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  • Executive with great technical and commercial view, effective in resolving problems in competitive markets;
  • Preparation and execution of strategic plans which supply measurable results;
  • Skillful in the solution to complex problems, adding profitability to the values of the company;
  • Skillful in innovating, promoting competitive advantage;
  • Leadership in multidisciplinary teams in the Commercial and Operational areas, developing new products and generating business;
  • Solid technical and administrative background, with distinguished management practice;
  • Experienced negotiator in corporative, governmental and union areas.

Patents and Papers


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2. PANELLI, R. . Process for fabrication of a nitrogen alloyed iron, Brazil Patent PI990989-7 | Issued March 3, 1999.


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Work experience

Jan 2004Jul 2012


Metalúrgica Panelli

National family business in the area of Metal Artistic Printing, founded in 1913, employing 12 people and with R$ 1.6 million revenue.

Contributed to the four-folding of the company’s revenue, reaching the growth of EBITDA from 18% to 55% of the revenue, totaling R$ 1.6 million in 8 years. Led a multidisciplinary team focusing on results and productivity increase, making the annual revenue per collaborator from R$ 30 thousand to R$ 130 thousand.

  • Designed a strategic planning which positioned the company as a benchmark in the market of developing, manufacturing and supply of medals and badges.
  • Attracted new suppliers, favoring a technical and innovative profile according to the strategic plans of the company, guaranteeing differentiation and profitability.
  • Planned and implemented new strategies in the Commercial / Marketing areas, aiming at increasing the revenue and the financial indicators of the corporation.
  • Multiplied by 8,7 times the net profit, jumping from R$ 68 thousand to R$ 592 thousand per year.
  • Managed the accounting, the costs and the cash flow of the corporation, significantly improving the costs indicators, results and the balance sheet.
  • Established supply chains and procedure routes, augmenting the productive capacity from 1,04 piece/man-hour to 5,20 piece/man-hour, a 420% improvement.
  • Negotiated deals and agreements in both corporative and governmental areas, having a direct impact of 20% increase on the billing.
  • Negotiated deals of profit and results shares (PLR) and lay-off plans, aiming to reduce and reengineer the number of collaborators with the Metallurgic Workers Union.
  • Planned investments, obtained and managed financial resources, amounting to R$ 700 million, allowing the increase of the productive capacity and the development of innovation projects, resulting in significant returns to the company.
Apr 1999Jan 2004

R&D Manager

Mahle Metal Leve

German Multinational company in the area of automotive parts, employing 11 thousand people and with R$ 2 billion revenue.

Report to the Statutory and the Technology Directors. Responsible for the P&D management of the Powder Metallurgy business unit. Led a multifunction team in Brazil, Europe and in the US, totaling 150 collaborators in different hierarchical levels and managed resources amounting USD 50 million. Conducted projects with aggregated value.

  • Conducted over 8 projects per year, focusing on the clients’ necessities and on future technology demands and benchmark, as well as increase in quality, productivity and costs reduction.
  • Conducted road-show for major international players in the US and in Germany: Ford, GM, Chrysler, VW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, BMW.
  • Performed consultancy for decision and opinion makers.
  •  Analyzed flaws and prepared technical reports as a support for the Legal Department in the defense of the company in lawsuits, resulting in saving financial resources and in preservation of the brand image.
  • Managed innovative projects in Brazil, considering all productive chain, design conception, analysis of technical-economic viability, validation of the production route and production of the pilot lot. The sintered exchange shift levers increased revenues in USD 2 million in 6 months.
  • Created an innovative concept of piston ring for the control of the oil flux. The Project generated business opportunities in the European market of light motors, amounting USD 15 million in 20 months.
  • Developed computational techniques for the project of tools and sintered components in 18-month length, reducing lead times of projects and manufacturing, with the consequent reduction in costs and significant increase in quality indexes.  
May 1997Apr 1999

Engenheiro do Produto


Brazilian company, leader in the area of automotive parts, employing 5 thousand people and with R$ 800 million revenue.

Report to the product engineer management, contributed to numerous projects which generated information that helped strategic and managerial decisions.

  • Standardized over 15 project procedures guaranteeing the product performance and improving the relationship with clients.
  • Performed as interlocutor in areas such as Engineer, Sales, Methods and Procedures, guaranteeing the alignment among performance, result and production.

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Prêmio Paulo Lobo Peçanha

ABM - Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia e Materiais