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Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Senior Member of Technical Staff


Software Developer for the Virtual Operating System Group at Oracle.

Developing robust, highly performant and cross platform code for the Oracle RDBMS and other products that depend on VOS.

Responsibilities include high and low level design, coding and testing of new features and bug diagnosis and resolution. 

Mainly working on the process layer in areas like IPC, diagnosability and improvement in process spawning and shut down APIs.

Exposed to a multithreaded/multiprocess environment (Oracle database uses several process/threads while running) and low level OS and OS related components as I/O, Memory Management, IPC among others.

One of the first members of the Oracle Mexico Development Center, transfered to the Head Quarters at Redwood City on September 2011.

Aug 2010Jun 2011


Universidad de las Artes Digitales

Taught the following Classes to the Game Development Engineers:

-Artificial Intelligence I (Fall 2010, Winter 2011)

-Artificial Intelligence II (Winter 2011,  Spring 2011 )

-Introduction to Operative Systems (Spring 2011)

Jul 2009May 2010

HPC Research Intern

Intel GDC

Worked as a research intern, working with a 17 node High Performance Computing Cluster used by Intel, Academy and other companies from the area for complex computing problems.

Main achievement was the development of a research project in Parallel Genetic Algorithms for solving an Operation Research problem, working with C++, MPI and the Intel Math Kernel Library.

Invited as Speaker in the International Engineering Conference hosted at UVM in Guadalajara, to talk about HPC, also invited to speak at the National HPC Symposium and several Universities/Institutions. The research project was published in the International Supercomputing Conference in Mexico (ISUM) 2010 as a talk and 2011 as a paper.

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Software Developer Co-op

IBM Guadalajara

After the summer internship in the U.S. my team came back to Guadalajara, where we were assigned to increase the funcionality of our project, in an extent that it would also recognize hardware problems which had no fixes, and would take from a database some advices and display them to the user in order to help him solve the problem.

During this part of the project I dedicated to test the completeness of the database, compare it to other similar IBM Systems and attaching the new funcionality to the old code base.

Our project was never released to end user because it was mainly a proof of concept, but it was set as a base of other projects that would be released in near future.

May 2008Aug 2008

Software developer intern

IBM Rochester

I worked during 2008 summer as a Java developer under the "Speed Teams Program" in IBM Rochester in MN.

My team was in charge of developing a plug-in for IBM Systems Director, which was supposed to get information of failing servers and downloading patches in case there was one available for that kind of problem.

The role I played was being responsible of Modelling and Architecture of the plug-in, and writing the new code in the problem reporting packages so it would invoke our code in case a match was found.

This experience let me understand how the real software industry is like, beside learning a lot of new technologies and methodologies like Scrum, we were a team of 4 so it was a great approach, OSGi, JSP/JSF and the like.


One of my main objectives in my professional life is dedicate to research on the fields of AI and Graphics, applied specially for the Video Game Industry.


Video Games, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Research, Music, Travelling, Among others...

Research Experience

Visual Computing Research Group ITESM Campus Guadalajara

Dedicated a semester to do Motion Planning for Virtual Characters Research, culminated with the implementation of the SBL Algorithm for Maya Bodies, used Python Library for Maya some results can be seen in my webpage

Parallel Genetic Algorithms Intel Guadalajara

Dedicated part of my time to do research of PGA's and their performance to solve application problems in the HPC Cluster.


  • Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Double MEWMA Chart Optimization”, ISUM 2010. Sisnett, de Luna.
  • "Parallel Genetic Algorithms in a Cluster Architecture: A Case Study", ISUM 2011. Sisnett
  • Intelligent Motion Planning for Virtual Characters”, Poster. Serious Games Winter School. Sisnett, Sanchez.
  • Multi-robot path finding in dynamic environments.” Astengo, Sanchez, Calzada, Sisnett. 



Artificial Intelligence
Knowledgeable of AI Implementation best practices, several algorithms and techniques which range from deterministic models (FSM's, Search, Expert Systems) to Soft Computing Techniques (Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic).   Main area of interest as well as main area of expertise, most of my projects have been dedicated to this area including: Chess Board Game - Using Alpha-Beta pruning. Unreal Neural Network Mutator - Used NN and Genetic Algorithms to give learning capabilities to Unreal Engine 3 Bots. Maya Motion Planning - Plugin for Autodesk(C) Maya which planned motion for many Degrees of Freedom bodies inside the program.   I taught the classes "Artificial Intelligence For Games" I and II at the Universidad de las Artes Digitales.   Took the Machine Learning and Introduction for Artificial Intelligence free courses at Stanford on Fall 2011, finishing both with good results. (
System Administration
Proficient Administrating Systems of any size (1 to 20 computers), in any flavor of OS (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, AS/400).   Experience in IT support in Redhat Linux as well as in Mac OS.
Parallel Programming
Proficiency in MPI for parallel and distributed programming, knowledge of OpenMP and pThreads standars as well. I have some research experience in this area.   While working for Oracle Database team, worked on the low level implementation of Inter Process Communication, process spawning in diverse platforms (Win, Linux, Solaris).
Design Patterns
Knowledgeable of Design Patterns, in OO Design and Architecture.
Object Oriented Programming
I consider myself experienced in OOP, mainly in C++, Java, Ruby, Python and ActionScript 3.0.


Aug 2008Present

Two Star Developer

Microsoft Five Star Developer Program
Nov 2007Present

Basic Intellectual Property Advisor

World Intellectual Property Organization


Arturo Garcia

Arturo was my manager during my internship at Intel Guadalajara. He encouraged me to start the research project and mentored me through out the internship.