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Daniela Granillo

3128 Skyview Ave. Pueblo, CO 81001            (719) 553-9177

Work experience



I Daniela Granillo have no world job experience. I have not ever had a real payroll or hours of a week at a company to consider it a job. In reality I have no job experience but I have worked in volunteering and I started of like most teens in the early field of child care or house keeping that helped me grow and learn the different roles of responsibility a person can have. My goal is to find a job and apply the life skills that I have learned throughout my teen years so I can learn new responsibility and skills as I make my transition into adult hood where they can be applied.


House Keeping and Animal Care

Steir House Hold

Doing house keeping and caring for dogs, cats, and horses when Mrs. Steir would leave on vacation.


House Keeping and Painting

Olivas House Hold

House keeping for an elderly couple that also included painting their walls are their home was being remodeled.


Child Care

Smith House Hold

Child care for the children of the Smith family.



Rocly Mountain Head Start

I have volunteered in a classroom of nothing but 3-5 year olds at the rocky mountain head-start. The volunteering  consisted of helping the children in their daily activities through out the school day.



New Destiny

Leader in local church

Was a teacher for my local church. Taught ages 2-12 in a classroom on Sundays.

Back up singer in a Worship group every Sunday.



High School Diploma

Centennial High School

Four years of high school to reach 24 credits in order to receive my diploma which I have.


Teaching Skills

Teaching others activities with words and examples.

Customer Service

Can sell things very easily - Experience from food sales and church event sales.

Very good at helping the customer find what they want or need.

Can fix a customers problem with finding quick solutions.

Learning Skills

Self learner and learns very quickly after a few times of observing and practicing.

People/Communication Skills

Very outgoing and can approach people or talk to those who approach me very well.

Think before speaking especially when it comes to others opinions so i don't offend others.

Computer Skills

I can work a computer system and type very well.

PC: Windows Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

Microsoft Works


I am Bilingual with English as my first language and Spanish as a second language I picked up growing up since my childhood.




Pueblo Community College



Rebecca Mercado 719-406-1162

Traci Aragon 719-994-9445

Terry Steir 719-545-2103

Dustin Smith 719-240-1840

Kim Smith 719-369-0803

Pablo Villarreal 719-369-9738

Carmen Christian 719-250-7840