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Work experience

Jun 2014Sep 2015

Food serving assistant/Cashier


This job role requires me to participate skills in communication, food serving, team work and working in a pressured environment. Throughout my time in this job role I have expanded my knowledge with regards to respecting the customers wishes and learning to work with the highest quality to ensure the business runs smoothly and I constantly meet the required standards held in such establishment. I have become a respected member within my job role by successfully working as part of a team and ensuring I work to my highest potential at all times; thus enabling myself to run the business solely through the manager's approval and being respected by my fellow colleagues. 

Jun 2013Jan 2015


Essence of Beauty

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in this business, as an employee I was required to take the role as a receptionist within this beauty salon where I experienced a role in listening to commands and being able to multi task as well as ensure my best ability was presented throughout. This job role required me to answer phones, make appointments, engage with customers, deal with financial matters and ensure I communicated well with the staff and customers. This job gave me excellent communicational skills which I have learnt from and been able to carry them through my further jobs and life experience. I was able to work as part of a team to ensure the staff were aware of each appointment and I knew exactly what needed to be done to carry out everyday to-do lists. I was required to be organised within this job role to ensure all appointments were scheduled and everything was kept to order. This job role has enabled me to have more responsibility, work to the best of my ability and engage in good communication with the customers which I feel is vital in any workplace. 

Sep 2011May 2013

Food server/Cashier

Chip van 

As can be seen from the dates of this job role I have been in employment from a very young age which shows that I am a hard working individual and dedicated to the working life. This job role entailed me travelling to different events in a mobile chip van where I took the role of serving food to customers and dealt with the cash register. I was very much respected in this job as I took a lot of responsibilities upon my own initiative and was able to manage a great number of tasks solely. I'm used to looking after customers in each of my job roles and by doing so this shows that I am an effective communicator and take it upon myself to ensure the needs of the customers are met. This job role presents my eager and determined nature which shows that I can cope well with stressful situations and am able to work hard to achieve the best of my ability.


Sep 2013Jun 2015


Kilkeel High School

I have successfully completed my A-Levels which has led me to pursue my next stage of education in higher education within Liverpool John Moores University where I will begin to study a Criminology degree. Throughout my time in further education I have gained the knowledge and skills which will enable me to take a new life in University, advancing to the next stage of completing my education and furthering myself to successfully pursuing a career in my desired prospects. 


Time management

I feel that I am able to manage time effectively, prioritise tasks and I am able to work to deadlines which are important life skills to with-hold in any life experience. It is important for me to achieve set tasks and am able to correspond well with time limits. 


Successfully team-working skills are vital in maintaining good relationships with colleagues and ensuring the work place runs smoothly and organised. Team-work is one of my main strengths, in any establishment I have worked in I have always been apart of a team and ensured I maintained an important role in the team. I feel one of my main skills is that I am very good at getting fellow staff members organised and setting them instructions on how to make the workplace run smoothly. I see myself as a team leader in situations where in the workplace it may be very busy and I may have to step up and guide the other staff members to ensure organisation is kept and the business keeps to a certain order. 


My communication skills have been proven to be a success through my many years in employment, it is clear that I have always been the front line person to communicating with customers and have always put their needs a priority. Communication is key in any workplace and I am dedicated to achieving best quality of communication to anyone I encounter in my job role, whether it be staff members, colleagues or customers I am eager to effectively communication well with each individual. 


Speech and Drama 

Throughout my years in primary school I took part in speech and drama fests where I would stand up in front of hundreds of people and resit a poem in order to achieve confidence and the ability to progress myself in furthering my life experiences. These fests enabled me to meet new people and give me a chance to achieve awards which would boost my confidence and create more horizons in my life.

Mar 2013

Piano Certificates

Trinity Guidhall

Throughout my piano years I managed to achieve Initial grade up to grade 3. This took a lot of dedication and determination as I found it very stressful at times and didn't think it was for me. However, I perservered and made a commitment to myself that I would achieve up to grade 3, I am extremely proud of these certificates as I struggled a lot but never gave up on myself and through sheer determination I successfully achieved my goal.