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Geologist with over 5 years of experience providing site investigation and remediation services under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO) programs. Field experience includes investigation techniques such as the installation of monitoring wells, USCS soil logging using Geoprobe® or hollow-stem auger, low-flow groundwater sampling, Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) soil and groundwater contaminant screening, soil vapor sampling, air monitoring, and Field X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) soil screening. Responsible for data tabulation, preparation, and report writing under the guidance of various regulations including monitoring and progress reports, ramp down plans, remedial investigation reports, proposed plans, decision documents, community involvement plans, health and safety plans, and work plans.

Work experience

May 2008May 2010

Geologist/Field Cost Accountant


Representative Project Experience

Army, Pier 23, Tacoma, Washington.  Performed the Uplands Investigation for the Pier 23 site in Tacoma, Washington to assist in the preparation of the Final Feasibility Study.  Field work included the installation of soil borings and monitoring wells, soil USCS classification, and soil, slag, and groundwater sampling to delineate upland sources of contamination for a sediment remediation project.Army, Ft. Lewis Former Firing Range, Ft. Lewis, Washington. Conducted XRF Soil Sampling and acted as Health and Safety Officer. Collected Soil Samples for field XRF Analysis. Conducted XRF sample preparation and analysis, and sent samples for confirmation to the laboratory. Collected air samples for lead analysis, and monitored dust to prevent the inhalation of lead by site personnel. Tracked field cost accounting including excavation equipment, vehicles, sampling equipment, and personnel hours.  Provided field cost accounting reports along with the health and safety daily reports and photo logs to the project manager. Army, Landfill and Former Firing Range Sites, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.  Wrote ramp down plans under contractual agreements with the army to provide an exit strategy for several landfill and firing range long term groundwater monitoring sites.  Provided plans for the reduction of parameters and monitoring wells sampled on site, and for the preparation of a risk assessment with the aim of closure based on lack of risk.  Developed preliminary risk based site specific screening criteria to determine the anticipated outcome of risk assessments.

Apr 2006Apr 2008

Staff Specialist II


Representative Project Experience

BASF Corporation, RCRA Corrective Measures Study (CMS), Holland, Michigan and Wyandotte, Michigan.  Field team leader for the quarterly sampling events performed at the BASF facilities in Holland and Wyandotte, Michigan. Sampled groundwater using low-flow sampling techniques, and clean hands-dirty hands procedures when necessary for Low-Level Mercury sampling. Acted as site safety officer, conducting daily safety meetings, ensuring that the Health and Safety Plan (HASP) was up to date and readily available in the field, and that it had been read, understood, and signed off on by all project personnel on site. Oversaw the sampling event to ensure that safety, security, sampling, labeling, and shipping procedures were accurately followed. Conducted hydrogeologic testing (slug testing) of recovery wells to aid in plume delineation and analysis of contaminant plume migration. Trained new field team members in sampling procedures.

Confidential Ethanol Manufacturing Client, Air Permitting for New Ethanol Plant Construction and Operation as Synthetic Minor Sources, Rock Port, Missouri and Terre Haute, Indiana.  Completed Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP) application forms for the construction of fuel ethanol plants. Identified the emission units associated with the ethanol plant and completed necessary forms for each unit.BP, Safety and Operations (S&O) Audit Support, Whiting, IN.  Compiled and organized the necessary documentation to answer a pre-audit document request. Assisted in preparing preparation packages for the employees on the interview schedule. Facilitated meetings to discuss audit preparation and answer questions regarding the audit process. Procured documentation as necessary during the audit for the auditors. Compiled audit feedback questionnaires during the audit to ensure that document requests were being met, and that auditor questions were being addressed.

BP, EHS Compliance, Various Tank Farms. Performed EHS Compliance tasking for tank farms. Reviewed state and federal water regulations and permits to write compliance tasks in Microsoft Access to be uploaded into ESS Essential software. Tasks were written to be understood for response by task managers at BP.


Associate Geologist


Representative Project Experience

Kellwood Company, Remedial Investigation, Riverfront Superfund Site, New Haven, Missouri.  Provided field and technical support for an expedited residential well investigation, quarterly sampling program, and workplan for a remedial investigation. Managed tasks related to investigations, residential carbon treatment system installation and maintenance, quarterly sampling, and reporting in accordance with two separate Administrative Orders on Consent (AOCs). Managed and reported data to regulatory agencies through monthly reports and quarterly monitoring reports. Prepared and reviewed workplans, health and safety plans, remedial investigation reports, and field sampling plans under CERCLA regulations. Analyzed samples collected during the field investigation using a portable field gas chromatograph. Provided troubleshooting for maintenance of residential carbon treatment systems. Managed the preparation of the Expedited Residential Well Investigation Report, interpreting lithological, chemical, and geophysical data to explain the residential well contamination based on the karst geology, multiple aquifers with opposing flows, and broken residential wells.Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), IEPA Orphan Site Investigation, Polo, Illinois.  Performed soil, groundwater, and surface water sampling using Direct Push (Geoprobe®) technology. Screened site for volatile organics and chlorinated solvents suspected on site using a Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) to reduce costs to delineate the contaminant plume based on sample analysis. Prepared Site Investigation Reports.IEPA, Regulatory Oversight of Illinois Remedial Activities, Multiple Locations.  Provided field oversight of other consultant's work on behalf of the IEPA. Recorded procedures used for groundwater, sediment, and soil sampling, monitoring well drilling (using hollow stem auger drilling), well abandonment (using cable tool drilling techniques), and pilot tests (groundwater flux meters).

ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery, Long Term Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Under Illinois' Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO), Joliet, IL.  Provided field and technical support for weekly long term groundwater and surface water monitoring, and product recovery. Sampled wells on a semi-annual basis. Prepared quarterly and semi-annual monitoring reports under TACO. Responded on an as needed basis to Illinois IEPA violation notices generated for the wharf area through the design and implementation of field investigations and reporting of analytical results. Installed, surveyed, developed and sampled new monitoring wells in response to new violation notices. Reduced monitoring program by the elimination of wells requiring sampling through trend analysis of laboratory analytical results. Wolverine Pipeline, Remedial Action and Long Term Groundwater Monitoring, Lockport, Illinois.  Provided field and technical support. Performed weekly groundwater and surface water monitoring and product recovery. Reduced free product recovery needs from active recovery using a vacuum truck, to passive recovery with PetroTraps™ prior to installation of the remediation system. Performed quarterly and residential sampling. Prepared quarterly reports. Assisted in preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Permitted treated groundwater discharge under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for a pump and treat groundwater remediation system discharging to a small stream. Submitted monthly discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) meeting the permit specifications through the Illinois eDMR system, showing consistently successful treatment of groundwater through the system.


Sep 1999Dec 2002



Soil and Groundwater Investigation Reports
NPDES Reporting
Soil Vapor Sampling
MIP Soil and Groundwater Contaminant Screening
XRF Soil Screening
Groundwater Sampling
Including low flow and clean hands dirty hands techniques.
Well Installation
Using Direct Push or Hollow-Stem Auger
Soil Sampling
Soil Logging


CPR/First Aid/AED

Red Cross
Oct 2008Oct 2009

40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response HAZWOPER 8 hour refresher