsible for Field Sales, Operations, National Accounts, Systems Integrators, and International Recruiting.  Operations in 35 U.S. markets, employing 3,500 staff and consultants servicing 1,000 customers. Direct management of 9 VP’s and SVP’s.

  • Led the Reversal of 18 month’s of declining trends to Industry leading Growth Rates.
  • Drove Major Account new contract development totaling over $100 million.
  • Established New Processes, Standards, and Metrics to improve branch P&L performance.
  • Launched Profitable New Service Offerings to increase Operating Margins.
  • Successfully Acquired and Integrated 3 Companies, with 12 offices, representing $100 million.

Division President & SVP Global Accounts

Spherion Corporation


$3.8 billion Human Capital Management Co                                                                                                       

President of IMCOR and Senior Vice President Global Accounts -                               

General Management responsibility for IMCOR, an Executive Search practice with 6 field offices and a centralized operations center.  Also, led Global Accounts with responsibility for Corporate Strategic Accounts.

Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing -                                                                           

Responsible for Sales Strategy, Deployment, Training, and Metrics for North America in addition to Product Development functions, Corporate Advertising and Communications, Pricing and Acquisitions. General Management responsibility for $170 million National Accounts and $270 million Outsourcing Business Unit.

  • National Accounts achieved  record growth of 34% to $170 million.
  • Outsourcing Business achieved 20% growth, to $270 million, servicing Fortune 100 clients.

Senior Vice President and General Manager -                                                         

The Metro Markets Division was the largest, fastest growing and most profitable business unit, operating 54 profit centers

across 13 States, led by 9 Region Vice Presidents, managing 275 associates.

  • Grew the Revenues by 38%, from $145 million to $200 million.
  • Increased Profits 60%, from $13.6 million to $21.7 million.
  • Earned Top Region Awards in 1995, 1996, and 1997.

Division Vice President and General Manager -                                                            

Responsible for profitable growth for 6 Regions, with 30 Branch Offices, across 10 states and Canada, in a Turnaround Operation.

  • Led the Successful Transformation Growing Revenue 55%, from $65 million to $101 million.
  • Increased Profits 155%, from $3.4 million to $8.7 million, Decreasing Costs from 18% to 12% of Revenue.

Regional Vice President and General Manager -                                                                 

Managed the Largest, most Profitable Region in the Company consisting of 13 Profit Centers.

  • Grew Revenue by 60% to $40 million, while Doubling Profits to $4 million.
  • Highest Gross Margins and Quality Metrics in the company.
  • Attained “Leadership Circle” Award as Top Performing Region in the U.S.

Southeast Area Vice President

The Coca-Cola Company

$2 billion

Fountain Division                                                                                                                             

Southeast Area Vice President -                                                                                               

Responsibility for 125 Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Financial personnel, managing an 8-state, $300 million business, with a Marketing and Capital budget of $30 million.

  • Achieved a dominant 76% customer market share with outstanding bottler performance.
  • Business Unit exceeded Plan, leading the U.S. (#1 of 5), growing at 3 times the Industry Rate.

Director of National Accounts -                                                                                            

Managed 10 National Account Executives, responsible for 24 major customers, representing $135 million in revenue.

  • Earned Top Director Group, increasing Sales 12%, contributing 48% of Division’s total growth.
  • Sold the 2nd Largest Account in Company history, a $100 million Exclusive Contract with 1,200 locations.

Director of National Accounts

The Pepsi-Cola Company

$1.3 billion Fountain Division   

Director of National Accounts- Purchase, NewYork                                               

National responsibility for 8 Account Executives, managing the Top 20 customers, representing $75 million in revenue.

  • Achieved 16% growth – Double the Division Rate.

National Account Sales Manager - Chicago, Illinois

Managed 3 National Account customers, giving direction to 120 Field Sales Representatives.

  • Recipient of “Outstanding Sales Manager” – Two Consecutive Years.

District Sales Manager - Houston, Texas

Geographic responsibility for Division Offices of National Chains, over 100 Regional Chains, and 13 Bottlers. 

  • Led the Nation in Sales, New Accounts, Earned Top District Award, promoted in Record Time.

Area Field Manager

Procter and Gamble

$2 billion Foodservice & Lodging Division                                                                                                   

Area Field Manager - Houston, Texas                                                                             

Trained and managed 3 sales representatives with responsibility for direct customer sales to large accounts and indirect sales through Foodservice Distributors. 

  • Exceeded team sales quota by 12%.                             

Sales Representative - Houston, Texas

Direct sales for large customers in the Texas Region as well as sales to Distributors.

  • Led the US in new account sales earning promotion in record time.



Executive Development Consortium

Emory University

Financial General Management

Darden Business School

Bachelor of Business Administration

Earned 4.0 GPA in Major

Paid 100% of Tuition- Expenses


I have 28 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and General Management from 3 premier Fortune 50 companies combined with vast entrepreneurial experience in Business and Professional Services. The initial training in Fortune 50 companies, including P&G, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola, provided me a solid foundation on which I have built upon.

Over the past 10 years I have held senior leadership responsibilities as the President, COO, and CEO of several mid cap companies, with $75 to $500 million in revenues, which all accomplished outstanding results and led to very successful outcomes for the shareholders. During this tenure I have gained valuable experience in acquiring and integrating 6 strategic companies, participated taking 1 company public, and have successfully sold 3 companies returning huge dividends to the stake holders.

I enjoy and have skill and proven success at building businesses. I understand the need to differentiate your service, recruit and develop great people, and balance future investment with financial current results. I am interested in the right opportunity to grow a business and lead it to create outstanding returns for the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Ronald T. Self

Cell 678.602.7660


President- COO- CEO

Highly skilled leader with the vision and experience to lead aggressive growth in profitability, market share, and client and employee loyalty. Strategic consultative thinker. Twenty five years of successful, innovative leadership in general management achieving record revenue and profit growth in highly competitive industries. Extensive background in marketing, sales, operations, and product/service delivery. Excellent record of building and inspiring high performance, diverse teams. Proactive problem solver and effective change agent. Expertise in turnaround situations, acquisitions, and increasing shareholder value.


Executive Leadership
General Management / P&L Performance - I have 20 years of effective general management, P&L experience, and have achieved President's Club and Leadership Circle, for exceeding my performance targets, in 22 of 23 years. I also bring over 12 Years of progressive, successful experience from blue chip Fortune 50 companies, P&G, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola, which provided me extensive training and exposure to world class planning, budgeting, marketing, and financial training. My experience has been in very competitive "business to business" services leading up to 325 separate profit centers with full P&L responsibilities. I bring extensive experience working with alliance partners, distributors, and channel brokers. I have a solid reputation of building high performance teams and through our success it has enabled me to attract, develop, retain, and promote outstanding people at multiple levels. I lead with high integrity, trust, and open and honest communication. I have led organizations with as many as 3,500 employees covering 38 major markets throughout the U.S. Additionally; I have gained valuable Board experience for the past 8 years, as CEO or COO, with personal experience in the acquisition of 6 companies, and the successful sale of 3.   Strategic Planning & Implementation- I have proven experience as the CEO of a national Document Management Company requiring major transformation and turnaround to profitability. I also was the COO of $400MM Technology Services Co. with 1,000 customers. I have also been the President of a very successful publicly traded Internet ASP services company which we grew to a market value of over $200MM, in just 4 years. I have successfully operated in matrix organizations with direct and indirect responsibility in Marketing, Operations, Legal, and Finance. Throughout my career I have operated in highly competitive, lean service businesses that require the optimal utilization of limited resources thereby we developed and operated with tight performance metrics that were directly linked to enhancing shareholder value and return on investment.   Marketing & Sales- I have extensive background in strategic sales, sales management, national-global account relationship management and leading large direct sales organizations. For the past 18 years, I have achieved progressive career development with success in highly competitive "business to business" services organizations. Throughout my career I have always taken an active role in the business development process elevating relationships to the strategic "C" level. I have extensive training and certification in "Strategic Selling," "Consultative Selling," and "Large Account Management Planning." Key accomplishments include selling the 2nd largest contract in the History of the Coca-Cola Company ($100MM), adding over $100MM in new business at Comsys, and adding 5 new top 10 accounts at I also led the Sales & Marketing function at Norrell Corporation, a $1.4 billion public company, where I had responsibility for Product Development, Corporate Advertising & Communication, Strategic Planning, in addition to the sales functions that included managing a $170MM National Account business and the $270MM Outsourcing Practice.   Operations & Service Quality Orientation-I have been very successful leading the transformation and profitable growth as the CEO of Uniscribe. I have also led functional departments, including Customer Relations & Service, Implementation & Operations, as a COO of a private company as well as President of a public company. I participated twice in applying for the Malcolm Baldridge award, instituted ISO 9000 standards, and was the 1st services company to win the Q1 Award from the Ford Motor Company. We also launched the Industries first transactional service quality measurement process in our business sector and built the benchmarks into our performance management system. We used superior quality as a differentiator to maintain high margins and used quality metrics as a key component of a monthly, and quarterly, client review process. I also worked to integrate several acquisitions into our "common business model" which we built to deliver consistent high levels of service nationally. Finally, we recognized and rewarded our top performing offices with the 5 Star Quality Award based on operating performance, customer and employee retention, and quality feedback from customers.   Leadership & Communication- My leadership style is a hands-on style with a sense of collaborative teamwork, support, and respect. I understand, believe in, and have training in "Situational Leadership", the "Covey Methods", and "Principles of Highly Successful Leaders" which have taught me proven techniques on effective leadership to motivate performance.  I lead by example exerting a style of high energy, positive attitude, pride and confidence in the company, it's services, and it's people. By working closely together with clear and effective communication we strive to build the best business, with the best people, with the best performance in the industry. I set very high standards and expectations striving to exceed stretch goals.