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To find a job atmosphere in which I can not only have fun, and enjoy what I do, but utilize all of my personal skills available to me to their maximum potential. Also to create greater earnings, personal appreciation, and economic self sufficiency than in my current position.


Aug 2003Jul 2009

Associates of Arts ( Incomplete)


Jayson Mueller

Jayson and I met in 2009 upon his beginning of employment at Legoland Discovery Center Chicago and have remained close ever since.

In summer of 2012 he left his position as Guest Experience manager in favor of moving back home to family in Indiana, since we have remained in contact 

Mario J Manno

Mario and I became friends years ago as neighbors within the Palatine community, our friendship grew stronger when we attended Palatine High School together

Over the years we shared in the good, the bad, and ugly moments of our lives.

We have celebrated joyous additions to our families, grieved losses, and formed a bond as strong as though we were blood brohers.

Megan Harrold

Megan and I met as peers as entry level floor employees for the entertainment department as original members of staff for Legoland Discovery Center Chicago

Upon my departure as a Trainer for the Entertainment department Megan saw professional growth and successfully stepped into a trainer role left vacant.

In In her later capacities within the center as she continued to pursue her education she became Entertainment Team Lead.

Megan and I often reported to one another in her job roles, and ended her employment alongside me in 2013 to pursue a career in her degreed field.

Kevin Karam

Kevin began in the center as a floor level employee in Entertainment, and then followed me over to photo.

If photo had needed a trainer at the time, kevin would have been my best fit however at the time a department lead was all that was necessary

Upon my secondment to Duty Manager Kevin attempted to fill my position however it was awarded to another member of staff causing him to also part ways with the department and join the retail / admissions team.

Work experience

Jul 2008Jun 2014

Cash Controller

Merlin Entertainments ( Legoland Discovery Center )

Guest Experience [Entertainment] Model Citizen (July 2008 - Sept 2008)

Standard entry level entertainment employee, a staff member in the park operations. This position was short lived because I was requested by a visiting Guest Experience manager as one of the first three test trainers who all eventually became part of the training staff.

Guest Experience [Entertainment] Trainer (Sept 2008 - March 2010)

Supervising staff and entertaining park guests, everything from talking to Johnny Thunder in the Jungle Expedition to operating the Dragon Ride, to being Professor Brick-A-Brack in the Factory Tour. During my time as an Entertainment trainer the Model Builder workshop became a huge up-sale opportunity of which I was regularly one of the top 3 sellers within the department

Photo Department Lead - Management (March 2010 - July 2011)

Supervisor for Photo Sales in both Ride and Freestanding Photo-Op.

Photo sales improved greatly upon my transfer to the department, and I was instrumental in Photo's Seccession from being a sub-department of the Food and Beverage Dept.

Photo sales increased exponentially through combination packages and special offers during my leadership. Under restructure department was dissolved.

Duty Manager (July 2011 - October 2012)

Supervisor for center wide operations with duties including but not limited to opening the center, evening reporting, customer service / recovery, weekly financial / attendance reports, health and safety reporting, IT point of contact for both merlin and wincor systems, and payroll for three departments. Center wide cleanliness and functionality are my primary concerns with this position. During my stint as photo lead a few shifts a week were devoted to this on a rota, however the needs of the center became such that I was asked to do only shifts of this nature on a full time basis.

Cash Controller (October 2012 - June 2014)

Processing and recording of daily financial deposits, paperwork, voids/returns, manifests, discrepancies and various other paperwork protocols put into place to encourage staff accuracy and honesty. During this time frame my efforts were focused to alleviate back logs and encourage a more streamlined and secure process in a full reorganization effort.

During this timeframe I often reprised my former role as Duty Manager to supplement the departure and increased demands of management members in combination with my Cash Controller duties.

Honors / Awards Recieved:

MC (Employee) of the month for August 2009

Most Dependable (2013 Holiday Party)

Star Performer of the month December 2013

Reason for Leaving:Aggressive restructure within the department and reduction of Full time employees led to a separation of employment on the company's behalf.

Sep 2007Sep 2008

Cashier / Staff

Gags And Games Inc. ( Halloween USA )

Job Duties: Register operation. Costume advisement. Store setup / teardown. Customer service, and monitoring of Fitting Rooms.

Reason for Leaving:

Employment was seasonal in nature and the demands of my non-seasonal job did not allow enough availability for the company's liking due to conflicting schedules.

Dec 2001Feb 2008

Tournament Shirt Printing

Advanced Arenas Inc.

Job Duties: Receiving orders for custom shirts at Hockey tournaments, recommending house decals to increase margin, (created the multi decal up-charge) and then creating them using decals and heat presses. Cash handling / Register operation, and organization and maintenance of inventory.

Reason for leaving:

Company outsourced local printing operations and condensed their primary operations to Michigan              (formerly Bensenville, IL)

Nov 2006Mar 2007

Server / Staff

Kalaclub Inc. ( Infinity)

Job Duties: Floor operations including seating guests, serving guests, training new staff, aiding in the hiring of new staff, and conveying a positive image of a brand new nightclub / restaurant to the community. All side items were sold a la carte style with rare holiday special exceptions.

Reason for leaving:

Insufficient / Unstable compensation.

Feb 2005May 2005

Event Promoter

DMI Inc. ( Mixmaster Throwdown )

Job Duties:Promotion of Mixmaster Throwdown branded events through being present at the events, and externally publicizing events while offering potential guests discounts for speaking to me about attending.

Reason for leaving:

Low attendance numbers due to inability to externally market for events due to age.