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Robert P. Brown

Overland Park, KS  66214

[email protected]

 C F O / C O O / C E O

Strategic Vision  •  Operational Leadership  • Startup Expertise  •  Change Management •  Highest Integrity

Budget Administration  •  International Business Experience  •  Skilled Negotiation  •  Relationship Building

Holding Executive Leadership roles for companies up to $500MM, I have directed and managed all aspects of strategic and tactical Financial Operations for 15+ years.  I have compelling experience in financial management and controllership, and a great aptitude for team building and communication. My extensive experience with startups has afforded me invariable success when managing shoestring budgets, and my comprehensive background in mergers and acquisitions make me uniquely qualified to propel your growing business to the next level. Always pursuing innovative solutions to challenging problems, I have never sought to maintain the “status quo.” I have built an uncompromising reputation of leading by example, and as a result, have maintained immense loyalty from the talented teams I have recruited. Regardless of the task or challenge, I have always established benchmarks of performance and standards of excellence by doing the right thing, and not just the easy thing. Ask me about my international business experience.

  • Strong Servant Leadership
  • Implements Industry Best Practices with Impressive Results
  • Consistent Success with Process & Policy Improvements

Key Skills:  Natural leader with solid business ethics × Recognized authority, exceptional at financial/budgetary analysis with a true passion for numbers × Thrives in a versatile environment × Meets demanding objectives within tight deadlines × Expert at generating substantial cost savings and process improvements by promoting new ideas, new approaches and winning people’s confidence through genuine relationship building × Overall commitment to excellence.

B.S. in Accounting, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.

Selected Accomplishments

Servant Leadership – Known as a strategic visionary in leadership of up to 200 people, building large organizations from the ground up. Assembled an overseas holding company with >$1B of financial oversight for 8 companies within 90 days, realizing $4MM in tax savings within 3 years. Became trusted advisor to the 8 organizations’ management. Also responsible for construction of a $20MM protein finishing plant with $10MM annual revenue. For another organization, opened communication lines with property landlords, saving $375K of penalties/interest over 2 years. Responsible for P&L up to $500MM, while maintaining 2% or lower turnover rate in high turnover organizations. Increased sales $8MM in 12 months for a $65MM company through product offering expansion. Served on 10 Boards of Directors, chairing 5 of them.

Best Practices Implementation Adept at industry research and adopting leading finance practices and trends, even reaching out to a direct competitor’s CFO to discuss best practices. Initiated reduction of under-performing operations, finding an immediate net savings of $1MM monthly. Highly experienced at acquisitions, from due diligence through negotiations; once developing valuations for up to 2400 items and 265 sites over 9 states, pulling information from 36 LLC entities. Exposed a potential $800K+ of liability expenses. Responsible for another acquisition that added $4MM in sales to another employer. Took an ERP project from 4 months behind schedule and $800K over budget to completion within 60 days and able to write off $400K to vendors. Automated BOM, increasing collections efficiency and saving $250K in interest costs.

Process & Policy ImprovementsTurned around two acquisitions from bankrupt companies responsible for operations of 136 sites in 9 states, and wholesale distribution to 275 clients; developed groundbreaking cash flow model within 6 weeks to overcome potential shortfalls of up to $3MM daily. Also consolidated banking to reduce fees of $76K annually. Automated inventory reporting and consolidated suppliers to save 2% in wholesale costs for $500MM company. Overhauled all AR to reduce receivables from 60 to 15 days. Created sales tracking template that reduced reporting time by 75%.

Career Summary

Chief Financial Officer, Sunshine Energy & Sunshine Fuel, Overland Park, KS, 2009-2011.

Chief Financial Officer, ConneXions, LLC., Kansas City, MO, 2007-2009.

Owner, The Laurel of Asheville, LLC., Asheville, NC, 2006-2009.

CFO/Managing Director, Creative Foods, LLC, Osceola, AR /  Sparco Mgmt, LLLP, St. Thomas, USVI, 2000-2005.

Earlier Experience: Vice Pres., Garden City Co-Op, Inc.,; Controller, Pueblo Chemical/ConAgra, Inc.


W. Scott Bendall

“Bob is a very articulate, confident and hard-working businessman. As a supervisor, he possess a great ability to put trust in his employees and let them do their jobs without micromanagement, but with a keen sense of when employees need for him to step in and assist/manage. He is a producer and is always looking for results while keeping a close eye on the bottom line."

William "Tex" Farmer

“The first three words that come to mind to describe Bob are:  Integrity, Character and Professionalism, and his key strengths as they relate to our service together at the Sunshine Entities are his management philosophy, analytical skill, and knowledge of financial disciplines to a business.” 

Mart Massey

“Bob’s greatest strengths that he brought to Creative Foods were his Integrity, Professionalism and Loyalty. His most significant  accomplishment was affecting change in an organization that was very stagnant in its financial, accounting and MIS practices. He was able to accomplish these changes through his great integrity – he places huge emphasis on leading by example and has a great ability to focus on the bottom line.”

Nicole Elliott-Bays

“Mr. Brown has a way of speaking to employees in a strong and respectful way which gains their respect and willingness to work hard. I appreciated his open door policy and I always felt comfortable talking with him and asking him any questions or concern I had.”