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Beside SAP Technologies, I'm interested in Audio/Video stuff and Informatics.

I have a dog and a daughter and we spend a lot of time together: they are my first hobby and love!

I am a music lover, spending several hours relaxing and listening to it and I deejay sometimes at private parties or small clubs.


I've been working in the SAP Human Resources world for 15 years, starting as an ABAP/4 Developer.

In these years I've been specialized in all HR processes from a technical point of view, focusing on main modules:

  • PA - Personnel Administration
  • OM - Organizational Management
  • OSA - Objective Settings & Appraisals
  • ECM - Enterprise Compensation Management
  • PY - Payroll (Italian)
  • TM - Time Management

Starting from the release of new SAP NetWeaver technologies, I've started to improve my knowledge working on Web based applications within SAP frameworks and on new SAP trends like SuccessFactors integration and portal Collaboration capabilities.

I've been recognized as a Subject Matter Expert within the area of ABAP development, thanks to the deep knowledge of ABAP techniques and SAP architecture.

During my work period as an Employee for Accenture I've covered the role of SAP HR Solution Architect in a very large project for Automotive industry in Italy and I was part of the SAP Innovation Group leading the R&D team for Mobile Technologies upon SAP HR Analytics.

Within HCMS pratice, I also covered the role of usability expert on SAP Enterprise Portal.

I still consider ABAP development and all related technologies the most interesting part of my work and I wish to keep my developer role beside other activities and tasks.

Beside specific work activities, I still look at SAP technologies with passion and I usually spend part of my free time searching for new solutions and applicable technologies.

I am currently working in the SAP Ecosystem as a freelance, working directly with SAP Italy and AG, and enjoying every moment. 


Knowing and Developing new SAP Technologies in the Human Capital Management area still remains my objective and my preferred work experience.

During the years I've performed several roles within this area, always with excellent results, and I definetely want to keep this expertise growing.

Given this, R&D is the area where I see myself fitting the best and in future a managerial role in this area would be my best desired position. 

Starting from 2015 I've found my very own Company - Code:rp - a start-up company focused on SAP Technologies, providing technical consultancy and development work on the HCM area.

Work experience


Dec 2012Present

SAP HCM Technical Consultant

Provide consultancy on new SAP Technology trends, advanced ABAP Development and custom implementation coordination.

Technical Consultant on all modules of SAP HCM Suite with a special focus on Italian PY and ESS/MSS functionalities.


  • SAP Italy - Payroll - Customer Development Program within the Italian Public sector
  • SAP Italy - HR Renewal - Internal Implementation 
  • SAP Italy - Time Management - HCM Processes & Forms in Ferrovie dell Stato
  • SAP Italy - HR OSA and SuccessFactors - ENEL Energia 
  • SAP Italy - SAP AGS Maintenance - World Food Program
  • SAP Italy - Full Cycle - UniCredit

I've participated in successful CDP implementations, extended the standard SAP Payroll solution, and  worked part-time on prototyping a data analysis solution based on HANA and Organizational Network Analysis, which was presented at the S-KOM last year. 

Within SAP, I am now working either on On-Premise projects and SuccessFactors proposals, with a strong focus in Extendability and Integration via SCP and UI5 developments.

Feb 2008Dec 2012

SAP HCM Senior Consultant

Within Accenture, I'm part of the recent Human Capital Management Solution structure.

Actually, I cover the role of Technical Consultant and Solution Architecht within the development areas of HR Module, with a particular focus on the new trend related to Performance & Talent Management in SAP.

I'm part of the Accenture Community of Experts and often involved in building offers based on new technologies now spreading in Italy, such as Adobe Forms and WebDynpro for ABAP applications.

In this role, I've covered three projects until now:

  • Time Management - enhancements and application maintenance project for the biggest banking italian structure, in the role of Technical Consultant and Developer - duration 1 year and 5 months
  • Performance Management / Enterprise Compensation Management and base modules (PA/OM) - new SAP HR Implementation project for the leading italian automotive company, with main focus on Performance & Leadership management processes, in the role of Solution Architect and Development Coordinator. In this assigment, I'm also covering the role of Rollout Manager, coordinating the work for OffShore resources - current employment
  • Italian Payroll and Upgrade - application maintenance in the italian payroll area as Technical Consultant; Upgrade activities Coordinator - duration 6 months
  • SAP Netweaver Business Client - replacement of an old SAP Portal instance with the Business Client for an italian food company. We have started with a pilot using NWBC for Desktop, while all employees currently use NWBC accessing it via HTML.
  • SAP HR Portal UI renovation - large program with the objective to completely renew the standard SAP UI of Enterprise Portal for HCM processes. The solution is based on leading edge technologies such as Netweaver 7.3 infrastructure and a large use of Java skills to integrate Portal Engine with emerging UI technologies that leverage on JQuery framework - current employment

Beside project activities, I'm conducting an innovation program for HR Usability with the use of well consolidated technologies like Adobe frameworks as well as emerging ones like HTML5 and jQuery frameworks.

Within the program, I've led the creation of a packaged solution based on SAPUI5 framework.

I usually participate in estimation activities for new offers with the role of SAP HR Tech. SME and I've take part to some courses and seminars as Faculty within the Company learning programs (mostly technical courses and new/emerging technologies seminars).

Leaders Spa

Nov 2006Feb 2008

SAP HR Technical Consultant

I've joined Leaders in November 2006, to cover the role of SAP HR Technical Lead in the italian North area.

Within Leaders, I've been involved in several projects always with the role of Technical Consultant and Senior ABAP Developer.

The main focus during Leader's experience was Italian Payroll processes and funcionalities, including Time Management integration and PY post-processing activities.


  • Italian Payroll for Public Sector - PY implementation and Application Maintenance for Sardinia region;
  • Italian Payroll and base modules (PA/OM) - new project for the major Milan's public transportation company, in collaboration with SAP;
  • Time Management - enhancements and application maintenance for the biggest italian banking company;

The collaboration with Leaders has been interrupted in January 2008, when Accenture acquired the company to contribute to building the Accenture Human Capital Management structure.

Accenture Technology Solutions

Nov 2004Nov 2006

ABAP HR Senior Programmer

The collaboration with ATS started in November 2004, with my first SAP and ABAP/4 assignment.

I've started as a "Programmer" and involved in a big project for the implementation of the main SAP Modules (PA-OM-PD-PY) for a big company in Media market.

During the assignment, I've covered also the role of Functional consultant within the Personnel Administration and Organizational Management areas and I've been selected to become the spoc for the Basis team.

I've been involved on this project for the entire ATS collaboration, which ended in November 2006.

Key roles:

  • ABAP Developer in all the HR modules in scope;
  • PA/OM Consultant
  • Technical Consultant for all the HR modules in scope;
  • System Administration activities;


SAP Cloud Platform

I am currently learning-by-doing major services included in the SAP Cloud Platform offering, especially regarding Cloud Solutions extensions and custom development.

I have expertise on WebIDE, OData Provisioning services, Connectivity and Mobile Ops services.


During the prototyping of an Organizational Network Analysis program, I have created quite an extended application based on the XSA engine of SAP HANA SPS 12+.
Based on NodeJS engine, HDB client development for database interaction, both UI5 and external UI libraries for Graph Network design, the application applied a real-time analysis on a huge set of data to determine talents within a given organization.

SAP Italian Payroll
I've participated in 3 full-cycle Italian Payroll projects on the SAP platform, always from a technical point of view. I have a strong knowledge of the Payroll calculation driver, as well as schema logic. Within SAP, I participate in the standard Legal Changes adoption, specifically on the Post-Payroll area (Legal Reporting).
I've coordinated a 2-months program with the objective to prototyping a set of web functionalities to provide access to SAP HR Enterprise Portal via mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) using emerging technologies with almost zero client footprint like the jQuery framework. During the implementation I've led a team of 3 developers and we've built a set of web applications that provide Managers the access to their own Team data as well as making them able to complete their work by accessing their Worklist in mobility.  
I've been trained on SAP HANA SP2 and within the innovation group we are starting prototyping a set of mobile applications that interact with an ECC 605 system accelerated by HANA. I have small knowledge about the HANA Studio IDE and SQLScript language.
SAP HCM Processes & Forms
In my last assignment I led as Technical Lead an HCM P&F implementation project with the scope of covering the entire set of personnel actions for the US and CA localizations. We have built more than 42 forms, all orchestrated by a single, dynamic Workflow template with 3 actors involved.   Within SAP Italy I've completely repurposed an HCM P&F implementation in Time Management area.  
SAP Business Workflow
I have a strong background on building Decisional Workflows, which I have developed under almost all SAP modules I have touched:   Time Management - Leave Request/Leave Approval - either via mobile devices or SAP Enterprise Portal UWL Performance Management - Appraisal Document approval and rejection HCM Processes & Forms   Beside standard Workflow system, I also have a good knowledge of the Alert Management framework.    
Business Server Pages
Even if labeled as deprecated, I still use BSPs to cover specific web requirements that need a deep UI tweaking. In my experience, I developed and edited a large set of BSP appilcations - both stateful and stateless - especially in the HR Performance Management world. Currently I'm focusing on building mobilized BSPs, developing them with injections of Ajax capabilities leveraging jQuery and jQuery Mobile frameworks.
Microsoft Office

Experienced use of all the products inside the Microsoft Office (up to 365 version) Suite: Excel Word Powerpoint Visio Project

iOS and XCode
During the last months, we've started a new innovation program following the Mobilize SAP approach. Apple platforms have been chosen to be the best product to invest on, therefore I'm starting with the study and development of Business Applications - with SAP backend servers - for iOS (iPhone and iPad).   Within current assignment I've already coordinated a demo program developing a set of Universal iOS Apps based on the most recent iOS SDK (currently 6.0). These applications leverage on SAP Netweaver WebAS capabilities and provide access to HCM data to managers and executives directly on their smartphones/tablets. 
Adobe Flex
For the last year I'm conducting an Innovation program in order to search which is the best technology to be coupled with ABAP Web Dynpros when talking about UIs and Integration Capabilities. Following SAP guidelines, I've created an expertise on the use of Adobe Flex within SAP HR implementations while creating highly attractive end-users applications.   Adobe Flex has been applied to: ABAP WebDynpros (SDK 3.5) using FlashIsland to create highly attractive applications Stand-alone web applications (SDK 4.0) integration between SAP services and Legacy systems via an easy-to-use RIA Analytics (SDK 3.5) creation of a dashboard tool, integrated with SAP XCelsius Shockwave dashboard objects  
SAP - Human Resources
All my expertises take place in the HCM area of SAP. I can cover the most of HR processes, with a particular expertise on HR-OSA framework and Italian Payroll. Key topics:   Personnel Administration - Master Data customizing and reporting, data migration Organizational Management - Framework customizing, extensions and reporting Objective Settings&Appraisal - Template creations, enhancements and web environment customization Italian Payroll - technical process knowledge, basic schemas/cycles creation, advanced calculation functions creation; Time Management - technical process knowledge, basic schemas/cycles creation, advanced calculation functions and operations creation;
SAP - WebDynpro ABAP
During the last assignment, all the new developed business applications were built with the extensive use of WebDynpro ABAP technologies. I've developed a large set of applications for the ESS/MSS services, in PA and HR-OSA areas. All the applications were capable of portal integration, PDF renderings and wide reporting capabilities, keeping the usability standard as high as possible. I'm currently focusing on UI innovation came out within SAP Netweaver 7.3 release, including renewed FPM and WebDynpro CHIPs concept.
Beside ABAP development, I've a good knowledge of SAP Architecture in large landscapes. I participated in the set up and configuration of SAP System instances, with a particular focus in system configuration to ensure good performances in an HR environment and web-based business applications. I have a very good knowledge of the TMS framework and of the Netweaver Architecture.
I always keep myself updated regarding ABAP Technologies. I've started my ABAP Experience in 4.5 release and keep developing in ABAP through all new releases including NetWeaver 7.3.  I have a very deep knowledge of ABAP technologies, and I've built a particular expertise in ABAP Objects. During last year, I've mainly focused in WebDynpro for ABAP technology, which is the area that SAP is promoting for all new released Business Applications. I have a strong background focusing on the Adobe integration with ABAP, using Interactive Forms and Flex language, that I've extensively used to develop a set of RIA integrated into the Enterprise Portal. Currently I am working on a lightweight ICF framework to connect mobile applications (mostly iOS) using REST-based services.


ITIS Siai Marchetti

Sep 1998Jul 2003

Perito Informatico

Final Rating: 95/100